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    What was the ‘potter’s field’?

    This is a scriptural commentary submitted by a volunteer or a volunteer translator. It’s not an official view of the 2001 Translation project. We are not a religion and we do not establish doctrine. These commentaries reflect a variety of views and some disagree with each other. Anyone can submit a commentary (see requirements).

    What was the potter’s field that was purchased with the blood money of Jesus that was to be used as a place to bury foreigners? Apparently, the term refers to an area where people dug clay to manufacture of pottery. This caused people to consider it useless ground that was too poor for agriculture.

    Several sources claim that this field was located inside the Valley of Hinnom, the local garbage dump in Jesus’ day, into which the city dumped its sewerage. Therefore, workers there kept fires continuously burning to destroy its contents.

    Therefore, nearby land was considered to be of little value other than for the burial of gentiles.