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    Septuagint text: Our version of this book reads differently to other Bibles. Why? We use the much older Greek Septuagint manuscripts – and most will closely resemble the versions used by many 1st-century Christians, including the Apostles. These older manuscripts escaped the censorship applied to the Hebrew manuscripts. Our translation is created by volunteers, and we are always correcting and refining the text. Learn what [brackets] and other insertions mean.

    Chapter/Verse numbering: Although this is from the Greek Septuagint, we have re-arranged the text to match to the same chapter/verse numbering found in Hebrew-based Bibles. In the future, we may also provide LXX-based numbering.

    About this book Proverbs is a collection of wise sayings and advice, mostly written in the style of poetry or song.It was mostly written or compiled by King Solomon about 1000 BCE, but it was later added to by others.While it’s considered an inspired book, some of the proverbs within it were simply common sayings at the time. We don’t know exactly how many are original to the Bible.Our version of Proverbs will read differently to other Bibles in certain places. Why? We use the older Greek Septuagint text, which mostly escaped later censorship and corruption. We think that the Septuagint version makes a lot more sense, is more harmonious with other Bible books, and is therefore likely the closest version to the original text.For example, Proverbs 18:1 is completely different in this older text.In the future, we’ll publish a list of all the differences between the later Hebrew version of Proverbs, and this more faithful Greek version.


    1These are the proverbs of Solomon, son of David, who reigned over IsraEl.2To get to be wise and to truly learn, You must understand intelligent words. 3[You must see how] words can be shifted and turned, And used to unlock enigmas.You must also understand true justice… How to make judgments that are straight, 4So that all your decisions can be sincere and wise. Yet, you must perceive and reflect like a child.5Yes, if you’ll listen, the wise will get wiser And receive intelligent guidance. 6You’ll understand dark illustrations… The sayings of the wise and enigmas.7True wisdom starts with the fear of Jehovah; And all who follow that rule Will be understanding and good, Since perception begins with reverence for God. For, those who fail to respect Him, Treat wisdom and learning with contempt.8Hear, O son, the laws of your father, And don’t reject the rules of your mother. 9Then, a garland of favor, you’ll get for your head, And a gold chain for your neck.10O son,Don’t let the godless lead you astray, And don’t follow their ways. 11For they’ll offer you comforting words and then say:‘Come with us and we’ll [shed] blood! For we’ll treat the righteous unfairly, Then we’ll hide their bodies under the ground.12‘Like the grave, we’ll swallow them down still alive, And remove their memory from the land. 13Then we’ll take all their things that have value, And fill our houses with loot. 14So, come with us and join what we do, And we’ll each gain large sacks of money!’15But, don’t ever follow their ways… Turn your feet from their paths! 16For their feet always run to do evil, And they’re quick to shed blood.17Haven’t they wrongfully spread out their traps, As would be done to catch birds… 18Then murder to gain evil treasures? 19Yes, these are the ways of the unrighteousness; And because of their lack of respect, They’re bringing destruction upon their own lives.20However, the praises of wisdom are sung in the streets… She’s celebrated in all public places. 21For she shouts aloud from the tops of the walls, And at city gates, she courageously says:22‘As long as the honest have justice, They’ll never be shamed.‘But the insolent fools who crave [what’s not theirs], And those who don’t fear [God] Are the ones who are lacking good sense… 23So, they’ll be disciplined.‘{Look!} Now I’ll set free the sayings of my spirit, And to teach you, I’ll be speaking [wise] words.24‘Although I called out to you, you didn’t obey… I explained it, but you wouldn’t listen. 25You’ve ignored all my council, And to my scolding, you’ve paid no attention. 26So I’ll laugh when you’re destroyed, And I’ll shout in joy at your ruin.27‘Yes, when troublesome times come upon you, And in a blast, you’re quickly undone… When you’re oppressed and assaulted, 28And you feel the need to cry out to me, I won’t listen to you.‘For when evil men search, they can’t find me, 29Because they’ve detested what’s wise, And they’ve failed to show fear for Jehovah.30‘To my council, they chose not to listen, And when they were scolded, they sneered. 31So they’ll have to eat their own fruitage, And ever after, they’ll be disrespected.32‘Because they’ve done wrong to the simple, They’ll soon be destroyed… Yes, after they’re tried, they’ll be slaughtered. 33But, those who’ve chosen to listen to me Have camped in peace, and never fear what’s bad.’


    1O son,Hear the things that I’m saying… Take them and hide them within you. 2Your ears should obey these wise sayings… Understand them and put them deep in your heart, Then pass them along to your sons.3If you should call out for wisdom, And if you’ll seek understanding… 4If you’ll search for perception like treasure, 5You’ll learn the fear of the Lord And find the knowledge of God. 6For, wisdom comes from Jehovah In His presence, you’ll find understanding and knowledge.7For those who are walking straight paths, He has treasured away their salvation, And He’ll shield them wherever they travel, 8Since He guards the ways of the righteous, And protects those who show Him respect. 9Then, you’ll understand justice and judgments, And set yourself on a course to do good.10Now, should you decide to make wisdom your goal… If your soul decides to search for perception… 11If you’ll choose to follow good council, And if you’ll be careful to do holy things… 12From evil ways, this will save you, And from [the wiles] of men who tell lies.13They’re the ones who’ve abandoned straight paths, And in ways of darkness, they’ve chosen to walk. 14For, badness is what makes them happy, And about what’s perverse, they rejoice. 15All of their pathways are crooked, And curved are all of their tracks. 16Away from straight paths, they’ll lead you, And from righteous plans, they’ll drive you away.So, don’t let bad council mislead you… 17Rather, [follow] the things that you’ve learned since your youth, And don’t overlook God’s Sacred Agreement.18There are women who put death near their homes, For the things that they do lead to the grave. 19Those who approach them will never return, For they’ll not turn back to straight paths… From the road of life, they’ve strayed.20But, smooth are the roads that the righteous have found; For the meek will inherit the land, And the honest are those who’ll remain there. 21Then, only the upright will camp in the land, And those who’ll remain are the holy. 22Disrespectful ways will be gone, And those who break laws will be banished.


    1O son,Don’t forget the laws [that I’ve shown you], And keep the things that I’ve said in your heart; 2For, this will add length to your life. Yes, you’ll live [many] years, And peace will be added to you.3May charity and faith never fail you… If around your neck, you’ll tie them And write them on the tablet of your heart, 4You’ll find the favor [of God].Before Jehovah and men You should always plan to do what’s good. 5Wholeheartedly trust in your God, And on your own wisdom, never rely.6Keep sight of [wisdom] in all of your ways; For before you, she cuts a straight path. 7So, in your own skills, never trust… Fear God and turn from all that’s bad. 8Then, healing will come to your body, And care will be shown to your bones.9You must always honor Jehovah… Work hard at doing what’s good. As first fruits, offer Him your righteousness ways, 10Then with grain, your stores will be filled, And wine will gush from your vats.11O son,Never treat Jehovah’s instructions lightly, Or give up when He disciplines you. 12For Jehovah loves those who accept His correction, And He whips those whom He welcomes as sons.13The man who finds wisdom is blest, As is the mortal that’s smarter. 14She’s a better trade than silver or gold, 15And she’s worth more than all that’s expensive.Nothing of value is worth more than her; 16For long life and survival are in her right hand, And in her left, is glory and wealth.Out of her mouth flows true justice; On her tongue, there’s mercy and law. 17Goodness is found in her ways, And all of her paths lead to peace.18She’s a tree of life to all who’ll grab hold (Those leaning on her as they do on the Lord)… They’re the ones who’ll get away safely.19For in wisdom, God founded the earth, And with intelligence, He assembled the skies. 20By His perceptions, the valleys were formed, As dew flowed down from the clouds.21So, don’t let my council slip by… Pay attention and learn to gain insight; 22Then, the person you are will continue to live And [God’s] favor will be tied ‘round your neck. For, to your flesh, this brings healing, And comfort to all of your bones.23Then, peace will follow in all of your ways, And your feet will never be stumbled. 24When you sit, it’ll be without any fear; And when you lie down, your sleep will bring rest.25You won’t tremble at terrible things, Nor will the godless push you aside. 26For Jehovah will watch all your ways And make straight paths for your feet, So you’ll never stumble and fall.27And don’t overlook those who are poor When you have what they need in your hands. 28Don’t say, ‘You should come back tomorrow… I’ll give you what you need at some other time.’ Give them what’s good when you have it, So you’ll never see the birth of what’s evil.29And never plot to do bad to a friend, Or to those with whom you must travel… Those who’ve put trust in you. 30Nor should you quarrel without a good reason, So people don’t try to get even.31Don’t follow the evil of those you despise, Or ever be jealous of the bad things they do. 32Since Jehovah considers lawbreakers unclean, The righteous should not sit among them.33The houses of those who show no respect Have all been cursed by the Lord, While the homes of the righteous are blest. 34For Jehovah opposes the proud, And shows favor to those who are humble. 35So the wise will inherit all glory, While the godless will just get dishonor.


