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    Septuagint text: Our version of this book reads differently to other Bibles. Why? We use the much older Greek Septuagint manuscripts – and most will closely resemble the versions used by many 1st-century Christians, including the Apostles. These older manuscripts escaped the censorship applied to the Hebrew manuscripts. Our translation is created by volunteers, and we are always correcting and refining the text. Learn what [brackets] and other insertions mean.

    About this book Zechariah is the record of the prophecy given to Prophet Zechariah.It’s about JeruSalem and the need to restore Temple worship there. It was written at the same time as Haggai, around 559 BCE. This was about 22 years after the first batch of refugees returned to the land of IsraEl after the deportation to Babylon.It includes prophecies about the coming Messiah, and many of the visions are similar to what we later see in Revelation. The words seem to look beyond JeruSalem’s restoration after the Babylonian exile, and some believe they even look beyond the later destruction by the Romans, to far distant times.Most of this book is poetrySomething that only a Bible translator would notice is when words are in the form of Hebrew poetry. There’s a definite cadence that can be seen in the original language. Therefore, because this is the chosen style of God, we’ve tried to recreate it as it was originally intended: in poetic verse.Why use poetry?Poetry must conform to a certain rhythm and style. These act as memory aids, helping you to recall the words, making it easier for messages to be spread via the most common communication method of the time: song.Who was talking?When translating the words of the Prophets, you can’t help but notice the constant changing personal pronouns (I, you, he, they, etc.) used in the text. It makes it very confusing to figure out exactly who’s talking.However, we now realize one reason for the confusion that’s usually overlooked: God didn’t speak to the Prophets personally. Rather, He sent His messages through a mediator, either referred to as a messenger (an angel), or sometimes as ‘The Word’ (which some interpret to mean Jesus).So there are actually three voices speaking:1. That of the Prophet, who sometimes quotes himself,2. That of the angelic messenger who’s bringing the message from God,3. The words of God Himself (which we put in italics).How can we tell the difference? From the context, the pronouns, and the tenses:1. When the Prophet speaks, he’s either clearly reporting what he said or did, or is simply saying what was happening.2. When the angelic messenger speaks, he talks about God in the third person.3 When God is speaking, all references to God are naturally spoken in the first person.Did we get it all right? Probably not, but it has been an honest attempt at doing so. If you think you’ve spotted a place where our choice is incorrect, please let us know and we’ll reconsider it.


    1It was in the 8th month in the 2nd year [of the reign] of Darius that the Word of Jehovah came to ZechariAh (son of BarachiAh and grandson of IdDo) the prophet and said:2‘Jehovah was provoked by your fathers And [driven] into great rage; 3So, tell them that Jehovah of Armies now says:‘Return to Me’, says Jehovah of Armies, ‘And then, I’ll turn back to you!4‘Don’t be like your fathers Whom the prophets accused. For they came beforehand and warned them… They said that Jehovah of Armies Had warned them to turn from their wicked ways And from the bad things they were doing. But they just paid no attention, And chose not to listen to Me,’ says Jehovah.5‘Now, where are your fathers and where are those prophets… Have they lived into this age?6‘You have My words and My Laws; Yes, all that I sent by My Breath Through My servants the prophets… Those whom were seized by your fathers.‘For [your fathers] gave this reply to [the prophets]:‘Whatever Jehovah of Armies had planned Because of our sins and our evil ways Has already been fulfilled upon us!’7Well, it was on the 24th day of the 11th month (the month of Shebat), in the 2nd year [of the reign] of Darius, that the Word of Jehovah came to me (ZechariAh the prophet, son of BarachiAh and grandson of IdDo).8For during the night, I looked up and saw a man who was riding a red horse. He was standing in the shade between the mountains, and behind him were red horses with white spots.9So I asked:‘What is this, O Lord?’And [God’s] messenger (the person who was speaking to me) replied:‘I’ll show you what all these things mean.’10Then the man who was standing between the mountains spoke to me and said:‘These [men] were sent by Jehovah To travel throughout the whole land.’11And thereafter, the men who were standing between the mountains said to the messenger of Jehovah:‘We’ve finished our travels throughout the whole land, And Look! It’s all tranquil and filled.’12So the messenger of Jehovah said this:‘O Jehovah of Armies,‘How long will you fail to show mercy On JeruSalem and the cities of Judah? For, this is the 70th year of Your rage.’13And Jehovah replied to the messenger:‘You, the one who’s speaking for Me, Must send him good words that bring comfort.’14So then the messenger spoke to me and told me that I should start shouting [in joy], because Jehovah the Almighty had said this:‘I have a great zeal for JeruSalem… Over Zion, I’m very zealous! 15And I’ve been provoked by the nations, Because they had joined to attack you.‘But, although you people provoked Me, They planned their attack for bad [reasons]. 16And because of this,’ said Jehovah, ‘On JeruSalem, I’ll show mercy, And My Temple will soon be rebuilt there.’Then Jehovah added:‘So, I’m stretching a line over JeruSalem.’17‘[And the messenger said]:‘Therefore, shout aloud [in joy] once again! For Jehovah of Armies said this:‘To your cities, I’ll be sending good things; For, I’ll show mercy on Zion, Since JeruSalem is the place that I chose!’18Then, when I raised my eyes and looked, I saw four trumpets... 19So I asked the messenger (the one who was speaking to me):‘What are these, O Lord?’And he replied:‘These are the trumpets… The ones who brought scattering to Judah, As well as to IsraEl and JeruSalem.’20Then the Lord [messenger] showed me four workers. 21So I asked him:‘What have these come to do?’And he replied to Me, saying:‘They’ve come to cut down the trumpets That brought scattering [to the people of] Judah, And so much destruction upon IsraEl That those who lived there could not raise their heads… They’re the horns that the nations had raised To scatter the land of Jehovah.’


