The 2001 Translation Scripture Lookup Plug-in

Do you have a website or blog that discusses Biblical matters? Automatically change all scriptural references (e.g. Genesis 1:1) into links to the 2001 Translation in a pop-up box (click it and try it out!).

All pages on this website already use it. It will even find shortened references, such as Mt 1:1 instead of Matthew 1:1. You can also reference multiple verses, e.g. Matthew 1:1-3, and you can even say things like Matthew chapter 1 and it turns into a link. References across chapters will be split into two, e.g. Matthew 1:10-2:10, as are references to multiple parts of the same book, e.g. Matthew 1:1, 2:2-3, 5:6.

If a scriptural reference already happens to be within a hyperlink, it will be skipped. This plug-in will only change plain text into links.

The plug-in is free to use on your website.


Here are the kinds of references that will be automatically transformed into links.

Single verse references:

Genesis 1:1
Gen 1:1
Gen. 3:1

A range of verses in the same chapter:

Gen 1:1, 2
Genesis 1:1-4

A range of verses spanning two chapters:

Genesis 1:1-2:3

Many references to the same book:

Genesis 1:1-2, 3:4-5, 6:1-7:5

Lists of multiple references:

Genesis 1:1; Exodus 2:2
Matthew 1:10; 2 Corinthians 1:2
2 Kings 1:1; 2 Chronicles 10:12

References to whole chapters:

Revelation 9.
Revelation 9 and 10.
Revelation chapter 9 and chapter 10.
Revelation chapters 9 and 10.
Revelation chapters 9, 10.

Variations of book names:

Canticles 1:1 (instead of “Song of Solomon”)
First Corinthians 1:1 (instead of “1 Corinthians”)
Psalm 10 (instead of “Psalms”)

License agreement

This plug-in is provided as-is, for free, with no warranty. Ensuring that the plug-in works well on your website and does not conflict with other scripts or systems is your responsibility. We do not and cannot accept any liability for any negative effects this plug-in has on your website, website visitors, or your business. You use the script at your own risk. The script operates under the Creative Commons license Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

How to install

Just put the following piece of HTML code in each webpage you wish to enable:

Either put it somewhere in the <head> tag near the top of the page, or put it just before the </body> tag, near the bottom of the page.

If you use Wordpress, follow these instructions to add it to your website.

The file is only 16.3KB, but our server provides it to visitors’ browsers as a smaller 4.53KB file using gzip compression. This is silently unzipped in the background and works like any normal JavaScript file.


By adding an _2001_options object, you can limit where it runs on your pages, stop it running in certain tags, or have it open the study bible instead of a pop-up.

Limiting where it runs

To limit the script to adding links to just one part of your webpage (e.g. the main text of an article), use the options object (shown above), and replace PUT_ID_OF_TAG_HERE with the ID of the part of your page that you want to be changed. This would be an HTML tag that has an id="" attribute. The script will only transform references into links within that part of the page. Note that you can only do this with one part of the page.

For example, if your main article is wrapped in a <div> tag that appears as <div id="mainArticle"> then mainArticle is the ID you need.

Stop it running in certain HTML tags

By default, it will turn any scripture reference into a link. However, this can be annoying if it’s in certain places, like headings. Use the options object (shown above) and provide an array to excludeTags, listing the names of all the tags you don’t want it to run on.

Open up the Advanced Study Bible instead of a pop-up

By default, it will open a pop-up window which only loads up the individual chapter that is referenced. However, you can have it open the 2001 Translation Advanced Study Bible instead. This gives your readers access to extra features. To enable this, in the options object (shown above) set openInStudyBible to true. Keep in mind that the Advanced Study Bible is a large download, of about 2MB, which may be inconvenient for mobile users, or those on slow connections.

Fork it

If you’re a JavaScript developer, and think you can improve upon the script, feel free to download the unminified version, and let us know what improvements you’ve made. The script is available under Creative Commons license Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.