    1O child,Hear the words of your father! Listen, so you can gain insight! 2For I’m going to give you a gift, And from these instructions, don’t stray!3I was also the son of a father, And one who was loved by his mother; 4So, by them both, I was taught. [They said], ‘Keep our words in your heart… Don’t forget our instructions! 5You should seek knowledge and wisdom… Don’t forget or ignore the words from our mouths, Or ever turn aside from these things! 6Stick with this way, don’t leave it… Love it with passion and you’ll be kept [safe].’7Wisdom is the basis for all [that’s good]; So with all you acquire, gain wisdom! And among all the things you possess, Be sure that you gain understanding! 8Build her a fort and she’ll lift you… Hold her in esteem and she’ll watch over you… She’ll place a garland on your head… 9A luxurious crown that will shield you.10Hear, O son, and receive all my words; For they’ll multiply the years of your life, And many ways, you’ll then understand.11I’m teaching you the ways of the wise… On you, I’m piling tracks that are straight, 12So the ways that you go won’t hem you in, Or ever be a block to your footsteps; Thus, when you must run, you won’t tire.13Grab my instructions and don’t let them go… Hold them tight for yourself and your life!14Don’t follow in the ways of the godless Or be jealous of the ways of lawbreakers. 15Don’t go to places where they hang out… 16Yes, alter your course and divert; For they won’t sleep until they’ve done wrong. And since they can’t sleep, they don’t go to bed… 17On the grain of irreverence, they feed, And on the wine of lawless ways, they get drunk.18But the ways of the righteous are like light… They illuminate and shine until morning. 19While the ways of the irreverent are dark, And they don’t know how often they stumble.20O son,Pay attention to the things that I’m saying And listen to my words with your ears; 21For then, your wells won’t fail you. Yes, store them deep in your heart, 22For those who find them will live, And to your flesh, they’ll bring healing.23With all the things that you guard, Pay close attention to your heart, Because it’s the source of your life.24From your mouth, remove all that’s crooked, And keep unrighteous lips far away. 25Let your eyes always look straight ahead… And don’t let their lids wink at injustice.26Make straight tracks for your feet, And straighten out all of your paths. 27Don’t turn aside to the right or the left… Just turn your feet from what’s bad. For God knows the ways that are righteous, And those who pervert them, He puts on His left. But if you’ll choose to make your tracks straight, He’ll lead you in ways that bring peace.


    1O son,Pay attention to my wisdom And lend your ears to my words So that you can understand clearly… 2Then my lips will tell you the things I’ve perceived.To bad women, you should pay no attention! 3For the lips of a whore drip with honey, Which may fatten the throat for a while… 4But then, you’ll find them more bitter than bile And sharper than a double-edged sword.5Foolish are the feet of those turning to her, For this leads to death and the grave And the tracks aren’t easily noticed. 6Her ways don’t lead to life, And the tracks that she makes are slippery and dark.7O son, please listen to me… Don’t ignore these things that I’m saying! 8From them, you should stay far away… Don’t approach the doors to their homes 9So you don’t pass your life onto others And share your vigor with those who lack mercy.10No, don’t fill a stranger with your vigor… Your strength shouldn’t enter [a whore]… 11For you’ll then be sorry when your flesh falls away. 12And you’ll say:‘How I hated to be told… How discipline [bothered] my heart… 13So I wouldn’t accept their correction, And my ears wouldn’t hear the things I was taught. 14So, little by little, I fell into bad And away from [God’s] congregation.’15O son,Drink water from your own jar… Just that which flows from your own well! 16Let the waters of your springs overflow… Carry your own water when you go to the squares!17Let it be yours all alone… Don’t share it with strangers! 18Let your spring be just yours alone, And find joy in the wife of your youth… 19Your favorite filly, and your friendly hind.Let her share conversation with you… Hold her high and keep her nearby, For this friendship will mean a great deal.20Don’t spend time with strange women, And never hold one who’s not yours. 21For the eyes of God watch the ways of a man, And He’s tracking the things that we do.22Unlawful acts are a snare to all men, And for your sins, you’ll be wrapped up in chains. 23Those who don’t learn this will come to their end, And then they’ll lose all they own… They’ll perish in their own foolish ways.


    1O son,When you co-sign a loan for a friend, You’ve put yourself in your enemy’s hands. 2From your own lips you’ve been captured and snared… By words that came from your own mouth.3O son,Save yourself by heeding my words. For, if you choose to do such a thing, Into evil hands, you’ll fall.Don’t leave yourself [in such a position]; For you’ll find that you’ll even anger your friend… The one for whom you co-signed the loan!4So, don’t let your eyes go to sleep 5Or allow your eyelids to slumber, Before you’ve escaped like a doe from a noose, And as wild fowl from a snare.6Lazy one; You should learn from the ant… Feel zeal when you see what he does. Yes, you should become just like him… But, you should also be wiser!7For he doesn’t own his own farm, And he has no one to urge him to work, Nor is he under a master. 8But, during the summer, he gathers much food, As he prepares to feast in the harvest.9O lazy one,How much longer will you continue to lie there… Yes, when will you awaken from sleep? 10You sit for a while, then rest for a while, And after a while, you slumber With your hands and arms on your chest, 11As poverty overtakes you like a mugger, And lack catches you like a sprinter.12A man (a fool and lawbreaker) Will travel in ways that are evil. 13He beckons with his eyes, Makes signs with his feet, And teaches with the motions of his fingers.14He plans to do bad, since his heart is perverse, And he brings disturbance into his own city. 15But because of this, his death will come soon… He’ll be cut off and not be brought back, 16Since he rejoices over things that God hates.He will be destroyed, since his life is unclean… 17Because his eyes are insulting… Because his tongue is unrighteous… Because his hands have shed righteous blood… 18Because his heart conspires to do bad And his feet have run to do evil.19When [a man] tells a lie [in a courtroom], This unrighteous witness lights fires, And between even brothers, brings lawsuits.20O son,Guard the laws of your father, And don’t cast aside the rules of your mother! 21Fasten them tight to your soul… Tie them around your neck with a cord!22Bring them along wherever you walk, And make sure they’re always nearby. When you sleep, you should let them keep watch, And have them remind you when you arise.23For the Law’s Commandments are a lamp and a light… They’re a complete way of life! They’re correction and instruction to guard you 24From bad women who are already married, And from the distractions that come from strange tongues.25Don’t let their beauty entice you… Don’t get trapped by the things you can see, Or be beguiled by their eyes. 26For, less than bread is the value of a whore, And a woman of men ensnares precious lives.27Can a man light a fire upon his own chest Without it burning his clothes? 28Can someone walk on live coals Without them consuming his feet?29For, when you [have sex with] another man’s wife, That’s what will happen to you, Since none that touch her are found free from guilt.30It’s no surprise when someone’s caught stealing, For, to fill a hungry soul, men will steal. 31Then, when they’re caught, 7 times they’ll repay… They’ll give all they own to be saved.32But by the lack of good sense, The man who’s committing adultery, Upon himself, brings destruction. 33For he suffers both grief and dishonor, And his scorn won’t be forgotten Throughout the rest of the age.34Because of the jealous rage of her man, He won’t be spared in the day that he’s judged. 35And because of the hate of this person, He’ll not be able to bargain, Nor will many gifts buy his freedom.


    1O son,Keep my words and commandments… Hide them inside of yourself! 2Have deep respect for Jehovah, And He will make you grow stronger… In addition to Him, fear no other!Keep His commands and live [a long] life… Like the pupil of your eye, guard His words. 3Wrap them around all your fingers, And inscribe them in the depths of your heart.4Also guard wisdom as your own sister And intelligence as your best friend, 5So they’ll keep you away from strange women, As well as from all that is wicked. Then, about you, good things will be said.6She leans from the window of her house on the square, 7And whenever she views foolish offspring (Young men who are lacking good sense) 8Passing the corner near the path to her house; 9She speaks from the darkness of the evening, When all are at rest in the dimness of night.10She meets with him and she looks like a whore, And the young man’s heart starts to flutter. 11She’s so enticing and carnal… But, don’t let your feet stop by her [door].12At times, she’ll stray outside of her house, And stand on the corner of the square. 13There she reaches out and she fondles, And with an impudent face she might say:14‘A sacrifice of peace, I must offer, And today, I must render my vows… 15So, that’s why I’ve met up with you. I noticed your face [as you’re passing], And I came over here just to find you.16‘Now, while I was sewing, I laid out my bed, And spread it with sheets [made in] Egypt. 17With saffron, I sprinkled my bed, And cinnamon, I’ve put ‘round my house.18‘So, come and enjoy my friendship ‘til dawn… Come, and we’ll wrap up in passion! 19For, my husband isn’t at home… He’s gone away on a journey. 20He left with a bundle of silver, And he’ll not be back for several more days.’21She leads him astray and acts like a friend, While tying a noose ‘round his neck. By the words from her lips, she then reels him in; 22And he follows like an ox to the slaughter… Like a dog that’s being led on a leash, Or a stag that’s been shot in the liver. 23So he hurries like fowl towards a snare, Not knowing that he’s running for his life.24Now, hear and pay close attention To the sayings that come from my mouth! 25Don’t turn aside to her ways in your heart, And don’t be misled by her wiles.26Many she’s stabbed through and then thrown away… Unnumbered are those whom she’s murdered. 27Her house is on the road to the grave, And it leads to the storeroom of death.


