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    Septuagint text: Our version of this book reads differently to other Bibles. Why? We use the much older Greek Septuagint manuscripts – and most will closely resemble the versions used by many 1st-century Christians, including the Apostles. These older manuscripts escaped the censorship applied to the Hebrew manuscripts. Our translation is created by volunteers, and we are always correcting and refining the text. Learn what [brackets] and other insertions mean.

    About this book Ezekiel is a record of the visions and prophecies that Jehovah gave to the Prophet Ezekiel over a 22-year period around the time of JeruSalem’s conquest by Babylon.The book itself may have been compiled by Ezra or other scribes in the years after the Jews returned from Babylon, using various records of Ezekiel’s words.It’s arranged into three main parts:1) Judgment on Israel,
    2) Judgment on the other nations,
    3) And future blessings for Israel.This is a translation of the Greek Septuagint version of Ezekiel that many Early Christans likely used. It is also the oldest copy of Ezekiel, differing slightly in some wording, with 8 fewer verses than the Hebrew Masoretic version used by most English bibles.Untranslated sectionYou’ll also notice that in chapters 40, 41, and 42, we have declined to translate part of the passage, at least for now. To find out why, see the translator note that we’ve put there.Most of this book is poetrySomething that only a Bible translator would notice is when words are in the form of Hebrew poetry. There’s a definite cadence that can be seen in the original language. Therefore, because this is the chosen style of God, we’ve tried to recreate it as it was originally intended: in poetic verse.Why use poetry?Poetry must conform to a certain rhythm and style. These act as memory aids, helping you to recall the words, making it easier for messages to be spread via the most common communication method of the time: song.Who was talking?When translating the words of the Prophets, you can’t help but notice the constant changing personal pronouns (I, you, he, they, etc.) used in the text. It makes it very confusing to figure out exactly who’s talking.However, we now realize one reason for the confusion that’s usually overlooked: God didn’t speak to the Prophets personally. Rather, He sent His messages through a mediator, either referred to as a messenger (an angel), or sometimes as ‘The Word’ (which some interpret to mean Jesus).So there are actually three voices speaking:1. That of the Prophet, who sometimes quotes himself,2. That of the angelic messenger who’s bringing the message from God,3. The words of God Himself (which we put in italics).How can we tell the difference? From the context, the pronouns, and the tenses:1. When the Prophet speaks, he’s either clearly reporting what he said or did, or is simply saying what was happening.2. When the angelic messenger speaks, he talks about God in the third person.3 When God is speaking, all references to God are naturally spoken in the first person.Did we get it all right? Probably not, but it has been an honest attempt at doing so. If you think you’ve spotted a place where our choice is incorrect, please let us know and we’ll reconsider it.


    1It was during the 30th year, in the 4th month and on the 5th day of the month, as I was amidst the captivity by the Chobar River, that the heavens opened up and I beheld visions [from] God. 2This was 5 years and 5 months after King JehoiAchin had been carried off as a captive.3The Word of Jehovah came to me, EzekiEl son of Buzi (a Priest), near the Chobar river in the land of the Chaldeans. And this is what I received from the hand of the Lord...4For I looked up and I saw a wind that could lift iron coming from the north, along with a huge cloud that had bright lights all around it and flashes of lightning. I also had a vision of a bright bronze casting in the middle of a fire. 5Then there in its midst was something that looked like four animals. But in this vision, they also looked like men. 6Each had four faces and four wings. 7Their legs were straight, there were feathers on their feet, there were sparks like flashes of brass, and they had very fine wings.8Beneath each of their four wings was a man’s hand, and they had wings on each of their four parts. So, they each had four faces and four wings, 9and they traveled opposite to [the direction] they were facing. Also, their wings didn’t turn as they moved.10Each of the faces [in the front] were like those of a man, the faces on the right looked like lions, the faces on the left looked like calves, and there was the face of an eagle on [the back side of] each of the four.11[Two of] their wings stretched out high above the other [two] wings and they were yoked to each other, while their lower two wings were just used to cover their bodies. 12They followed each other [in a line], one in front of the other, and wherever [God’s] Breath led them they went, not turning aside.13Also, there among the animals, I had a vision of burning coals that looked like lamps that were spinning in their midst. The flames were very bright, and lightning shot from the flames. 14Also, the animals were moving up and back like lightning.15Then I looked and I saw wheels on the ground that were next to each of the four animals, 16and the wheels [sparkled] like peridots. There also appeared to be four wheels within each wheel, and they worked as though there were wheels within wheels. 17Each [wheel] moved in the direction that [the animals] faced, and they [moved together] 18(the rims were tall and awesome). Then I looked again and I noticed that their back sides were full of eyes that went all around each of the four wheels.19As the animals moved, the wheels moved next to them. And when the animals lifted up from the ground, the wheels went up also, 20along with a cloud that went wherever [God’s] Breath led it. The animals and the wheels moved up along with [the cloud], because the breath of life was in the wheels. 21Wherever [the animals] traveled, the wheels went along. For when they stood still, the wheels stood still, but when they rose above the ground, the wheels went up with them, because the breath of life was in the wheels.22Above the heads of the animals was what looked like a dome of ice that was stretched out over the tops of their wings. 23And under this dome, their wings were stretched out and flapping side by side, as the other two [wings] covered their bodies.24The sound that I heard from the movement of their wings as they traveled was like the sound of a lot of rushing water and the sound of someone very important whenever they moved. However, it was like the sound of [many] words being spoken in a camp whenever the animals stood still and rested their wings.25{Look!} There was also a sound that came from above the dome.26In the vision [that I had], above their heads there was what looked like a huge sapphire stone; and sitting above it was a throne upon which was sitting what appeared to be a man from the heavens. 27I saw what looked like molten bronze that was filled with fire around and above His loins; and beneath that, I just saw fire and brightness all around Him. 28He was like a rainbow that forms in the clouds on a rainy day, and there was just brightness all around Him.This was, in fact, a vision of the likeness of the glory of Jehovah!And when I saw this, I fell to my face.Then I heard a voice that started speaking [to me]...