    1Then I raised My eyes and I saw a man... And in his hand was the string of a surveyor. 2So I asked him:‘Where are you going?’And he said:‘I’m going to measure JeruSalem… To determine its length and its width.’3Well at that, {Look!} the messenger who was speaking to me stopped, and another of [God’s] messengers came to meet him, 4and said:‘Tell him that JeruSalem Will be lived in again… Within her, there’ll be crowds of cattle and men.5‘And [tell him] that Jehovah says this:‘I’ll be a wall of fire to surround her As well as the glory within her.6‘So now, flee from the land in the north, says Jehovah; For I’ll gather you from the four winds, 7And those who dwell among Babylon’s daughters Must get up and run back to Zion.’8Then [the messenger said]:‘I was sent to the nations by Jehovah, In order to establish your glory Among the people who sacked you.‘For, those who have dared to touch you Have touched the pupil of my eye. 9So {Look!} against them, I’ll now raise my hand, And they will then be the spoils Of those who had once been their slaves… And then you’ll know I was sent By Jehovah the Almighty.10‘So be glad and rejoice, O daughter of Zion; For I’ll return and camp in your midst. 11Then, many nations will come seeking refuge Among Jehovah and His people… For, I’ll be there in your midst, And you’ll know that Jehovah the Almighty Was the [One] who sent me to you.12‘Yes, Judah will be His inheritance again (His portion in His holy land), And JeruSalem is His chosen city, once more. 13So to Jehovah, all flesh must now bow; For, from His holy cloud, He’s awakened.’


    1Then the Lord [messenger] showed me JoShua [Greek: Ιησούν, Jesus] the High Priest. And standing before him was the messenger of Jehovah… But the Slanderer was also there, standing to his right in order to serve as his opponent.2Then [the messenger] of Jehovah said to the Slanderer:‘O Slanderer,‘May Jehovah send His reproach upon you… May the Lord who chose JeruSalem Speak condemnation against you! For, doesn’t [JoShua now look like] an ember That has been snatched from the fire?’3Well, [I noticed that] JoShua was wearing filthy clothes as he was standing there in front of [God’s] messenger. 4So the messenger said to those who were standing before him:‘Now, remove all of his filthy clothes!’Then he said:‘{Look!} And after you’ve removed all of these dirty things; In a full-length robe, you must dress him!’5Then he said:‘Dress him in the [robes of a Priest], And on his head, you must place a clean turban!’So they dressed him in the official [garments], placed a clean turban on his head, and wrapped the [official] robe around him.6And thereafter, the messenger of Jehovah stood there and testified to JoShua saying:7‘Thus says Jehovah the Almighty:‘If you will walk in My ways And keep strict watch on My orders, I’ll [assign you to be over] My [Temple] And to keep watch on My courtyard. Then I’ll give you [guards] that will pace Between other [guards] that stand still.8‘O High Priest JoShua, listen to this… Yes, you and your neighbors that are sitting before you! For these men [will serve as] observers of signs… They’ll be witnesses that I gave to My servant Something that will raise his position! 9For I’ll place a stone before JoShua’s face, And on this stone, there’ll be seven eyes.‘{Look!} Then upon it, I’ll engrave an inscription,’‘...says Jehovah the Almighty,‘It will say that I’ll [wipe out] injustice… In a day, I’ll wipe injustice away In all places throughout the whole land.10‘And then, in that day, says Jehovah; They will each call to their neighbors and brothers From under their own grapevines and fig trees.’


