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    Search hints and tips

    Example What it does
    Gen 1:1 Type a verse reference, and go straight to that verse. Also works with just a chapter number. Use full or shortened book names (e.g. gen or genesis).
    joseph pharaoh Typing two or more words will find all verses containing both of those words. So this example will find all verses containing both joseph and pharaoh.
    "then the god spoke" Use "quotation marks" around words to find the exact phrase. Punctuation and capitals are ignored.
    egypt* Use the wildcard * to find any letters in that spot. So egypt* it will find egypt, egyptian, and egyptians.
    "they * to egypt" Use wildcards inside of quotes to find exact phrases with uncertain words. In this example, "they * to egypt" would find “they headed to Egypt” and “they got to Egypt”.
    jOsEpH Case is ignored, so JoSeph, Joseph, joseph, JOSEPH and even jOsEpH are all the same.
    "also pharaoh" Punctuation is ignored, so this example will find “Also, Pharaoh”.
    genesis: joseph Search only in one book by typing the name of the book, followed by a colon (:). In this example, only Genesis will be searched for the name joseph.
    jb: joseph
    ot: joseph
    Search only in the Jewish Era books (Matthew-Revelation). Use either jb: (Jewish Books) or ot: (Old Testament).
    cb: joseph
    nt: joseph
    Search only in the Christian Era books books (Genesis-Malachi). Use either cb: (Christian Books) or nt: (New Testament).
    genesis: money "eGyPt * Canaan" You can combine all these tricks. This example would search Genesis for verses containing both “money” and “egypt * canaan”.

    Remember that our translation replaces common terms with neutral ones to remove centuries of religious baggage. For example, if you are searching for “angel” you may find it better to search for “messenger”. See a list of our terms.