    1He said to me:‘Son of man; you must stand on your feet, And thereafter, I will address you!’2And at that, His Spirit came over me… It picked me up and lifted me up on my feet!Then I heard Him speaking to me. 3He said:‘O son of man,‘To the sons of IsraEl, I’ll send you… To those who’re rebelling against Me. For against Me, they and their fathers Have been in rebellion down to this day.4‘They’re a harsh and hard-hearted people, And these are the ones to whom you’ll be sent. So, tell them that thus says Jehovah:5You should listen in terror, For you are a house in rebellion. And [after you do this], they’ll know That you’ve served as a Prophet among them.6‘And you, O son of man, should not be afraid Or be upset by their faces. For they will get all heated up, Then they will rise up against you, And they will have you surrounded.‘So, among these scorpions, you’ll have to live… But don’t fear the things that they’ll say to your face, For they are a house in rebellion.7‘You must then tell them My words, So that they will hear them and fear… For they are a house in rebellion.8‘Now you, O son of man, must pay close attention To the One who’ll be speaking to you… Don’t rebel, like that house in rebellion!‘Now, open your mouth very wide And eat this thing that I’m handing to you!’9So at that, I looked and I saw a hand that was reaching out towards me with a rolled up scroll. 10But then He unrolled it before me… And written on both the front and backsides was a lamentation and a dirge.


    1Then He said to me:‘O son of man, you must eat this… And after you eat it, You must tell the sons of IsraEl [what it says]!’2So He opened my mouth in order to feed me the scroll...3Then He said to me:‘O son of man'‘After I put this scroll in your mouth, Your belly will get filled with this thing That I am feeding to you.’So I ate it and found it to be as sweet as honey in my mouth.4Then He said to me:‘O son of man,Now, go to the house of IsraEl And tell them all that I have to say!5‘You won’t have to speak to those with thick lips Or to those who speak foreign tongues… For to the house of IsraEl, you’re being sent.6‘I will not send you to other nations … To those who speak words that you won’t understand Or to those who have foreign, thick tongues Those who won’t know what you’re saying, But to those who will understand you.7‘Yet, the house of IsraEl will not listen To the things that I’ll tell you to say… They’ll not agree to listen to Me, Since they are a hard-hearted people And all they do is talk back.8‘{Look!} Now, against their faces, I’ve made your face strong, So your face will be firmer than theirs… Yes, it will be harder than rock.9‘So, don’t be afraid [when you go] before them, And you should not be afraid, For they are a house in rebellion.’10And he said to me:‘O son of man,‘Now, take My words into your heart, And listen to them with your ears. 11Then, tell the captive sons of your people That The Lord Jehovah has spoken, And surely they’ll listen and yield.’12Well after that, [His] Spirit stood me erect, and from behind me I heard a rumbling sound that spoke to me and said:‘Praise the glory of Jehovah That has come [to you] from His realm!’13Then I heard the sound of the flapping of the wings of the animals (because [the wings] were touching each other), as well as the sounds of the wheels that were moving next to them with a great rumbling.14And thereafter, [God’s] Breath lifted me up and carried me away… So my spirit was being lifted and motivated by the hand of Jehovah that had come over me, and this made me extremely powerful!15Then, while I was in this elevated [condition], I traveled among the rest of captives that live next to the Chobar River, and I stayed there for 7 days. 16And at the end of the 7 days, the Word of Jehovah came to me and said this:17‘O son of man,‘Over the house of IsraEl, I have made you the watchman. So you must listen to the words from my mouth, And then, you must bring them my warnings.18‘For I’m saying that the lawless will die! And you will also die with them If you fail to give them my orders.‘Give these warnings to those lawless people And tell them that they will only survive If they’ll turn from their unrighteous ways! But, if they should choose to stay lawless, They will die for their sins, And I won’t require their blood from your hands.19‘If you give my word to the lawless, And they refuse to turn from their ways; They will die in their sins, But I will still rescue you.20‘For, if a righteous man should turn from right ways And start doing things that are evil; I’ll torment his face ‘til he dies. But, if you’ve failed to bring him my word, And this is what caused him to die, So his righteous deeds are forgotten; I’ll require his blood from your hands.21‘But, if you will give [my] word to the righteous, And you warn them that they must not sin… And they choose not to sin because they’ve been warned, And this results in their being saved; You will have saved your own life.’22And after that, the hand of the Lord came upon me and said:‘Now arise and go out to the plains; For there, I will tell you much more!’23So I got up and went out to the plains...And {Look!} there was the glory of Jehovah – the glory that I had seen by the Chobar River – and I fell to my face. 24Then [God’s] Breath came over me and stood me up on my feet… And it spoke to me and said:‘Go home and lock yourself inside your house; 25{Look!} For you, O son of man, are appointed to be bound… Yes, they will come here and then tie you up, And no way will you set yourself free.26‘They’ll also wrap your tongue in your throat, So you’ll be unable to speak, And you won’t be able to scold them; For, they are a house in rebellion.27‘But then, my voice will start speaking through you… I will open your mouth, and you’ll tell them That this was said by Jehovah:‘All that wish to hear, should now listen! But, those who don’t wish to make any change Can continue to resist My persuasion; For you are a house in rebellion!’