    1If you’ll call out for wisdom, Intelligence will also obey you! 2He’s higher than all of the others, And he stands in the midst of all roads.3He’s the home of the mighty, And in their doorway, he sings:4‘O men, I’ll bring comfort to you, And I’ll sing this aloud to your sons:5‘All you guileless should learn to be shrewd, And the unlearned should store it deep in their hearts!’6‘So, you should listen to me, For I’m speaking of serious things… From my lips comes something that’s true! 7So my throat will be speaking truly, Since those with lying lips, I’ve hated.8‘Righteous are the sayings that come from my mouth… Nothing in them is crooked or evil. 9So the discerning should stand face to face With the one who’s teaching them knowledge.10‘Seek instruction, not silver… Put knowledge above proven gold! 11And wisdom is better than most precious gems… Nothing is worth more than it, 12Since wisdom camps with counsel and knowledge!’‘And as I’m reflecting, I’ll say this:13‘Those fearing Jehovah will hate all injustice, As well as insolence and pride, And ways that lead to what’s evil… For He hates the perversions of those who do bad.’14‘Council and safety are mine! Intelligence and strength are mine also! 15For by me, the kings start their reigns, And the mighty write about justice.16‘By me, the great become sovereigns… Through me, they rule the whole earth. 17Those fond of me are always beloved, And those who seek me find favor.18‘By me, wealth and glory exist, As well as the lands of the just. 19So the blest will gather my fruitage Before seeking gold or rare gems… For my reward is better than silver.20‘I walk in the ways of the righteous And return in the pathways of reason. 21I provide for all those who love me, And I fill their treasuries with things that are good.22‘I’ll proclaim what happens each day, And I’ll speak of the things of the ages. For, by Jehovah I was created, And He made the head of His ways… I’m the one [in charge] of His works.23‘In the beginning, He made me, Before this age came to be… Before He decreed the creation of lands… 24Before He made the abysses, And before the springs gushed with water.25‘Yes, I was fathered by Him Before the mountains and hills… 26Before He made the places to live, Or the ends of man’s home under the skies.27‘As He was preparing the heavens, I’m the one who presented them to Him. Then He placed His throne on the winds, 28And moved clouds above with His strength.‘Then He made all the springs under the skies, 29And set limits for the waters of the seas, So they couldn’t cross over their borders. And when the foundations of the earth were made strong, I’m the one who stood there beside Him.30‘By Him, all things worked together, And He found joy in them all. Each day that I stood there before Him, In this, I also found much delight. 31Then He was pleased when He finished man’s home, And over sons of men, He was happy.’32Now, listen to me, O my son:Blest are those who are guarding his ways! 33Learn from wisdom and you’ll be wise… Don’t cover it over!Blest is the man who listens to it… The man who guards all its ways… 34The one who’s awake at its entrance each day, And that pays close attention at its doors!35For, those who seek it find life And receive the favor of God! 36But, those who are sinning against it Are disrespecting their souls All who hate it are lovers of death.


    1Wisdom has built a house for himself, And atop seven columns, he’s propped it. 2He has offered the needed sacrifices… He’s mixed the wine in their jars, And he has readied his table. 3Then he sends his servants to call [all the guests], And with a grand proclamation, he says:4‘All you who are foolish; turn here to me!’5He says to those who are lacking good sense:‘Come eat my bread and drink my wine That I’ve mixed up for you! 6Stop being a fool, become smarter, So you’ll live a long time… Get straight with wisdom and knowledge!’7Those who attempt to straighten the godless, Upon themselves, bring dishonor. For, when you scold those who have no respect, You just make a fool of yourself.8So, don’t scold those who are evil, For they’ll just start to detest you! But, reprove the wise and they’ll love you… 9Give them help and they’ll be wiser… An explanation to those who are righteous, Will thereafter, bring them much more.10Wisdom starts with the fear of Jehovah, And counsel about holiness brings understanding. Also, knowledge of the Law is good to consider; 11For if you learn it, you’ll live a long time… Many years, it’ll add to your life.12O son, If you choose to seek wisdom, You’ll make yourself wise. But, if you choose to seek evil, You’ll just bring bad things on yourself.13A woman without food who’s foolish and bold, Has no knowledge of shame. 14She sits at the door of her house in a chair To make herself seen in the square.15Then she calls out to those who pass on the street, And to those who are walking straight paths:16‘You who are the most foolish; Turn aside and come here to me!’She arouses the stupid by saying:17‘You’ll touch secret ‘bread loaves’ in pleasure, And steal ‘sweet water’ to drink!’18But the thing that they don’t understand, Is that she brings destruction upon earthly men… That she’s perching them on the edge to the grave!


    1A wise son gladdens a father; But a foolish son brings his mother distress.2Treasures bring no help to the lawless; But, they can rescue the righteous from death.3Jehovah won’t let the righteous go hungry; But, impious ways [lead to famine].4Poverty humbles a man; But, hard-working hands will enrich him.Correcting a son makes him wiser; So the foolish, he’ll treat as his servants.5An intelligent son will be saved And he won’t [have to slave in] sweltering heat; But wind will destroy all the harvest Of the son who’s a lawbreaker.6Jehovah sends blessing to the heads of the righteous, And mourning to the mouths of the wicked.7The righteous are remembered and commended; While the names of the irreverent will perish.8A wise heart does as it’s told; But, back-talking lips will be stumbled.9For those who comply, things go easy; But, resistance won’t be forgotten.10The eye that winks at bad things Is creating distress for the rest. But, the man who openly scolds, Is the one who’s bringing them peace.11Mouths of the righteous are like springs of life; But a mouth that curses, leads to destruction.12Hatred leads to a war; But, those who won’t fight create friendships.13Those whose lips bring forth wisdom Are beating the heartless with a stick.14The wise learn to hide their perceptions; But, mouths that speak rashly, bring destruction.15The rich man’s wealth is his fortress, While poverty brings ruin to the poor.16The deeds of the righteous bring life, While the fruit of the irreverent brings sin.17Following instructions leads you to life; For, without instructions, you’ll stray.18Righteous lips cover your hatred; But, those who shout insults are fools.19A sin can’t be covered with many words; So it’s wise for your lips to say little.20A righteous tongue is like refined silver, But the hearts of the irreverent are worthless.21The lips of the righteous speak of high things, While fools die for the lack of understanding.22Jehovah blesses the heads of the righteous… He enriches and brings no distress to their hearts.23The fool will laugh when he’s doing what’s bad; But, wisdom makes a man act much smarter.24By destruction, the impious are carried away, While the righteous will receive the things that they crave.25A blast will come to destroy the impious; But the righteous will turn and escape in that age.26As green grapes are bad for your teeth, And smoke is bad for your eyes; So are lawless ways to those who are harmed.27The fear of Jehovah adds days to your life, While the lives of the irreverent are shortened by years.28Happiness stays with the righteous, While the irreverent one’s hopes are destroyed.29Jehovah’s a fort of those who show mercy, But a ruin to those who are doing what’s bad.30The righteous will live throughout the ages; But the impious won’t live long in the land.31From the mouths of the righteous, drips wisdom, While unrighteous tongues lead to ruin.32From the lips of the righteous comes loving care; But rejection comes from the mouths of the godless.


    1Dishonest scales are disgusting to [God]… Fair weights are what He approves.2Those who shout insults show their dishonor, While the mouths of the humble speak wisely.3The righteous leave no regrets when they die; But, the irreverent are ridiculed when they’re gone.4The perfection of the righteous will guide them, While the Godless are plundered by failure… In the day of [God’s] rage, their possessions will fail, As the righteous are rescued from death.5Holiness keeps the righteous on their straight paths; But by their godless ways, the unrighteous fail.6The right ways of the good is what saves them; But the thoughtless ways of lawbreakers Is the thing that leads them to jail.7When a righteous man comes to his end, The things that he’s hoped for are never destroyed. But the boastful ways of the godless Will soon bring about their destruction.8When the righteous are saved from a trap, The irreverent thereafter fall in it.9The mouths of the irreverent are snares to their friends; But the mouths of the righteous bring blessings.10By the good of the righteous, a city is born, And the destruction of the irreverent brings it joy.11By the praises of the upright, a city is raised; But the mouths of the impious tear it back down.12A senseless man sneers at his comrades; But, an intelligent man leads them to rest.13A double-tongued man reveals other’s plans, While the trustworthy keep matters hidden.14Those with no guidance will fall like the leaves; But, salvation is found [by seeking] advice.15The wicked act badly among righteous men, And the sounds of their safety, they hate.16A praiseworthy woman brings glory to her man, But those hating what’s right, bring dishonor.The lazy will never be wealthy, While those who work hard will be rich.17A merciful man brings good to his soul, While the merciless bring themselves ruin.18The impious receive what’s wrong as their wage, While the offspring of the righteous is their reward.19A righteous son will gain life, While an irreverent son will bring his own death.20Twisted ways are disgusting to [God]… He just approves of those who walk in straight paths.21Those who lay hands on another for bad reasons Won’t go unpunished for their evil ways. But, those who are fair are assured a reward.22As a gold ring in the snout of a pig Is a pretty woman with evil desires.23The righteous will receive what’s good, While the hopes of the godless will perish.24There are those who’ll plant seeds and reap more… But, there are some that will also reap less.25A generous man will be blest… For, those who water will be watered.26A man who hoards grain will leave it to [others], While the heads of those who share it are blest.27Those planning to do good, seek its blessings; But, those who plan to do evil, Will be captured by those who do what’s good.28Those who trust in their wealth won’t succeed; But, those who help the righteous will last.29The man who doesn’t love those in his own home Will just inherit the wind… To the intelligent, he’ll be just a fool and a slave.30From the tree of life, the righteous [gather] fruit, While the souls of the lawless are lost.31If the righteous will be saved [by the skin of their teeth]; What hope is there for the impious and sinners?


    1Those who love to be taught, love understanding, While those hating correction are fools.2Those who find the favor of [God] Are the ones who’ll receive what’s best, While the lawless just get condemnation.3Those who break laws won’t endure; While the righteous won’t be uprooted.4A virtuous woman is a crown to her man; But, one who’s bad will eat him away Like a worm that’s boring through wood.5True judgments are the ways of the righteous, And treacherous are the ways of the godless.6The impious lie in wait to shed blood, While righteous mouths offer protection.7When the irreverent lose, they just pass away, While the homes of the righteous remain.8The mouths of the discerning are praised by all men, While those with dull hearts are just sneered at.9It’s best for the dishonored to be servants Than be too proud and go without bread.10The righteous are concerned for the lives of their cattle, While the impious feel no compassion or mercy.11Those who work their ground will eat bread, While those who chase vain things go hungry.There are those who drink wine as their pastime… But they leave their honor behind.12The desires of the impious are evil; But the roots of those who show deep respect Will become strongly entrenched.13By the sins of his lips, a sinner is snared, While the righteous will flee from such things.14From the fruits of his mouth, a man’s soul receives good… He’ll be repaid for the things his lips say.15Fools will follow in their own ways, While the wise will follow advice.16A fool bares his rage before all, But the wise will hide his dishonor.17The righteous put trust in telling the truth; But an unrighteous witness will lie.18There are some that speak as though stabbing with swords, While the tongues of the wise send healing.19Lips that are straight will speak what’s true, While unrighteous lips are too hasty.20Those planning to do bad have treachery in their hearts, While those planning peace will find joy.21Injustice displeases the righteous, While the godless [find pleasure] in all that’s bad.22Lying lips are disgusting to [God]… He only accepts those whose lips He can trust.23The wise don’t show all the things that they know; But the hearts of fools blurt their folly.24Hands that are honest, easily win, While the hands of the deceitful are plundered.25Frightful words disturb hearts of men, But a message that’s good brings them joy.26A friend is one who suggests what’s right. But, sinners support evil and impious ways.27A deceitful man won’t get what he wants, While those with pure hearts will be wealthy.28The ways of the righteous lead them to life… From death, it turns them away.