    1Then the messenger who was speaking to me returned and woke me up in the same way that you’d wake up a man who was sleeping.2Then he asked me:‘Now, what do you see?’Well when I looked, I saw a gold lampstand and a bowl of oil… There were seven lamps on [the stand] and seven oil funnels for the seven lamps. 3There were also two olive trees… One was on the right of its bowl, and the other was on its left side. 4So I asked the messenger that was speaking to me:‘What are these things, O Lord?’5And the messenger that had been speaking to me replied:‘Don’t you know what all these things mean?’And I answered:‘No, O my Lord.’6Then he told me this:‘They’re the words of Jehovah to ZerubBabel; For, you must say this to him:‘Not by strength or great power, But just by My Breath,’‘...says Jehovah the Almighty.7‘So, who are you, O great mountain, To stand before ZerubBabel’s face? For, you’ll become just a plain Before My inherited rock Upon whom I’ll show My favor and care.’8Then the Word of Jehovah [His messenger] came to Me and said:9‘ZerubBabel’s hands that laid the foundation Will also be the hands that complete it. Then you’ll know that Jehovah the Almighty Is the One who sent Me to you.10‘For, those who’ve despised the days of small things Will rejoice when they see the stone plumb bob Held in ZerubBabel’s hands… The stone with the eyes of Jehovah That look upon the whole earth.’11Then I asked him:‘But what do the two olive trees signify… The ones on the right and left sides of the lampstand?’12And I asked him again:‘What [is the meaning of] the two branches of the trees that are around the gold handles that are used to do pouring… And the gold funnels?’13So he spoke again and asked me:‘Don’t you know what all these things mean?’And I replied:‘No, O Lord.’14And he said:These are two sons of the oil [or ‘fat,’ possibly meaning ones anointed with oil], Who’ll stand beside the Lord of the earth.’


    1Then I turned and raised my eyes and saw what looked like a flying sickle.2And he asked me:‘What do you see now?’And I replied:‘I see a flying sickle… It’s 20 forearms long and 10 forearms wide!’3Then he said:‘This is the curse… The one that will go ‘cross the face of the earth. One side brings death to all thieves, And the other, to those who would lie in a trial.4‘For Jehovah the Almighty says this:‘I will [soon] send it forth… I’ll send it to the thieves who would enter My House And to those who swear false oaths in My Name. It will come and enter their houses, And then it will wipe them away, Along with their woodwork and stones.’5Then the messenger who was speaking to me came up and said:‘Now, raise your eyes and see what’s coming!’6And I asked him:‘What is it?’And he said:‘What’s coming is the measuring basket That will measure the land’s unrighteous ways. 7Look… I have a measure of lead. And look… There’s a woman inside of [that basket]!’8Then he said:‘This [lead] is their lawless ways!’And at that, he threw [the lead] at the basket, and it fell into the woman’s mouth.9Then I raised my eyes and I saw two more women coming. Both had wings that were like those of a hoopoe bird, and [their wings] thereafter became filled with the wind. Then they picked up the basket and lifted it between the land and the sky.10So I asked the messenger that was speaking to me:‘Where are they taking the basket?’11And he replied:‘To the land of Babylon, they’ll take it, In which there [will be] a house, That they’ve prepared for it there.’