    1‘And you, O son of man; Must go find a brick, Then set it in front of your face.‘Draw a map of JeruSalem upon it, 2Then surround it with a circle of forts. Also draw a siege mound and camps, And encircle the city with weapons.3‘Then, go find an iron frying pan, And set it as a wall between you and the city, Then prepare your face to oppose it… Prepare for a siege, then attack it… And to the sons of IsraEl, this will serve as a sign!4‘Then, go to sleep on your left side, And lay the sins of the house of IsraEl upon you… You must bear their unrighteous ways For the number of days that you’ll sleep [on that side].5‘For I’ve appointed two things that you must do Because of their unrighteous deeds:‘The unrighteous ways of the house of IsraEl Must be born upon you, For 390 [full] days.6‘Then, after that, you must sleep on your right For the house of Judah’s unrighteous ways. You must do this for 40 more days A day for each year, is what I’ve established!7‘And as for the siege on JeruSalem; Prepare your face and stiffen your arm; For against [that city], you must then prophesy.8‘{Look!} Because I’ve appointed their bondage on you, Don’t turn from one side to the other, Until the days of your siege are fulfilled.9‘Take wheat, barley, and beans for yourself, As well as wild oats, lentils, and millet, And put them into an earthenware pot; Then, use them to bake loaves of bread.‘Make enough for the number of days (All the 390) That you must sleep on your side. 10And the weight of the food that you can consume Will be just 10 ounces a day, Which you may eat at various times.11‘You must also measure the water you’ll drink… You may drink just 10 ounces from time to time.12‘And bake the barley cakes that you’ll eat Over human manure, Which you must hide in the coals Before the eyes [of the people].’13‘For this was said by Jehovah, the God of IsraEl:‘This is the type of uncleanness That the sons of IsraEl will eat Among the nations where they will be thrown.’14But I said:‘Absolutely not, O Lord God of IsraEl!‘For my soul has never been defiled or made unclean by decaying flesh, nor have I eaten wild animals from [the day] that I was born until now… Nothing unclean has ever entered my mouth!’15So [the Lord] said to me:‘Then, rather than using human manure, I’ll allow you to use cattle dung… You may bake your loaves over that.’16And he said to me:‘O son of man,‘{Look!} I’ll break JeruSalem’s trust in its bread; For they’ll have to ration it out, And they’ll ration the water they drink ‘til it’s gone.17‘Since there won’t be enough water or bread, Each man [will steal] from his brother, And because of their unrighteous deeds, They will then melt away.’


