The 2001 Translation Commentaries Submitting a scriptural commentary

Anyone can submit a scriptural commentary. Your commentary may even be linked to from our Bible text.


  1. It can’t use spurious texts or mistranslations already corrected in the 2001 Translation. This means it can’t use such things to form its arguments. For example, this translation does not translate gehenna as Hell Fire.
  2. You must be the author. You cannot submit something written by someone else unless you have their permission.
  3. It must be original. Not just be copied and pasted. However, it’s okay to recompile, rewrite, and/or repackage something you wrote elsewhere.
  4. It must not be dogmatic. Our commentaries present ideas as possibilities, and do not insult those with different views.
  5. It cannot promote a particular denomination as the ‘true Church.’ There are plenty of other websites for that.
  6. It should use our neutral terminology. For example, in the 2001 Translation we don’t say ‘the Christ,’ we say ‘the Anointed One.’ See a list of our neutral terminology.
  7. It should quote from the 2001 Translation. It should assume that the 2001 is generally the most accurate translation. So, for example, it would be inappropriate if a long essay used the King James Version to make its case.

It’s the editor’s decision on what to include or exclude, and the editor’s decision is final. Correct spelling, good grammar, and sound logic, are always welcome!


You will retain the copyright to your commentary. If you wish, you may release it to the public domain, like our translation.

Updates or removal

We’re happy to update your commentary upon request, or removed it if asked.


If you wish, your commentary may be listed anonymously. It may also appear alongside your name and/or links to your blog/website/books/etc (however, our commentaries section should not be viewed as a means of self-promotion). The editor reserves the right to link to related commentaries and counter-arguments below your commentary.

How to submit

Please contact the editor.