The 2001 Translation AboutProject Status


  • New website (January 2021)
  • Kindle and e-Pub version (January 2021)
  • JSON and XML version (March 2021)
  • Translator notes and commentaries separated (May 2021)
  • All instances of the Divine Name in the NT explained with translator notes (June 2021)


  • Spurious texts added back in but crossed out
  • Tidy up the introductions to the Bible books
  • Insert OT scripture quote references in the NT
  • Complete the feature details pages (e.g. a page showing neutral terms)
  • Complete the translator resources page


  • Check quotes of OT in the Greek NT vs Greek Septuagint
  • Add estimated BCE/CE dates to text
  • Add modern times (e.g. 3rd hour = 9am)
  • Page listing Masoretic vs Septuagint differences
  • Write page listing known and suspected corruptions in Matthew
  • Compare known Aramaic and Hebrew idioms
  • A Bible translation training course for volunteers
  • Full proofread of the text against original sources

Ideas for the future

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