    1Then I turned and raised my eyes and I saw four chariots coming from between two mountains… Mountains that were made out of brass!2 The 1st chariot [that I saw] was pulled by red horses, The 2nd was pulled by black horses, 3 The 3rd was pulled by white horses, and The 4th was pulled by horses that were spotted dapple gray.4So I spoke to the messenger and asked him (this one who was speaking to me):‘What are these, O my Lord?’5And the messenger that was speaking to me replied:‘These are the four winds of the heavens, And they’ll stand next to the Lord of the earth...6‘The black ones will go to the land of the north; The white ones will follow behind them; And the spotted are going to the land of the south.’7Then the dapple-gray ones left, and they traveled around the whole earth. For he told them:‘Go and travel around the whole earth!’So then they went and traveled throughout all the lands [of the earth].8Then he yelled out to me and said:‘Look! The ones that are going to the land of the north Have brought rest to My rage in the north.’9Then the Word [messenger] of Jehovah came to me and said:10‘Take [silver and gold] from the rulers, As well as from those who are wealthy, And from those who have greater knowledge! [You’ll find them] in the house of JosiAh (son of ZephaniAh), Who’s just returned from Babylon.11‘Then, with the silver and gold, make a crown, And place it upon JoShua’s head (The son of JoZadek, the High Priest). 12And tell him that thus says Jehovah:‘{Look!} There’s a male whose name is The Sprout, And he will grow from below To rebuild the Temple of Jehovah.13‘Then, he will receive all the greatness he needs To sit and rule from his throne. For there’ll be a Priest on [God’s throne], And there’ll be peace and purpose between [those two roles].’14‘This crown will remain [in the Temple] As a reminder to those who showed recognition And favor to the son of ZephaniAh… This will serve as a psalm in the Temple of Jehovah.15‘And thereafter, from far-away places, will come Those who’ll rebuild the Temple of [God]. Then you’ll know that I had been sent By Jehovah the Almighty. And all who hear this will [wish] That they’d paid closer attention To the voice of Jehovah their God.’


    1It was in the 4th year of [the reign] of King Darius, on the 4th day of the 9th month (which is Chislev) that the Word of Jehovah [His messenger] came to ZechariAh...2For the king had sent SherEzar (as well as Regem and his men) to BethEl to atone [for their sins] before Jehovah. 3Then they said to the Priests at the Temple of Jehovah the Almighty and to the prophets:‘The holy offering has been brought here again in this 5th month, as we’ve been doing for a good number of years now.’4And thereafter, the Word of Jehovah of Armies came to me and said:5‘Speak to the people throughout the land And to all of the Priests, Then tell them [that thus says Jehovah]:‘In the 5th and 7th months, you’ve fasted And you’ve beat on your chests for 70 years; But, during all of this fasting, Were you really fasting to Me? 6For, when you’re eating and drinking, Aren’t you eating and drinking just for yourselves?’7‘Now, aren’t these the same words that Jehovah once spoke By the [mouths] of the prophets When He was blessing JeruSalem As well as those in the cities [of Judah], And those in her mountains and plains?’8And thereafter, the Word of Jehovah came to ZechariAh and said:9‘Jehovah the Almighty said this:‘I told them to make righteous judgments… To show mercy and compassion to their brothers… 10Not to tyrannize orphans or widows, Or the needy, or people from foreign lands. And no matter what harm their brothers may do; In their hearts, they shouldn’t hold grudges. 11But, they resisted and paid no attention… They turned their backs and just ranted, Covering their ears, so they couldn’t hear.12‘They set their hearts to resist My persuasion, And to My Laws, they chose not to listen, Or to the words that came from their Lord By My Breath through the hands of the prophets (Those whom I’d sent to give them a warning)… So thereafter, I poured My rage upon them.13‘It’s the same as I’ve told them before; When they refuse to listen to Me, I’ll not listen to them when they call out to Me,’‘...said Jehovah the Almighty...14‘So among the gentiles, I tossed them (Among nations that they didn’t know). And from their land, they were wiped away And they weren’t allowed to return… For they’d brought extinction upon their choice land.’