    1A wise son does as his father directs, While those who won’t listen will meet with destruction.2From the fruit of righteous lips, good people will eat, As the lives of the lawless are all wiped away.3Those who keep watch on the things that they say Are also keeping watch on their lives; While those who let their lips go Are turning their lives into failure.4While idle men think of the things that they want, Hardworking hands bring results.5The righteous hate words that aren’t true, While the lies of the wicked bring themselves shame.6Righteousness guards the ways of the honest, While the irreverent are led into sin.7There are those who seek wealth and get nothing; And there are those who put themselves low that get rich.8A man’s wealth may be used to ransom his life, While the poor have nothing to fear.9The righteous will always have light, While the light of the irreverent is extinguished.10Those practicing evil, [shout] insults, While the wise argue just with themselves.11Things gained in haste by the lawless Will soon lose all of their value, As things that are gathered by the righteous Will keep on growing in worth.12Those who plan in their hearts to help others Are better than those who just promise And raise [false] hopes in [the poor].A tree of life is the will to do good; 13But those who hate to do what’s right Will be hated for that very same reason.Those who deceive will get nothing good, While the wise ways of a servant will prosper.14The Law is a well of life to the wise, Which turns them away from death’s snares.15Understanding what’s good, brings [God’s] favor… Knowing and considering [His] Law, is what’s good. But the roads of all those who hate it Are the paths that lead to destruction.16A wise man acts on the things he’s learned, While the fool continues in his evil ways.17A hasty king will find trouble… But wise counselors can save him from this.18Poverty and dishonor are removed by instruction, And those following correction, will be blest.19The irreverent desire whatever delights them. But, ignorance is all they accomplish.20Those who travel with the wise will be wise, While those traveling with fools will also be fools.21Sinners will do evil things. While the righteous will do what’s good.22A good man will inherit the sons of his sons, And the wealth of the impious is reserved for the righteous.23The righteous will spend many years with their wealth, While the wicked will suddenly perish.24Those who don’t spank them, dislike their sons, While those who love them give careful correction.25The righteous will eat and make their lives full, As the lives of the godless go lacking.


    1A woman who’s wise will strengthen her home; But the foolish rips theirs down with their own hands.2Those on straight paths fear Jehovah, While those on crooked paths [truly] hate Him.3From the mouth of a fool comes an insult, While the lips of the wise hold it back.4Where there are no cattle, the stables are clean; But the strength of the ox is apparent In barns that are prospering well.5A trustworthy witness won’t lie; But a lying witness will commit other sins.6The bad who seek wisdom, won’t find it; But, to the discerning, it comes easily.7Whatever the foolish say will be wrong; But wise lips are the weapons of those with good sense.8From their wisdom, the wise get direction, While fools are misled by their own thoughtless ways.9The homes of the lawless need cleaning, While the homes of the righteous are worthy of praise.10A man whose heart is easily hurt Will always be in distress. But, insults won’t bother a heart filled with joy.11The homes of the impious will meet with destruction, While the tents of the upright will last.12There are ways that may seem straight to a man, But they end in the depths of the grave.13Bold hearts are always filled with their ways, While a good man is filled with his thoughts.15A gullible man believes every word, While the wise will think it all through.16In fear, a wise man will turn from what’s bad, While a fool gives in and breaks laws.17A man prone to rage will act without thought, While the wise will endure many things.18A fool will share in doing what’s bad, While the wise will maintain their good sense.19Evil men slip in among those who are good, And the irreverent watch the doors of the righteous.20Friends dislike friends that are poor, While many are the friends of the rich.21Those who dishonor the needy are sinners, While those who show mercy are blest.22Those who stray, contrive evil schemes, While the good contrive mercy and truth.The bad have no mercy or faith, While the good are generous and trusting.23For those who care, there’s more than enough, While those who seek pleasure are lacking.24The crown of the wise is their wealth; But, evil is the pastime of fools.25A trustworthy witness snatches lives from the evil, While a deceitful man will just lie.26Those who trust in the strength of Jehovah, Will leave an inheritance for their children.27The rules of Jehovah are life-giving springs That lead men away from death’s snares.28A prosperous nation brings glory to its king; But a nation in want brings him ruin.29An intelligent man forgives freely; But a faint-hearted man [holds a grudge].30A practical man is a healer of hearts; But a sensitive man is a moth to the bones.31The man who’s extorting the needy Is provoking the One by whom he was made; But, those whom He holds in esteem Are the ones who show mercy to the poor.32For their evil, the irreverent will be shunned, While the righteous will be looked on as holy.33In the heart of a good man, rests wisdom, Which can’t be found in the heart of a fool.34Justice will build up a nation; But, sinners will bring its decline.35Wise counselors are [a joy to] the king, For they can remove his dishonor In very ingenious ways.


    1Even the smart are destroyed by their rage; For harsh words will make others angry, While an answer that’s mild turns back rage.2Tongues of the wise bring forth knowledge; But the mouths of fools just speak evil.3The eyes of Jehovah see all… He watches both the good and the bad.4A tree of life, is the tongue that brings healing… Those who have it are filled with [God’s] Breath.5A fool will sneer at his father’s instructions, While the wise will do what he says.Where there’s justice, [a nation] is strong, For the irreverent will be rooted out of their land.6There’s strength in the homes of the righteous, While the fruits of the impious bring them ruin.7The lips of the wise are bound by good sense; But, the hearts of fools can’t be trusted.8Sacrifices of the irreverent are disgusting to God… He accepts just the vows of those who walk straight.9The ways of the irreverent are disgusting to God; But He loves those who do what’s righteous.10Those who heed the instructions of the guileless Will be the ones who follow straight paths.Those who dislike correction Will come to their end in disgrace.11Of destruction and the grave, God has warned us; So, why isn’t this in the hearts of all men?12The ignorant hate those who correct them, And they don’t wish to stay near the wise.13A happy heart makes a face shine; But a heart in distress makes it downcast.14An upright heart will seek understanding; But an ignorant heart knows just evil.15Evil eyes enjoy seeing what’s evil, While the [eyes] of the good [search for] peace.16It’s better to have little and the fear of Jehovah, Than to have great treasures and no fear of God.17It’s better to eat vegetables in a place where there’s love, Than to dine on calves where there’s hatred.18An outraged man is ready to fight; But, with an apology, he can be soothed.A forgiving man prevents lawsuits, While the irreverent would rather create them.19The roads of the lazy lead into thorns, As the industrious travel on busy highways.20A wise son brings joy to his father; But a foolish son sneers at his mother.21The paths of the unthinking don’t make any sense; But the ways of the wise lead them in a straight line.22From the hearts of advisors, there’s much to be [learned]; 23But a man who’s bad won’t [take their advice], Nor will he learn from what’s useful. For to him, what’s good is mundane.24The thoughts of the discerning lead men to life, And they’ll turn a man back from the grave.25Jehovah tears down the homes of the proud, While He gives support to the widows.26The ways of the unrighteous are disgusting to God… He only respects the requests of the pure.27Those who takes bribes, bring themselves ruin, While those who hate them are saved.Mercy and faith wipe away sins, And the fear of Jehovah turns us from bad.28Faithful hearts think of what’s righteous, While irreverent mouths speak of what’s evil.The ways of the righteous are accepted by God… By them, even enemies become friends.29From the irreverent, God stays far away; But He hears the vows of the righteous.It’s better to be fair and gain little Than to gain many things through injustice.30An eye that sees good, brings joy to the heart, And good news puts fat on the bones.31Those who heed the corrections of life Will find themselves lodging with those who are wise.32Those who won’t listen to instruction, Really don’t care for themselves, While those who heed correction, love life.33The fear of Jehovah is instruction and wisdom… Heeding Him is the sum of all glory, And the humble will be led to this glory.


