The 2001 Translation

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2001 Translation


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    History of our translation

    Year Event

    Late 1990’s

    Our first editor, Jim Wheeler, a book publisher and magazine editor, began The Matthew Project. This was to compare common translations of Matthew with the interlinear versions. The goal was to see if translating more accurately would still make sense. It did. So the project expands to the other Gospels and the remainder of the Christian books from the Greek. Many join the effort (via the early Internet) to produce the translation.


    All books of the Christian Era are complete.

    The project is named the 2001 Translation.

    June 2002

    We launch our first website.

    June 2003

    We begin translating the books of the Jewish Era, from the Greek Septuagint, starting with Genesis.

    November 2004

    We complete the first five books of the Jewish Era.

    March 2007

    We complete the entire Bible.

    April 2013

    Our website passes 1 million page views.

    November 2018

    Our website passes 1 million first-time visitors.

    December 2020

    We make a Kindle version available.

    December 2021

    Alfred Larsen is appointed editor.

    March 2021

    Website now compatible with smartphones.

    February 2022

    New website design.

    June 2023

    Work on Interlinear texts begins.