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    Unforgivable Sin?

    This is a scriptural commentary submitted by a volunteer or a volunteer translator. It’s not an official view of the 2001 Translation project. We are not a religion and we do not establish doctrine. These commentaries reflect a variety of views and some disagree with each other. Anyone can submit a commentary (see requirements).

    At Matthew 12:32, it is recorded that Jesus said:

    ‘If someone speaks against the Son of Man, it will be forgiven; but if someone speaks against [God’s] Holy Breath, he won’t be forgiven… No, not in this age or in the one to come.’

    What type of sin is this?

    If you look at the surrounding context, you’ll see that the local religious leaders had just accused Jesus of using the power of BeElZebub to do his wonderful deeds of healing and throwing out demons.

    However, despite the fact that they had just witnessed things that could only have come from the power of God’s Breath, they were attributing these miracles to the Slanderer (the Devil). That was in fact, blaspheming the Breath of God.

    Therefore, Jesus was telling them that if they didn’t repent, they would be found guilty of a sin that would never be forgiven.

    So, what we learn from Jesus’ warning is that we should never be too quick to assume that what appear to be miracles are being performed by the powers of the Evil One.