    1Then The Word of Jehovah the Almighty[, His Messenger,] came to me and said:2[‘God said:]‘I’ve shown zeal for Zion and JeruSalem… In My rage, I’ve been jealous on their behalf, 3said Jehovah. So to Zion, I’ll now return, And in JeruSalem’s midst, I’ll camp; Then, it will be called The City of Truth… The Holy Mountain of Jehovah the Almighty.’4‘And after that, Jehovah the Almighty told me to say this:‘Old men and women will once again sit In JeruSalem’s squares, Each with their canes in their hands… For they’ll have lived many days. 5And the city will also be filled With boys and girls that will play in her squares.’6‘Then Jehovah the Almighty said this:‘Couldn’t this have happened to those who remained… To those who were left back in those days? No! But, is this something that I can’t do? Asks Jehovah the Almighty... No!’7‘For thus says Jehovah the Almighty:‘{Look!} I’ll [return] My people from the lands in the east And from the lands in the west. 8Yes, I’ll bring them all back, And in JeruSalem, they’ll camp. Then, they’ll be My people again, And in truth and righteousness, I’ll be their God.’9‘For, thus says Jehovah the Almighty:O you who listened during these days; Strengthen your hands [to follow] the words That have come from the mouths of the prophets Since the Temple’s foundation was laid And in the day that they built it… 10Back when their wages bought nothing, And nothing was paid for in cattle.‘For those who entered and those who went out, There was only affliction, not peace; And against their neighbors, I turned every man.11‘But, I won’t treat the few [that remain] The same as I did in the past,‘...says Jehovah the Almighty...12‘Rather, I’ll send peaceful times; The grapevines will then produce fruit; The land will yield its abundance; And the sky will bring forth its dew… Yes, I’ll bring this to those who remain.13‘And as for you, house of Judah; Although you were a curse among nations, I’ll now send salvation to you, And you’ll be a blessing once more. But, [you must now] be courageous, And you must strengthen your hands!’14‘Thus says Jehovah the Almighty:Although I once thought to bring evil on you Because your fathers provoked Me to rage (And until now, I hadn’t relented),‘...says Jehovah the Almighty...15‘I’ve reconsidered and I’m now ready To do good for those living in Judah And for those who are living in JeruSalem… So, you must now be courageous!16‘And these are the things you must do: You must each speak truth to your neighbors; You must make decisions that bring about peace; And justice must be returned to your gates!17‘Against your neighbors, you must not consider Doing evil things in your hearts… And don’t love lying oaths! For, I detest all such things,‘...says Jehovah the Almighty.’18Then the Word of Jehovah[, that is, his messenger] came to me and said:19‘You must fast in the 4th and 5th months, And fast in the 7th and 10th. Then to Judah, I’ll bring joy and gladness, And you’ll carry good things to your holiday feasts. You’ll all be glad, for then there’ll be truth… There’ll be peace and love [throughout the whole land].20‘For, thus says Jehovah the Almighty:‘Many peoples will then come among you, And there’ll be many cities in which they can dwell. 21Then, in those cities, they’ll gather and say:‘Let’s go beg before the face of the Lord… Let’s seek the face of Jehovah… Yes, all should go there with me!’22‘Then, to JeruSalem, they’ll come Seeking the face of Jehovah In order to bow down before Him.’23‘Thus says Jehovah the Almighty:‘In those days, ten men from all nations and tongues Will come to grab hold of the hem of each Jew, And this is what they’ll say:‘We wish to come [and live] among you, Because we’ve heard God is with you!’


    1This is a proclamation… It’s the [message from the] Word of Jehovah against the land of HadRach, and against [the city of] Damascus where they offer sacrifices [to him]. For Jehovah examines all men (not just the tribes of IsraEl). 2[This proclamation is also] for HamAth, as well as Sidon and Tyre, since all their people have the same mindset.3‘Tyre has made a fortress of herself… She’s treasured up silver like dust, And gathered gold like mud in the streets. 4So, by Jehovah, she will be owned. He’ll strike down her power over the seas, And she will be burned in a fire.5‘Then, AshKelon will see this and fear, And Gaza will be very grieved. In EkRon, her errors will bring her much shame, And the kings of Gaza will perish.‘In AshKelon, no one will live, 6And in AshDod, foreign peoples will dwell; For, I’ll soon wipe away The insolence of the Philistines 7I’ll remove all the blood from their mouths, And the disgusting things from their teeth.‘Then they’ll leave their things to your God And submit to a general from Judah. And what happened to the Jebusi, Is the same that will happen to EkRon.8‘[For God said:]‘Then, I’ll stand in My [Temple] there in the heights And I won’t leave it again. No way, will [armies] march on it; For upon it, My eyes will keep watch.9‘So rejoice, O daughter of Zion; Shout aloud, you daughters of JeruSalem; For {Look!} your king will be coming to you… The righteous one who’s your Savior.‘He will be [a person who’s] gentle, And on a beast of burden, he will arrive… Yes, even upon a young foal!10‘Ephraim’s chariots, he will destroy, As well as JeruSalem’s horses. He’ll destroy [all the weapons] of warfare, And send you peace with the nations roundabout. Then he’ll rule from the waters of the [great] sea To the rivers and passes throughout your land.11‘Then by his blood of My Sacred Agreement, From dry pits, he will ransom your captives. 12Those who were captives, he’ll settle in forts, And for each day that they’ve [been there], He will repay them with double.13‘O Judah; I’ve held you tight to Myself… [As tight] as I’d hold a bow.‘So, Ephraim will be [free] once again, And I’ll awaken your children, O Zion, Against the sons of the Greeks… Like a warrior’s sword, I’ll use them.’14‘Then the Lord will be seen as your leader, And he’ll [shoot] his arrows like lightning. Then, from the Lord Jehovah, a trumpet will sound, Which will send intimidation on them.15‘For Jehovah the Almighty will serve as your shield As you bring them [destruction]. Upon them, your [sons] will be heaping sling stones, And drink their blood as though it were wine… Like basins for the Altar, their bowls will be filled.16‘In that day, Jehovah will be known as your God, And He’ll save the sheep of His people… They’ll be like [gems] in His land.17‘Then for all that are found to be good, And for all that are found to be fair; The young men will be given their grain, And there’ll be fragrant wine for the virgins.’


