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    Status of our project


    • Kindle and e-Pub version (January 2021).
    • New website (March 2021).
    • JSON and XML versions for software developers (March 2021).
    • Translator notes and commentaries separated (May 2021).
    • All instances of the Divine Name in the NT explained with translator notes (June 2021).
    • Completed the translator resources page (June 2021).
    • Further website redesign (March 2022).
    • Installable offline web app (March 2022).


    • Improved text formatting, such as indentation and spacing. Progress log here.
    • Tidy up the introductions to the Bible books. Progress log here.
    • Insert links to all OT scripture quote references in the NT. Progress log here.
    • Spurious texts added back in but crossed out and listed on the spurious texts page.
    • Various feature details pages (e.g. the page showing neutral terms).
    • Add modern times (e.g. 3rd hour = 9am).
    • A page listing Masoretic vs Septuagint differences (here).
    • A page listing Greek vs Aramaic differences (here).


    • Full proofread of the text against original sources.
    • Check quotes of OT in the Greek NT vs Greek Septuagint.
    • Add estimated BCE/CE dates to text.
    • Write a page listing known and suspected corruptions in Matthew.
    • Compare known Aramaic and Hebrew idioms.
    • A Bible translation training course for volunteers.

    Ideas for the future

    The nitty-gritty of our project is tracked on a series of Google Sheets that you can view here. Do you have technical or academic skills that may be helpful to our project? Would you like to volunteer some time? Please get in touch.