    1May the heart of a man consider what’s righteous, So that God can set their feet on straight paths.[LXX]2The deeds of the humble are apparent to God… But He’ll destroy the irreverent in His day.[LXX]3[no equivalent verse in LXX source][LXX]4[no equivalent verse in LXX source][LXX]5To God, proud hearts are unclean, And He will never forgive Those who lay their hands on another unjustly.6Goodness starts with doing what’s right… 7It’s better than offering sacrifices.8Those seeking Jehovah find knowledge and justice… Those who righteously seek Him, find peace.9A man’s heart is what sets his direction, But Jehovah sets the course for his feet.10Although a curse may be on the lips of a king, His mouth must not err in his judgments.11A scale that gives a true measure Is something that’s righteous with God… And His ways require honest weights.12The king is disgusted by those who are bad, For the sovereignty of his throne is based upon justice.13Righteous lips are what the king will accept… Your lord loves things that are straight.14The rage of a king is a messenger of death; But a man who’s wise can appease him.15The sons of a king are the light of his life, For to Him, those he loves are like gentle rain.16Sources of wisdom are better than gold, And understanding is worth more than silver.17The road [to long] life avoids what’s bad, And righteous ways lead to growing old.Those willing to learn are counted as good, And those accepting correction are thought of as wise.The man who keeps watch on his ways Is someone who’s protecting his soul So, those who love life will watch what [they say].18Insolent ways lead to destruction, And evil thoughts lead to a downfall.19It’s better to share a little with the meek Than to share great spoils with the haughty.20The discerning are inventors of good things, And those yielding to God find His blessings.21Although the vile may shout to the wise and discerning, Those with sweet words are the ones they’ll hear.22Understanding brings life to its seekers, While the instruction of fools brings bad results.23From their own mouths, the hearts of wise learn, And from their own lips, they’ll gain knowledge.24Sweet words are like combs filled with honey, For their sweetness brings healing to the soul.25There are ways that may seem straight to a man, But they end on the road to the grave.26A hardworking man works for himself, And this leads him from poverty, As the rest wear failure over their mouths.27The foolish search for what’s evil, And to their own lips, they bring fire.28A man who’s crooked spreads evil… With treachery, he lights many fires, And in this, he drives friends apart.29A lawbreaking man puts his friends to the test, And he leads them into corruption. 30for his eyes are fixed as he plans to do wrong, And he confirms what’s bad with his lips… Such a man is a furnace of evil.31Old age is a crown of which one can boast When it’s found among those who are righteous.32It’s better to be forgiving than strong, And smartness is better than owning much land. But, better than taking a city, Is the ability to keep your temper in check.33Unrighteous lips will bring what’s bad; While all that’s good comes from [God].


    1A scrap of food that’s eaten in peace Is better than a house of feasting with fights.2Over foolish masters, a smart slave will win, And he’ll divide what he takes with his brothers.3As silver and gold are refined in a furnace, Is how Jehovah tries hearts.4A bad man obeys what lawbreakers say, And the unrighteous will heed lying lips.5Those who make fun of the poor Provoke the One by whom they were made.Those who rejoice at the downfall of others Won’t [find their sins overlooked]; For, mercy comes to those who show that they care.6The crown of old age is grandchildren, And fathers will boast of their sons.The arrangements of [God] can be trusted; But the faithless won’t know how [He] did it.7Trustworthy lips aren’t enough for a fool, Nor will lying lips pleasure the righteous.8Instruction pays well to those who’ll learn, And all who use it, will prosper.9Those covering offenses are looking for love; But the unforgiving leave family and friends.10Intimidation breaks the heart of someone who’s wise; But a fool who’s whipped never learns.11All evil men like to argue; But against them, Jehovah sends merciless angels.12An intelligent man will be anxious [for right]; But, about evil things, fools will argue.13The one who repays good things with bad, Will never see evil removed from his home.14When a ruler supports righteous words, There are fewer fights and divisions.15When the righteous must judge the unjust, They’ll find them unclean and disgusting.16Value means nothing to fools; For, in their hearts, there’s no wisdom.As those who are building tall houses Make plans for something that will fall… Evil plans bring the downfall of the crooked.17Use your time to gain friends; For in bad days, they’ll be your brothers… It’s for such favor that they’ve been born!18A foolish man claps and shakes hands, Then he [co-signs] a loan for a friend.19Those fond of sinning bring strife, And those with hard hearts bring nothing good.20A tongue that twists words will bring evil, And the heart of a fool brings grief to himself.21A father won’t be proud of an ignorant son… But, smart ones bring joy to their mothers.22While a joyful heart brings good health; A worried heart dries a man’s bones.23The unrighteous want gifts to be dropped in their laps So that they can pervert true justice.24Faces of the discerning look wise; But the eyes of the foolish look distant.25A foolish son angers his father And brings grief to the [mother] that bore him.26It’s wrong to penalize the righteous And unholy to plot against a just king.27Those holding back harsh words show insight, And a man who concedes shows his wisdom.28When an unthinking man asks a question, He’s often thought of as wise; And when he refuses to argue, He’ll be thought of as a person who’s smarter.


    1Those making excuses are rejected by friends, And they’ll always be spoken of poorly.2Those lacking good sense have no use for wisdom; For, by what’s foolish, they wish to be led.3When the irreverent reach the depths of their evil, They don’t notice that they’re scorned and dishonored.4A word that touches the heart Is like very deep water… Like a river or a life-giving spring.5It’s evil to favor the wicked, And unholy to deny justice to the righteous.6A fool’s lips will lead him towards bad, And the boldness of his mouth beckons his death.7The mouth of a fool will destroy him, For his lips are snares to his own soul.8The lazy are easily frightened, And timid souls will go hungry.9A man who won’t work for himself Is a brother to the one who brings himself ruin.10In the Name of the Lord there’s power… It’s where the righteous can turn for their strength.11The wealth of the rich is a fortified town, And its glory casts a long shadow.12Before his ruin, a man’s heart is proud, And just before glory, it’s humbled.13When a man replies before hearing, It’s foolish and it brings him much scorn.14A man can endure a [long] illness; But, who can endure a spirit that’s worried?15The hearts of the smart gain perception And the ears of the wise search for insight.16When a man brings a gift, he makes friends, And he will sit beside rulers.17Before speaking, the righteous examine themselves; For they know that they’ll be reproved By those who don’t agree.18Choosing by lottery ends a dispute And it defines the boundaries of rulers.19A brother who’s helped by his brothers Is like a high city with fortified walls, And a castle that’s well-built and strong.20From the fruits of his mouth, a man’s belly is filled… From the fruits of his lips, he will get what he needs.21The handle of the tongue carries both life and death, And those who fail to restrain it Will end up eating its fruitage.22The man who’s found a good woman Has done himself a great favor… Joy from Jehovah is what he’s received.The man who sends a good woman away Doesn’t recognize things that have value; But the one who keeps an adulteress Is a foolish and irreverent man.23Although those in need make many requests, The rich will respond very harshly.24A man should seek many friendships, For some friends will stick closer than brothers.


    1[not present in LXX sources]2[not present in LXX sources]3Doing what’s foolish lays waste to men’s ways; But in their hearts, they’ll blame it on God.4Wealth will bring many friends; But, friends will be few when you’re poor.5A lying witness won’t go unpunished, And a false accuser will never escape.6Many will seek the king’s favor, And all that bring gifts are his friends.7Those who hate a brother who’s poor Will never be good at making friends.Insight is good for all those who seek it, And an intelligent man will soon find it.The evil are good at doing what’s bad, And those who aggravate won’t be saved.8Those [willing to learn], love themselves; For those seeking what’s wise will find what’s good.9A lying witness won’t go unpunished, And those bringing evil will perish by it.10Luxury is no advantage to the fool; And it’s wrong for a servant who’s been given some power To use it in ways that are haughty.11A merciful man is forgiving, And he triumphs over those who’ve sinned against him.12Intimidation from a king is like a lion’s [roar]; But, bringing him joy is like dew on the grass.13A foolish son will bring shame to his father.Impure, are all of the vows That are paid with the wage of a whore.14Although fathers may leave us homes and possessions, A sensible wife comes from [God].15Worry holds back a cowardly man, And the lives of the idle go hungry.16Those keeping the Commandments are protecting their souls, While those hating its ways will soon perish.17God lends to those showing mercy to the poor, And He repays them according to the gifts that they give.18Although correction builds confidence in sons, You can’t make them better with insults.19An evil-minded man will be punished; And if he [kills], he must pay with his life.20Listen, O son, to the words of your father, So that in your last days, you’ll be wise.21There are many choices in a man’s heart; But counsel from God lasts throughout ages.22Charity is what’s desired of a man; And it’s better to be righteous and poor Than to be rich and a liar.23The fear of Jehovah brings life to a man; But, those who have no such fear Will lodge where no knowledge is found.24The unrighteous hide their hands behind folded arms, So they can’t bring [what’s good] to their mouths.25When you whip a foolish man for his mischief, It’ll make all simple men wiser; But an intelligent man will understand more, And he will make the needed corrections.26Those who show their fathers disrespect And push their mothers away, Will always be reviled and disgraced.27Sons that disobey their father’s instructions Will focus on the evil that they hear.28The man who [co-signs] a loan Is the same as a child that’s foolish.The mouths of the irreverent will swallow All those who show disrespect for the Law.29Whips are prepared for all those Who fail to watch what they say, And for the backs of the foolish.


