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    Daniel (Old Greek)

    Coming soon: This much older version of Daniel is currently being translated.

    About this book In the future, we will provided a translation of the oldest version of Daniel, the Old Greek, which the first century Christians used.This is a placeholder for that work.The other (2nd century) versionThe other version of Daniel was translated from Hebrew into Greek in the 2nd century CE (about 300 or 400 years after the rest of the Septuagint) by the Jewish scholar Theodotian. It gradually replaced the former Greek version of Daniel that everybody used. By the 4th century CE, the former version had been completely replaced by this version. This is important, because the Hebrew text of Daniel (on which all Bibles are based) may have suffered deliberate corruption in the late 1st century CE, and the 2nd century Greek version is simply a copy of that corrupted Hebrew version.In other words, you may not get much more insight into Daniel’s prophecies from that version than from a normal Hebrew-based Bible. However, the ‘Old Greek’ version could, perhaps, be a more authentic version of Daniel – if it really shows what Daniel originally said before the 1st century.The ‘Old Greek’ version was lost for centuries until it turned up again in the 1770s in the Codex Chisianus 88. We now have two other copies.The differences are generally small (perhaps quite meaningless to a modern reader), but considering the great interest people have in Daniel’s prophecies, even a small difference may have large implications.Unfortunately, we didn’t appreciate the value of the Old Greek version when we first produced our translation of Daniel. So, for now, the 2001 Translation only has the 2nd century CE translation by Theodotion (just like other Septuagint translations). However, in the future, we’ll also provide a translation of the Old Greek version of Daniel here.For now, you can download a side-by-side translation of both versions in a PDF over at the NETS project.



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