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    Differences in our translation due to the Aramaic

    Our translation goes by the theory that most of the Christian Era books (the ‘New Testament’) were written in Aramaic (except for Mark, Luke, and Acts). Learn more.

    This creates some minor differences in our text compared to Greek-only Bibles. They will be listed here. Most are unimportant, or make no difference at all – but some have interesting stories to tell.

    Eventually this page will list each difference with a brief discussion about each one, what the difference is, what may explain it, and what impact it has (if any) on our understanding.

    This page is unfinished and is still being prepared. Last updated July 2022.

    • 1 Corinthians 15:33 – Paul’s words that ‘bad company corrupts good character’ are mistranslated, thanks to Aramaic input, we can see what it actually said originally both in Aramaic and Greek too.
    • Revelation 2:22 – The word normally translated as bed instead appears as stretcher for carrying the dead, and this can also be supported by the Greek (but we only realized thanks to the Aramaic).