    [Editor note: In the oldest Greek Septuagint manuscripts, verses 14-22 are missing. Of those, verses 20-22 do appear in very similar wording, but elsewhere in the chapter – inside verse 9. Nobody knows why that happened, and we don’t know what the original order was, however most scholars believe the words in verses 14-22 are genuine and original. Therefore, we show them here from the Greek manuscripts that include them.] 1Wine and strong drink can make you drunk, And fools will get involved in such things.2The intimidation of a king is like a lion’s rage, And those who dare to provoke him Are sinning against their own lives.3It’s glory for a man to avoid shouting insults; But a fool stays involved in such matters.4If you scold the lazy, he’ll never be shamed… He even borrows grain in the harvest.5Instruction is deep water within a man’s heart From which the intelligent can draw.6A respected man has much value, And a merciful man isn’t easily found… But it’s harder to find one who’s faithful.7Those who offer true justice Will leave many blessings for their children.8When a just king sits on a throne, He won’t abide evil in his presence.9Who can boast that he has a pure heart, And openly say that he’s clean from all sins?The man who speaks badly to his father or mother Will find that his torch is extinguished, And the pupils of his eyes will see darkness.Whenever a thing is easily gained, In the end, it’ll have little value.Don’t ever say you’ll get even… Just wait on Jehovah to help you.10An untrue weight, whether large or small, Is something unclean to Jehovah… So, both the weights and their makers Will be bound hand and foot for using such things.11A young man who’s [a friend] to the holy Will surely find his ways straight.12Ears can hear and the eyes see; For they’re both the works of Jehovah.13Don’t love too much sleep, So that you don’t end up as poor; Rather, open your eyes and be filled with bread![Editor note: The following verses are missing from the earliest Septuagint manuscripts.]14The barterer says, ‘It’s bad, it’s bad!’ But, after he [buys it], he’ll boast.15There [are treasures] of gold and of precious gems; But understanding lips have more value.16If you should offer all of your clothes As security for the loan of a stranger; May that stranger thereafter reclaim them.17The bread of deceit may seem good to a man; But he’ll find his mouth filled up with gravel.18Make plans with discussion, counsel, and guidance, Before you go to fight battles.19Double-tongued is the man who reveals someone’s plan When he’s speaking to others; For his lips shouldn’t speak of things that aren’t his.[Editor note: The above verses are missing from the earliest Septuagint manuscripts.]20[appears in verse 9]21[appears in verse 9]22[appears in verse 9]23Two different weights are disgusting to [God], And a balance that’s off is evil to Him.24A man’s steps must be set straight by [God]; For, how can mortals know the right ways to go?25It’s a snare to offer something as holy too quickly; For, after you vow, you might change your mind.26A wise king rejects those who don’t show respect, And he’ll have them put on the wheel.27The spirit of men is a light to Jehovah, Which He uses to see what’s inside them.28Mercy and truth safeguard a king; For, to his throne, they’ll bring justice.29The glory of young men is their strength, And the glory of old age is gray hair.30The bad will have bruises and broken [bones], And illness will come to their bellies.


    1The heart of a king is like waves [of the sea] When it’s in the hand of our God. For, wherever He wishes, He nods, And that’s the way he will go.2All men like to think themselves righteous; But, Jehovah’s the One who weighs all their hearts.3Telling the truth and doing what’s right Is more pleasing to God than a blood sacrifice.4A high-minded man is insolent and bold, And the torch of the impious is sin.5The thoughts of hard-workers are of [gaining much] more; But, those who’re too hasty will end up with less.6Those who seek treasures by lying Are really pursuing in vain; For, in death’s snares, they’ll be caught.7The ruin of the irreverent is welcomed as a guest By those who prefer righteous ways.8To the crooked, God sends what’s crooked; For His ways are all straight and pure.9It’s better to live on the corner of a roof Than in a house whitewashed with injustice, Or to live in one that’s unclean.10Since the godless prefer to do what’s bad, They’ll never see mercy from others.11When you discipline men for their lack of restraint, You make the guileless more clever; For, by his insight, the wise man will learn.12Impious hearts are examined by the righteous Who treat their evil ways with contempt.13Those who close their ears to the weak Will call out and no one will listen.14A gift that’s given in private Will soothe [a person who’s angry]; But, where there’s no gift, the rage may remain.15The pure are joyful when the righteous get justice; But this terrifies those who do evil.16A person who travels in righteous ways, Will rest among gatherings of great ones.17A man who loves pleasure won’t end up with much; And those fond of wine and [olive] oil Will never [find themselves] wealthy.18To the righteous, the wicked are trash… And that’s also how they view the Law-breakers.19It’s better to live in the desert Than with a wife who argues and fights, Or with one who’s prone to be angry.20Treasure rests in the mouths of the wise, For the foolish just swallow theirs down.21Those who seek charity and justice, Will also find glory and life.22A wise man can attack a fortified city, And he can demolish the forts In which the irreverent put trust.23Those who keep watch on their mouths and their tongues Are saving their souls from the problems they cause.24A bold, self-willed, and presumptuous man, Is one who’s considered a plague; For, all resent those who live without law.25Lazy desires bring death to a man, For his hands will choose to do nothing.26The irreverent just want to do evil, While the righteous show pity and mercy.27The sacrifices that the irreverent bring Are viewed as disgusting by [God]; For, whatever they bring is not by the Law.28Since a witness that lies deserves death; A [wise man] will watch what he says.29The irreverent impudently stand in the front, But the upright know what they’re planning.30The godless have no wisdom or courage, And the advice that they offer is bad.31Although a horse is prepared for the day of the war, Help really comes from Jehovah.


    1A good name is better than wealth, And good favor is better than silver and gold.2The rich and the poor should meet with each other; For, both were made by Jehovah.3When a clever man sees the bad being punished, He makes corrections in himself… But this escapes the fools that pass by.4The fear of Jehovah is the father of wisdom… Its rewards are wealth, glory, and life.5Thistles and snares line ways of the crooked; But those guarding their souls will avoid them.6Raise your child [in good] ways, And when he grows old, he won’t leave them.7The rich are in control of the poor… They’re the masters of all those who borrow.Those planting evil will harvest what’s bad… Calamity is what they’ll reap From all the bad things that they sow.8God loves those who are cheerful givers, And overlooks the foolish things that they do.9Those who show mercy to the poor Will eat the same bread that they give them.Gift-givers buy victory and honor, While those who withhold them may lose their lives.10If you keep mischief-makers out of your group, Their unpleasantness also goes with them. For, you’re dishonored when they sit in your midst.11Jehovah loves hearts that are holy… Those with pure ways, He accepts.12The eyes of Jehovah keep guard on good sense, And He treats lawbreakers as [refuse].13The lazy make many excuses… They say, ‘There’s a lion out in the street; So, I could be killed in the square.’14The mouths of the lawless are cesspools, Into which those whom God hates will fall.15Foolish ways delight the hearts of the young; But instruction and spankings will drive them away.16Those who swindle the needy, Upon themselves, bring what’s evil… And they’ll give all they’ve gained to the wealthy.17Lean your ears towards these wise words from my mouth… Pay attention to the things that I’m saying. Yes, prepare your heart to fully comprehend; 18For, what I’m saying is good! If you’ll store it all deep in your heart, You’ll see that it’ll bring joy to your lips.19Put your hope in Jehovah, And He will show you His ways. 20Write them down three times for yourself, For your own instruction and knowledge.21I’m teaching you words that are true; So, listen closely and learn. Then, you can reply with words that are true, When people are asking you questions.22Don’t push away the needy and poor, And don’t dishonor the weak at your gates. 23Since it’s Jehovah who argues their cause, You’ll save your soul from reprisal.24Don’t be a friend to a man prone to rage, And don’t lodge men prone to anger, 25So that you don’t learn from their ways, And bring a noose to your life.26Don’t shame your face by ensuring a loan; For, if [your friend] can’t repay it, They’ll take the bed that’s under your back.28Never move the markers of the ages, Which were set in place by your fathers.29An observant man who’s sharp in his ways Will also stand beside kings… He won’t stand beside the dull witted.


    1If you’re invited to dine with a ruler, Pay attention to all that’s around you. 2Especially pay attention to your hands… Have them prepared at such [times]. And although you may be very hungry, 3Don’t be too fond of his meal, For that won’t save your life.4And should you find yourself in great need, Don’t reach out to the wealthy… Use insight and stay at a distance. 5For, although you keep watch, they won’t appear, Since they have the wings of an eagle, Or they can stay in their homes.6Don’t dine with a man prone to envy, Nor should you desire his food… 7Eat and drink like you’re swallowing hair. And don’t bring him into your house for a meal; 8For, he will just vomit it out And lay waste to the things you’ve prepared.9Don’t speak into the ears of a fool, So he doesn’t sneer at your wisdom.10Don’t move the markers of the ages, And never take an orphan’s possessions, Since their ransom is paid by Jehovah… 11He’s mighty and He’ll argue their case.12Open your hearts to great learning, And prepare your ears for sensible words!13Don’t avoid correcting the young… For, if you spank him, no way will he die. 14And if you give him a spanking; From death, you may rescue his soul.15Son,If you teach yourself to be wise, You’ll bring much joy to my heart. 16And if [what you say] should prove to be straight, We’ll spend time sharing the words from our lips.17Don’t let your heart be jealous of sinners… Fear Jehovah all day! 18For, if you choose to take this advice, You’ll have many descendants, And you’ll get all that you’ve hoped for.19Hear me O son and be wise… Straighten the thoughts in your heart! 20Don’t be a person who drinks too much wine, Or reclines with the meat in the markets! 21For, whoremongers and drunks will be poor… The nightgowns they wear will be ragged and torn.22O son, pay attention to your father, And don’t disrespect your old mother. 23With all you have, [search for] the truth… And don’t reject wisdom, instruction, or knowledge!24A righteous father is one who provides, And a son who’s wise brings joy to his soul. 25So, please bring joy to your father and mother… May the one who bore you, rejoice!26Lend me your heart and your eyes… O son, pay attention to my words! 27The house of a [whore] is a keg with a hole… It’s a well that’s narrow and strange, 28And all [who enter] will perish! For, those who break laws are destroyed.29Who is the one who has problems and woes… For whom are there many disputes… For whom is there intrigue and rancor… Who is destroyed for no reason… And who’s the one with dark eyes? 30It’s those who linger with wine, And those who go looking for parties! So, don’t be a man who drinks too much wine, Or hangs out with [the unrighteous]… Don’t go around [with those who are bad]! 31For, if you search for [the contents of] cups, You’ll end up as bare as a pestle… 32Stretched out like one who’s been struck by a snake, Or one poisoned by the bite of horned vipers.33When your eyes behold a strange woman, And your mouth starts to speak perverse things; 34For if you lie with her, you’ll then be Like one who’s fallen in the depths of the sea… As a sailor who’s been covered by waves!35You’ll say:‘They beat me, but I felt no pain; They mocked me, but I didn’t know it. How long will it be ‘til it’s dawn So I can go back and do it again?’