    1‘Then you can ask Jehovah for rain in each season (Both the early and late rains), And Jehovah will do what’s fantastic… To all their pastures and fields, He will send winter rains.2‘But [right] now, there are those declaring big things… Things that will only bring trouble. And there are those who are having false visions… False dreams that offer no comfort. So [my people now wander] like sheep… They’re ill and they haven’t been healed!3‘So, since those shepherds have provoked [God] to rage, He will come and visit His lambs. Yes, Jehovah God the Almighty Will visit the house of Judah (His flock).‘And as He will do to His handsome horse, He will order up war [on those prophets]… 4In His rage, He will look [down] upon them, And [arrows will be shot] against them.‘Yes, He’ll send [His armies] against them 5And His warriors will tread mud in battle. For Jehovah will [bless] the attack, And to their cavalry, He’ll bring disgrace.6[‘And God says:]‘But the house of Judah, I’ll strengthen, And house of JoSeph, I’ll save… Because I love them, I’ll save them, And they’ll be as before I disowned them. Yes, because I am Jehovah their God, I’ll pay attention to them once again!7‘Then they’ll be like Ephraim’s soldiers… They’ll rejoice in their hearts as though drinking wine. They’ll look at their children in joy, And rejoice in their hearts over their Lord.8‘I’ll give them a sign that I’ll accept them… I’ll pay their ransom and then they’ll grow To be as many as they’d been before.9‘Then I’ll plant them among all the peoples, And I’ll be remembered by those far away.10‘They’ll return and nourish their children… From the land of Egypt, I’ll bring them back, And from Assyria also. Then to GileAd and Lebanon, I’ll send them, And none will be left behind (no, not one)!11‘Through the narrows of the sea, they’ll march; For, they’ll strike the waves of the sea And before them, the rivers will dry to their depths.‘Then the insolence of Assyria will vanish, And Egypt’s scepter will no longer be.’12‘[Yes I swear] by Jehovah their God, That I’ll then make them mighty… And about His Name, they’ll boast.’...said the Lord.


