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    The 2001 Translation

    A free Bible translation continually corrected and refined by volunteers.

    Why use our translation

    Why use the 2001 Translation

    Volunteers regularly refine and correct our translation, and anyone can suggest a correction.

    Our translation is public domain. Use it as much as you like, however you like!


    Our New Testament defers to the Aramaic texts, one of the original languages.

    Most Bibles use 10th century Hebrew texts, but we use older 4th century ones.

    Our translation identifies and crosses out all suspected spurious words and verses.

    Most translations remove the text’s original poetic cadence. We recreate it in English.

    We describe translation issues in lots of translator notes.

    We use synonyms of common terms to remove centuries of religious baggage.

    We do not censor the Divine Name, but use Jehovah/Yahweh over 5,500 times.

    Ancient names included names of gods. We show them via CamelCase.

    Choose between Jehovah/Yahweh and Jesus/Yeshua/Ishoa in preferences.

    We aim to remove as much bias as possible from the translation.


    We use bold and italics, indentations, plus bulleted lists for easy-reading.

    Nobody knows cubits or shekels anymore. So we add modern units.

    We’re adding estimated modern dates based on our chronology.

    We use modern American English, with no archaic or flowery wording.

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    We also host a separate website of scriptural commentaries. Here are some long-time favorites:

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    Coming soon: a series of interlinears of Bible recensions, manuscripts, Church father texts, plus ancient language lexicons.