    1Son,Never be jealous of evil men, Or desire to go along with them. 2For their hearts just think about lies, And misery is found in their lips.3Wisdom has built a house for himself, And it was erected with skill. 4Its storerooms are filled with good sense… Things of value, goodness, and wealth.5Gaining wisdom is better than gaining strength, And being smart is better than owning much land.6Seek guidance before going to war; For from the hearts of advisors, comes aid.7Wisdom and insight are good, And they’re found in the gates of the wise.The wise won’t turn from the Laws of Jehovah, 8And they consider His things in their meetings. Those who fail to learn this will die, 9Since the fool will fail because of his sins.With what’s dirty, don’t get involved; 10For when a day of trouble arrives, You’ll see how such things have worked out.11Rescue those being led to their deaths, And ransom those about to be slain! 12Don’t say that you never knew them, For the Lord knows what’s in the hearts of all men, Since He’s the One who put breath in them all. So, He’s aware of all that we do, And He pays us back for the [sins] we commit.13Son,To eat honey from the comb is delightful; For into your throat, this brings sweetness… 14And that’s how wisdom should be in your life; For, if you find it, your death will be good, And your hopes won’t be abandoned.15Never lead the irreverent into the field Of any man who’s righteous, Or join with them in deception. 16For, even though the righteous may fall seven times, They’ll also stand up again, While the irreverent will be plagued for their badness.17Don’t rejoice if your enemy falls, And after his fall, he can’t rise. 18For, Jehovah will see this and He will be displeased, Then He will send His rage upon you.19And don’t rejoice over those doing evil, Or ever be jealous of sinners! 20For the lives of the wicked will come to an end, And the torch of the irreverent will be extinguished.21Fear God, O son, as well as the king… Never resist their persuasion! 22For they both can bring sudden death Upon those who show no respect. So, who can know how they’ll punish?23I’m saying this to the wise and to you: If you’re in awe of a person you’re judging, That’s a poor way to start out a trial. 24For a man who declares the irreverent just Will be cursed among all his people And detested within every nation. 25But, those who reprove will look better, And upon such one will come praise 26Lips will kiss his righteous decisions.27Now, prepare to stop what you’re doing, And let’s go out to work in your field… Then, follow me, and we’ll work on your house!28Don’t ever be a witness that lies, And don’t be too quick to open your lips. 29Don’t say, ‘I’ll do what he did to me… I’ll get even with the one who’s wronged me!’30A foolish man is much like a farm, And one lacking good sense, like a vineyard. 31For, if you just leave them alone, They each will become overgrown… Their stone walls will fail and fall down.32I once decided to change… I planned to just [sit back] and learn. 33Then I started to doze and fell fast asleep With my hands folded over my chest. 34And if you allow this to happen to you, Poorness will soon overtake you, And lack will pass you like a sprinter.


    1These are the [proverbs] of Solomon that were recorded by friends of HezekiAh, the king of Judah. 2God’s glory covers a matter; But, kings view all things as important.3As the heavens are high over the earth… So is the heart of a king.4Beating out unrefined silver Is one way to make it more [pure].5Slay the impious surrounding the king, And you’ll make his throne one of justice.6Don’t boast when you’re standing in front of the king, Nor do it in gatherings of the mighty.7It’s better if [a king] says, ‘You may approach,’ Than to be humbled in the presence of the mighty.Tell the king only those things That you’ve seen with your eyes.8Don’t be too quick to start fights; Or in the end, you’ll wish you had not.Whenever a friend wants to scold you, 9Don’t pull away or get angry. 10For, if his scolding makes you hate him, It’s the same as bringing his death. Since favor and friendships bring freedom, Pay close attention to the things that you do, And give him no reasons to scold you… Don’t do things that cause trouble!11As a gold apple in a pendant of rubies Is the value of words that are wise. 12And as a gold earring with a setting of [gems] Are wise words to ears that will listen.13A trustworthy messenger is like falling snow In the heat of the harvest; For he benefits the lives of all whom he tells.14As winds, clouds, and rain are apparent; So is the man who chooses to boast Of gifts that he didn’t give.15Patience before a king brings success, And a mild reply will break bones.16When you find honey, just eat what’s enough, Lest you should get filled and vomit it out.17Be sparing in the ways that you [visit] your friends So they don’t get tired and start to detest you.18The same as clubs, swords, and arrows, Is the person who slanders a friend.19For their evil, the lawless will die In the bad days that are [coming].20As vinegar on a [cut] will bring [pain] Is a heart in distress to its body. Like a moth in [wool] clothes and as worms inside wood Is how worry [will eat] a man’s heart.21If your enemy is hungry, you should feed him, And if he’s thirsty, you should give him a drink! 22By this, you’ll pile burning coals on his head, And Jehovah will repay you for the good things you did.23As a wind from the north will bring clouds… An impudent tongue will cause aggravation.24It’s better to live on the corner of a roof Than with a woman who likes to complain.25As cold water is enjoyed by the thirsty; So is good news that comes from afar.26As unbecoming as plugging a spring, Which results in wasting the water, Is the fall of someone who’s righteous Before those whose ways are impious.27As eating too much honey isn’t good; Kind words can also give too much praise.28As a city without walls and protection Is the person who won’t take advice.


    1As snow in the summer and rain in the harvest; It’s wrong for a fool to be honored.2As sparrows and other winged creatures May spread [their wings, but not] fly; An undeserved curse won’t happen.3Like a whip to a horse or a spur to a mule; A nation of the lawless must be beaten.4Don’t answer a fool in his same foolish way So you’re not thought of being just like him. 5Rather, reply to show how he’s foolish, So he doesn’t think himself wise.6The man who sends a foolish report Heaps scorn upon all his ways.7Remove from fools their reasons [to speak], And take their proverbs out of their mouths. 8For, as a man who ties a stone to a sling, Is the person who gives glory to a fool.9As thorns will grow in the hands of a drunk; Slavery grows in the hands of a fool.10As a bad storm may cause damage; The flesh of fools will meet with destruction Over things in which they find pleasure.11As a dog returns to its vomit; A fool will return to the evil he’s done And commit same sins again.12I’ve seen men who thought themselves wise, Yet, they were no better than fools.13When you send out the lazy, they’ll say: ‘There are lions in the roads and murderers in the squares.’14The lazy one rolls in his bed Like a door that’s swinging on hinges.15When the lazy one hides his hands in [his robe], He’s unable to bring them up to his mouth.16The lazy one thinks himself wiser When something he says appears to be true.17As one who grabs hold of the tail of a dog Is the man who joins in a quarrel not his.18As doctors also need healing; Those who give council will stumble.19When a man is caught stealing from friends, He’ll claim that it was a joke.20Where there’s plenty of wood, a fire will grow; But, when there’s no reason to disagree, There’s also no reason to fight.21As a grate filled with coals or wood on a fire; A man who shouts insults is seeking a fight.22The words of those who are bad may sound soft; But they beat the insides of the bowels.23Silver that you get from treacherous deeds Is the same as a fine pot that’s cracked.Comforting [words] will bring rest To hearts that are deeply distressed.24An enemy who cries will always agree, As he makes wicked plans in his heart.25When an enemy is calling to you, Don’t pay him any attention; For, there are 7 kinds of evil in his heart.26Treacherous are those who hide hatred; But in a court, their sins are revealed.27The man who digs a pit for his neighbor Will be the one who falls in it; And the one who’s rolling a boulder Will roll it back on himself.28A lying tongue hates the truth, And an open mouth can bring problems.


    1Don’t boast of the things that you’ll do tomorrow; For, [no one] knows what tomorrow will bring.2Let your praises come from your friends (not from you)… Let them come from the lips of strangers (not yours).3Rocks and sand are heavy to bear; But the rage of a fool is greater than both.4Rage has no mercy and anger is sharp; But, before the zealous, no one can stand.5It’s better to offer correction Than to use many flattering words.6The wounds of a friend can be trusted More than an enemy’s kisses.7At honeycombs, the foolish will laugh; And to the starving, what’s bitter tastes sweet.8Like a bird that flies from its nest, Is the man who strays from his home.9Perfume, incense, and wine Can make the heart very happy; But, things that go wrong will shatter a soul.10Don’t leave a friend or a friend of your father, And in hard times, don’t go to the house of your brother. For a friend who’s near is much better Than a brother who lives far away.11Become wise, my son, and make my heart glad… Don’t shout hateful words!12When the clever see evil, they flee; But a fool passing by gets involved.13Take the clothes from the man who shouts insults And from one who destroys the goods of a stranger.14Shouting praises of a friend too early in the day Is the same as when you shout curses.15As a house leaking rain in the winter; A nagging wife drives a man from his home.16Since wind from the north blows so hard, It’s fittingly called the north wind.17As iron is sharpened by iron; A man can sharpen the face of a friend.18The man who’s planting a fig tree Is the one who’ll gather its fruit; And the man who guards [the life of] his master Is the one who’ll be held in esteem.19As faces aren’t like other faces; Men’s hearts are also quite different.20As the grave and destruction can never be filled; The eyes of men can’t be satisfied. But the [desires] of the eyes are disgusting to [God], As are the stupid that don’t mind their tongues.21As silver and gold are refined in a fire; A man is refined by correction.22You can dishonor a fool with a whip before crowds, But you can’t drive his foolishness from him.23Know the condition of the lives of your flock, And keep your herd in your heart.24A man’s might and strength won’t last throughout the agesThrough generations, he can’t retain them.25If you tend the greens that grow in your field, You’ll take their cuttings for food. And if you’ll gather hay from the hills, 26You’ll also have wool for your clothes. Therefore, hold your fields in high esteem, So you can own many lambs.27O son,All of these proverbs that I’ve spoken Will add many years to your life… And they’ll also bring life to your servants.