    1‘O Lebanon; open your doors And let fire devour all your cedars! 2Then, all the pine trees will shriek Because the cedars have fallen… Yes, misery will come to your great ones.‘And oaks of BaShan, you should now howl, For the groves that you’re planted will all be cut down!3‘There’s the sound of the wailing of shepherds, Because their greatness is gone. And there’s the sound of the roaring of lions, For no one’s keeping watch at the JorDan.4‘So, thus says Jehovah the Almighty:Tend the sheep’ for the slaughter… 5Those who were bought by the butcher, And those who haven’t repented. For those who sold them have said:‘Praise the Lord, because we’ve gained wealth! And their shepherds have suffered no loss.’6‘So, I’ll not spare those who live here,’ said the Lord.‘{Look!} To his neighbor, I’ll hand every man, And into the hands of their king. Then, they’ll divide up their land, And from their hands, I’ll not save them. 7So in CanaAn’s land, I’ll tend them… All of these sheep for the slaughter.‘Then I’ll take two sticks for myself; The first one, I’ll call Beauty, And the other, I’ll call Measured Land And then, I’ll tend all those sheep.8‘In the 1st month, I’ll take the three shepherds, And my soul will be heavy against them, For their souls have roared out against me!9‘So I told them that I won’t tend them… I’ll let the ones who are dying just die, And the ones who are failing just fail… And let the rest eat the flesh of their neighbors!10‘Then I’ll take my stick (the one [I called] Beauty) And I’ll throw it away To erase [God’s] Agreement with them. 11It’ll be erased in that day, And those in CanaAn who have guarded my sheep Will know that I am The Word of Jehovah.12‘And then, I’ll tell them to do Whatever they find to be good… Yes, pay my wage or forbid it! So, they established my wage… It was 30 pieces of silver.’13Then the Lord [messenger] said to me:‘Now, throw them into the Temple… But check to make sure that the [coins] are all pure; For, this is my [value] before them. So [he’ll] take the 30 pieces of silver And throw them into the Temple.14‘That’s when my second stick will be thrown (The one that I called Measured Land), For I’ll wipe IsraEl and Judah away From [the land] that they’ve owned.’15And the Lord said to Me:‘Now, gather a shepherd’s tools for yourself… The tools of one who’s unqualified. 16For {Look!} against the land, I’m sending a ‘shepherd’… One who won’t visit the [weak], And one who won’t search for the scattered. Those who are broken, he won’t heal, And those who are well, he won’t lead. He will just [break] all their necks And devour their choicest of meats.17‘So, you who are tending to vain things And leaving behind all my ‘sheep;’ A sword will come against your right arms As well as against your right eyes. For your arms will then become withered, And your right eyes will be blinded.’


    1The matter of the Word of Jehovah over IsraEl:‘Thus says Jehovah, The One who stretched out the skies, Who laid the foundations of the earth, And from Himself, shaped the breath of mankind:2‘{Look!} I’ve appointed JeruSalem’s thresholds To be shaken by the people roundabout them. So, into Judea, they’ll come, And they’ll surround JeruSalem.3‘In that day, I’ll appoint JeruSalem To be a stone that’s trampled by the nations. For, all nations of the earth will [attack] her; And those who trample upon her Will mock and poke fun at her.4‘And in that day,’ says Jehovah the Almighty; ‘I will strike [Judah’s] horses with wonder And drive their riders to ranting.‘On the house of Judah, I’ll then raise My eyes, And I’ll strike all their horses with blindness. 5But the generals of Judah will say in their hearts:‘JeruSalem’s [people will always be safe] Under Jehovah, their Almighty God.’6‘But then, I’ll make Judah’s generals Like burning coals amidst wood And as flaming torches in stubble. For they’ll devour everyone who’s around them (Both those on their right and those on their left).‘Yet, JeruSalem will be lived in again As it had been before. 7Then the Lord will save Judah’s tents As he did back in the beginning. But they won’t have any reason to boast Over the house of [King] David, Or to think themselves better than Judah.8‘So the Lord will be the shield in that day For those who live in JeruSalem. And in that day, even the least Will be like David among them.‘And the house of David will then come to be Like the Temple of God… As the angel that’s standing before them.9‘And in that day, I’ll lift away all the nations That marched against JeruSalem. 10Then, upon the house of King David, And on JeruSalem’s people, I’ll pour the spirit of mercy and care.‘So they’ll turn to Me and beat on their chests Like those who beat on their chests Over the death of a loved one, Because they’ve been disrespectful to Me. And they’ll mourn with the grief Of someone who’s lost his first-born.11‘Yes, on that day in JeruSalem, They’ll all be beating their chests As though they’d lost groves [of fruit trees]. 12And the land will beat on its chest For each of the tribes [by its name]… The house of the tribe of David As well as all of its women… The house of the tribe of Nathan As well as all of its women… 13The house of the tribe of Levi As well as all of its women… The house of SimeOn’s tribe As well as all of its women… 14And the houses of the rest of the tribes As well as all of their women.’


