The 2001 Translation CommentariesWas Moses alone on the Mountain with God?

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If you were to ask the majority of Christians or Jews this question;
Most would likely tell us that Moses was on the mountain alone when he received the Ten Commandments.
But that isn’t what the Bible account says.
It tells us that when Moses ascended Mount Sinai and stayed there for forty days to receive the Ten Commandments, Joshua was there also.
However, he wasn’t there in the presence of God as Moses was.
For notice what we read at Exodus 24:13:

‘So [the next day], Moses got up and took his assistant Joshua to climb the mountain of God with him.’

Then, as Moses was descending the mountain with the stone tablets;
Notice that Joshua was still there, because Exodus 32:17 tells us:

‘And when Joshua heard the voices of people shouting, he said to Moses,
That’s the sound of a war in the camp!