    1The godless will flee when they’re not being chased; But, as secure as lions, are the righteous.2From the sins of the irreverent come lawsuits; But a clever man can avoid them.3An energetic man who does evil things Can damage the poor like a storm.4Those leaving the Law will praise godless ways; But for those who love it, the Law is a wall.5The evil don’t understand fairness… But those seeking Jehovah know what it means.6It’s better to be poor and walking in truth Than to be rich and a liar.7A discerning son will follow the Law; But those driven by lust dishonor their parents.8Those who gain wealth from interest on loans Will [pay it] to those who are kind to the poor.9[God] hates the prayers of any man Who turns his ears from the Law.10Those who lead the righteous towards evil Will also fall into corruption. Then the honest will claim all their good things, And won’t let them enter among them again.11A rich man thinks himself wise; But, an intelligent poor man sees through him.12When the righteous triumph, there’s glory; But when the wicked succeed, men will hide.13Those who excuse their ungodly ways Won’t live to see prosperous times. But, those who admit and make the correction Will find themselves truly loved.14Blest is the man who worships in awe When those with hard hearts see only what’s bad.15Like a thirsty wolf or a lion that’s starved Is the king who rules a poor nation.16A king who doesn’t tax learns to extort; But those hating corruption will live a long life.17The man who stands good for a loan Is the same as a man blamed for murder; For, he will be sent into exile, Where he won’t find a safe place to hide.18The one who travels right ways will be helped, While those walking crooked paths will get tangled.19The man who works his land will eat bread; But, the lazy will always be poor.20A trustworthy man will be praised over much; But, any evil won’t go unpunished.21The evil look down on the righteous… For a scrap of food, I’d sell such a man.22Although evil eyes quickly want to get rich; They don’t know that poverty awaits them.23Those offering correction will be loved More than those who just flatter.24Those who throw out their fathers and mothers Assume that they haven’t sinned… But, to the godless, they’ve become partners.25A dissatisfied man makes bad choices; But those trusting in God find His [love].26Fools will yield to rash ways in their hearts, While those who act wisely stay safe.27Those who give to the poor won’t be in want, While those passing them by will never be filled.28Where the rulers are godless, the righteous will groan; And the righteous will prosper when they’re destroyed.


    1It’s better to accept your correction Than to be someone who’s proud. For, upon the proud will come flames From which they’ll never be healed.2When the righteous are honored, the people rejoice; But, when the godless rule, people groan.3Lovers of wisdom bring joy to their parents; But, those who seek whores destroy wealth.4A righteous king makes his land firm, While a lawless king tears it down.5The one who sets a snare for a friend, Wraps it around his own feet.6A snare is set for those who choose sin… Which brings gladness and joy to the righteous.7The righteous give justice to the poor… But, because the godless don’t understand justice; To the poor, they’re very bad judges.8Those fond of mischief will burn their own city; But the wise can turn back their rage.9A wise man will judge many nations, While the ignorant will only bring rage, Along with ridicule and disrespect.10Partners in blood hate the holy and upright, So they’re always seeking their lives.11A fool will show all his rage, While the wise will hold it within.12A king who’ll listen to unrighteous things Brings joy to [the hearts] of the lawless.13In meetings between lenders and debtors; Jehovah observes their agreements.14When a king gives justice to the poor, He brings good reports to his throne.15Spanking and scolding brings wisdom; But a child who’s left to his own ways Will soon bring shame to his parents.16When the godless are many, many will sin. But, when they fall, the righteous learn fear.17Correct your son and he’ll bring you rest… He’ll be a decoration throughout your whole life.18No one can save a lawbreaking nation; But, those who obey the laws will be blest.19You can’t correct stubborn servants with words; For, if they understand, they still won’t obey.20When you see a man who speaks hasty words, Know that he shares the same hopes as a fool.21A man who’s raised without purpose Will soon become somebody’s servant, And he’ll grieve for himself in the end.22An angry man looks for reasons to fight, And a man who’s enraged will seek ways to sin.23Insolence tears down a man; But, meekness brings glory from God.24The man who shares with a thief Is a man who hates his own life. And if he should hear public cursing, He will never report it.25Those who fear men will be stumbled; But those yielding to God will find joy.Disrespect is what stumbles a man; But the one who yields to his lord will be saved.26Although many come to stand before rulers, True justice comes from Jehovah.27To the wicked, the righteous are foolish; And to the lawless, those walking in straight paths [are fools].


    The proverbs of Agur, son of JahYeh. 1Thus says this man to those trusting in God: ‘I’m weary, 2for I’m the most foolish of men, And the intelligence of man isn’t in me. 3Yet, God has taught me much wisdom, And the holiest of knowledge, I know.’4Who’s gone up into the sky and returned? Who has gathered the winds to His chest? Who has bundled the seas in His robe? Who has held the ends of the earth? Yes, what’s the name by which He’s known, And by what names has He called His sons?5All of God’s words are truly pure, And He’s a shield to those showing respect. 6But don’t add to His words or He will whip you, And He will prove you a liar.7These are the things that I’ve asked Him to do: May I find Your favor [throughout my life].8 Please take away my vain, foolish words. Don’t give me poverty or wealth… Just give me the things that I need So I can remain self-sufficient.9 Don’t leave me in need, so I’d steal, And thereby profane the Name of my God.10Don’t return a [slave] to his master So he will have no reason to curse you.11A bad son curses his father And doesn’t speak in praise of his mother.12A bad son is one who judges himself And refuses to clean up his ways.13A bad son is one who’s [proud] And holds himself high in his own eyes.14A bad son has teeth that are swords And molars that are like pruning knives, Which he uses to consume the weak of the land And to take from the needy.15To the leech was [born] three beloved daughters; But, with the three, she wasn’t satisfied, So she also [gave birth to] a 4th, Since she couldn’t say, ‘That’s enough!’ 16For, the desires of a woman and the grave can’t be filled, As the ground never gets too much water… As with fire and water, it’s never enough!17May the eyes of those who make fun of their fathers And dishonor their mothers in their old age Be removed by crows in ravines, And be devoured by the chicks of vultures.18There are three things that I can’t comprehend, And there’s a fourth that I don’t know:19 The tracks of the flight of an eagle, The ways of a snake on a rock, The path of a ship as it travels the seas, And the ways of men in their youth.20As an adulterous wife is still washing herself, She’ll claim that she has done nothing wrong.21These three things shake the ground, And the fourth it’s unable to bear:22 When someone’s servant becomes king, When a fool has plenty of food,23 When a handmaid’s released by her lady, When a hateful woman gets a good man.24There are four lesser things on the earth, And these are wiser than the wise:25 The ants that are weak, But spend their summers storing food.26 Rabbits that form a weak nation, But make their houses in rocks.27 Locusts that live all alone, But march in order when given the command.28 And the lizard with hands that are sticky… For, although they’re easily caught, They live in the castles of kings.29There are three things that continue to prosper, And a fourth that’s best overlooked:30 The cub of a lion; for although it’s not strong, It won’t turn away and it doesn’t know fear.31 A rooster that struts among hens. A male goat that takes the lead of his flock. And a king who addresses his nation.32When you lose your joy and raise fists to fight, You’ve lost all your honor.33If you churn cream, you’ll get butter; If you squeeze your nose, it’ll bleed; And if you just keep on talking, Arguing and fights will result.


    The words of the King Belonging to God.1These words [that I’ve written] were spoken by God… Through a king came an answer divine.He was once asked by his mother: 2‘What, O my child, what should I tell you… Which saying of God should I tell my firstborn? What, O child of my belly… What, O child of my vows?3‘Don’t [waste] your money on bad women, Nor your abilities and mind seeking pleasure. Think it all over and follow [my] words… And [don’t] drink [too much] wine!4‘Since the mighty are easy to anger; Never offer them wine, 5Lest they lose their wisdom in drink. For they make poor decisions when they’re weak.6‘Give liquor to those in distress; Offer wine to those who are grieving, 7So they can forget their condition, And remember their misery no more.8‘O son,Open your mouth to speak Godly words, And offer fair judgments to all. 9Open your mouth with righteous decisions… Stand up for the needy and weak!10‘Who can find an industrious wife? More than precious gems, is her value! 11If the heart of her man courageously guards her, He’ll never be lacking good treasures; 12For, she’ll uses her strength to support him, And she’ll not waste her life in doing what’s bad! 13She’ll work with her hands spinning linen and wool, 14And act like a ship that trades far away… For, that’s how she’ll gather her money.15‘She gets up while it’s still dark, Along with her female attendants, To ready the food for her household. 16She may see a farm and then buy it… From the fruits of her hands, she’ll gain more.17‘She wraps her waist to give it support, And readies her arms to do work. 18She’s tasted and found work to be good, And keeps her lamp lit all night long.19‘She reaches for things advantageous, And applies her hands to the spindle. 20She opens her hands to the needy, And stretches her arms towards the poor.21‘She wouldn’t consider using what’s yours Whenever you’re gone for a while; And all that are hers will have enough clothes.22‘A doubled coat made of goat’s hair, She has sewn for her man; And from the bolt-ends of linen and purple, She’s also made one for herself. 23So, her man is admired when he sits at the gate, And meets with the rest of the elders.24‘She takes fine linen to make loincloths For all of her CanaAnite [servants]. 25She’s [proud] of her strength and her beauty, And is happy throughout the rest of her days.26‘She opens her mouth to speak wisdom and Law, And charity rests on her tongue. 27Her pastimes are things that shelter her home, And the grain of laziness, she doesn’t eat.28‘She raises her sons so they’ll grow rich, And her man sings praises of her. 29Her many daughters will also be rich By doing the things that she’s [taught them].‘But, you’re still the first [in her eyes]… Above all the rest, she holds you.30‘For, beauty and allurement are false; So, that isn’t what you should seek. Rather, find a woman who’s praised and discerning… One who’s known for her fear of God. 31Take from her, the fruit of her lips, And you’ll always be praised at the gates.’



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