    1‘In that Day, the [springs] will all open For the rinsing and cleansing of David’s house And to cleanse [the people] of JeruSalem.2‘In that Day,’ says Jehovah of Armies, ‘The names of their idols, I’ll wipe from the land So they’ll be remembered no more. And false prophets that have unclean spirits, I’ll also remove from the land.’3‘So, if there’s a man who still prophesies; His father and the mother who bore him Must tell him that he can no longer live Because he’s told lies in the Name of the Lord. Then his father and the mother who bore him Must bind him, because of his prophecies.’4‘And in that Day, their visions will bring them disgrace, As will the things that they prophesied. They’ll cover their heads with animal hides, Because all will know that they’ve lied.5‘And [such a man] will say:‘No, I’m not a prophet; I’m just a man who works the ground… This is all that I’ve done since my youth!’6‘But when asked:‘Then what are these wounds in your hands [from being bound]?’‘He will say:‘I got these in a friend’s house.’7‘O broadsword, rise up against my shepherds, And against my own countryman...’ Says Jehovah the Almighty, Strike the shepherds, and the sheep scatter’ [Matthew 26:31] ‘For against the shepherds, I’m raising My hand.8‘And in that day,’ says Jehovah, ‘Two-thirds will be wiped away, But one-third will be allowed to remain.9‘Then, like trying gold, I’ll try all the rest. I’ll speak to those who have called on My Name, And tell them:‘You are My people,’‘And they’ll reply:‘Jehovah is my God.’


    1‘{Look} The Day of the Lord has approached When they’ll divide up the loot. 2For, to JeruSalem, I’m gathering nations, And the city will thereafter be taken.‘All of its homes will be looted, And all the women defiled. Then, half of the city will be led away, And the rest (those who are My people) Won’t be destroyed from the [land].3‘But then the Lord will return And he will attack all those nations In his battle, on the day of the war.4‘And in that Day, his feet will then stand On the Mount of Olives (to JeruSalem’s east). Then in chaos, the Mount of Olives will split In halves to the east and the west. Half of the mount will lean towards the north, And half will then lean towards the south.5‘So, flee to the valley of My Mountain, Which [runs] to the [Wadi] AzaEl. You must flee as in the day of the earthquake [That happened] in the days of UzziAh.‘For then, [your Lord] will arrive, And bring all his Holy Ones with him. 6There’ll be no light in that Day… There’ll be just coldness and ice.’7[And the Word continues:]‘But, this will all last just one day, Which is only known by Jehovah. There’ll be no daytime or night, But light will arrive towards the evening.8‘In that day, from JeruSalem, Life-giving waters will flow… Half will flow to the [Dead] Sea, And the rest, in other direction… This will happen in the springtime and summer.9‘Then Jehovah will be the King of the earth; And in that Day, there’ll be just one Lord, And he will have just one name.10‘Then around the land, there’ll be deserts… From JeruSalem south to RemMon and Geba (although RamAh will still remain in its place); From the BenJamin Gate to the First Gate, And the Corner Gate to the Tower of HananeEl, To where the king’s wine vats are stored.11‘Then JeruSalem will be a safe place, And there won’t be any more danger.12‘But, there’ll be a great downfall When Jehovah strikes down the peoples That against JeruSalem, marched. Their flesh will melt as they stand on their feet; Their eyes will flow from their sockets; And their tongues will melt in their mouths.13‘And in that Day, there’ll come Astonishing things from Jehovah. Each man will grab hold of his neighbor’s hand (Yes they’ll join hand-to-hand with their neighbors), 14And there within JeruSalem, Judah’s people will ready themselves To collect the might of those living roundabout… All of their silver and gold, As well as huge numbers of clothing.15‘I’ll bring the downfall of their horses and mules, As well as their camels and burros. Yes, to all the cattle that’s found in their camps, It’ll be a day of great downfall.16‘Then, all that remain from the nations That marched against JeruSalem Will ascend each year to bow to the King, To the Almighty Jehovah, And observe the feast of the Pitching of Tents.17‘Then to all who won’t come [in that Day] To bow before the Almighty From all the tribes of the earth; Bad things will then come upon them, And they won’t receive any rain.18‘So, if the tribe of Egypt won’t come; The same downfall will happen to them That the Lord will bring to the nations… To those who wouldn’t observe The feast of the Pitching of Tents.19‘For, this will be Egypt’s sin, As well as the sin of all nations When they refuse to ascend To observe the feast of the Pitching of Tents.20‘In that Day, this is what will be [written] Upon the bridles of their horses:‘Holy to Jehovah the Almighty.’‘And then the stew pots of Jehovah Will be like the bowls in front of the Altar. 21And throughout Judah and JeruSalem, They’ll treat the stew pots as holy To the Almighty Jehovah. And that’s where those who bring sacrifices Will take them to cook all the meat.‘And in that Day, there’ll be no CanaAnites To oppose Jehovah of Armies.’



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