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The 2001 Translation For Software Developers

If you would like to incorporate the 2001 Translation into your app or website, you are welcome to do so. Remember, our Bible text is public domain.


Our Bible text is available for software developers in JSON format, XML format, and raw HTML format.

Please note that our Bible text includes hyperlinks to other websites (e.g. Wikipedia), and to our translator notes and commentaries; you may remove these links if you wish, but we would prefer that you leave them intact if at all possible. Also, a link to would be very much appreciated.

Checking for updates

These files are automatcially updated with the latest corrections whenever we update the main Bible text; so you are welcome to make your software occasionally check for updates and automatically download the latest version.

This can be done via an If-Modified-Since HTTP request to our server. If the text has been updated after the date you provided in your HTTP request (which should be the date it was last downloaded), the server will return the newly updated text; otherwise, it will return a standard “304 Not Modified” status.

Don’t crash on changes

If your application downloads a new copy of our Bible text, it must be prepared for the text being different. String lengths will change, and this might cause problems.

For example, let’s say that Super-Duper Bible Reader App for Android assumes that a verse will always exist and be the same length. Now Joe Bloggs loads up the app, and highlights some words in Psalm 10:10. The app records the start and end locations of his highlight so it can display it again later. But let’s say that we determine that the verse is a fake, and we remove it from the 2001 Translation. The application on Joe’s phone then downloads the latest version of the 2001, and attempts to display that verse. But it’s gone. So what will happen when it tries to add a highlight to a verse that no longer exists? Nothing? Or will the app crash?

So please make sure that future changes to our Bible text won’t cause problems in your application. Since the text is updated frequently, there may sometimes be formatting errors, so take that into account too.

License agreement

The Bible text is provided as-is, for free, with no warranty. Ensuring that it works well in your app or website and does not conflict with other scripts or systems is your responsibility. We do not and cannot accept any liability for any negative effects the text will have on your app, users, website, business, or anything else. You use the text at your own risk.

Scripture lookup plug-in

Website developers and blog owners may be interested in our JavaScript scripture lookup plug-in.