    1‘And you, O son of man,‘Go and buy a sharp blade (A razor that’s used by a barber), And shave your head and your beard.‘Then, [put the hair on] a scale, And divide it in portions by weight. 2A quarter must be used to kindle a fire, Which you must burn in the midst of the city, [To show] the number of days of its siege… Then toss the second quarter into the fire.‘And use a knife to cut the third quarter; Then scatter it throughout [the city]. And toss the last quarter into the wind; For I’ll empty them out with the sword.3‘Thereafter, you must take what little remains, And put it into a bag… 4Then, take out some [of the hairs], And toss them into the fire. And as they’re burning, tell the house of IsraEl That this was said by Jehovah:5‘This is what I’ll do to JeruSalem… I’ll place her amid many nations, And they will have her surrounded.6‘Then, speak of My righteous decisions… Yes, speak to that lawless nation, And to those lawless that are living around them. For they’ve pushed away My righteous decrees, And they haven’t followed My Laws.’7‘Yes, you must [give them this warning]:‘It’s because of this,’ says Jehovah, ‘That lawless ways will now come to you From the nations that have you surrounded.‘For, you haven’t followed My Laws, Nor have you observed My righteous decrees… You’ve not even raised to the standards Of the nations that are living around you!8‘So because of this,’ says Jehovah, ‘{Look!} I am now standing against you, And I’ll bring My judgments upon you, There in front of the gentiles!9‘I will bring [many bad] things upon you That have never happened before, Nor will they be done in the future, For the disgusting things that you’re doing!10‘For, fathers then eat their own children, Or children will be eating their fathers; And the rest will be scattered to the [four] winds… For My righteous decisions will be poured upon you!11‘As I live,’ says Jehovah… ‘Because you’ve dirtied My Holy Things With all that’s disgusting and loathsome, I will push you away… My eyes won’t spare or show mercy!12‘So a quarter will be consumed by the plague; A quarter will be finished by famine; A quarter will be scattered to the [four] winds; And a quarter will fall by the broadsword… Yes, you will all be surrounded, And the sword will be emptied upon you.13‘But, after I’ve brought My anger and rage, I’ll return and offer you comfort. For then, you’ll know that this happened Because I, Jehovah, had warned you, And in My zeal, I showed you My rage.14‘I’ll turn you and your daughters into waterless lands In the presence of all that pass by. 15For the nations will squeeze you and scoff When I bring My anger and judgments on you, Along with My vengeance and rage. For I, Jehovah, have spoken.16‘I’ll shoot the arrows of famine at you, And after you come to be in great need, I’ll send [the nations] to finish you off. Yes, I’m sending a famine among you, To break your reliance on bread.17‘I’ll not only bring a famine to you, But I’ll also send ferocious wild beasts! And with plagues, you will also be punished, Before your blood will be spilled; For upon you, I’m bringing the sword. Yes, I, Jehovah, have spoken!’


    1Thereafter, the Word of Jehovah came to me and said:2‘O son of man,‘Now, turn your face towards IsraEl’s hills, And against them, you must now prophesy!3‘Speak to those in IsraEl’s mountains And tell them to hear the Word of Jehovah! Yes, hear what [God] has decreed To the mountains, hills, valleys, and forests:‘{Look!} Against you, I’m bringing the broadsword And it will destroy your high places. 4I will also break all your altars; Your [incense stands], I’ll tear down; And before their idols, I’ll leave all your slain.‘The bodies of IsraEl’s sons Will be offered in front of their idols; 5And then, on their altars, I’ll scatter their bones.6‘All the homes in your towns will be empty; All your high places will be wiped away; All your altars will be destroyed; Your idols will no longer be, And your incense stands will be lifted away… Your works will all be erased. 7Then, as the slain are falling among you, You will know that I am Jehovah.8‘Then, those who escape from the broadsword Will be scattered among all the nations. 9And those who escape from the nations Where they will be taken as captives, Will start thinking of Me once again.‘I vow this against the hearts of all those Who’ve committed adultery against Me And done so many bad things… They will slap their own faces Over the vile acts they’ve performed. 10Then they’ll know that I am Jehovah, And that this is why I sent them the warning That I’d bring such evil upon them.’11‘And thereafter, Jehovah said:‘Clap your hands… Yes, stamp your feet and then say:‘This is what they deserve For the disgusting things that IsraEl's done!’Yes, may they fall by the broadsword, As well as by famine and plague!12‘Then, those far away will die by the plague; Those who are near will fall by the sword; And those who remain after the siege Will be finished off by the famine, As I wear out My anger against them.13‘And you’ll know that I am Jehovah, When among your idols, you’ll see all your slain… The idols that you’ve placed on all the high hills And under each shade tree and bush, Before which, you have burned incense.14‘For, against such ones, I’ll stretch out My hand, And I’ll bring an end to their homes and their lands… I’ll dry them out like figs in the desert, And they’ll know that I am Jehovah.’


    1Then the Word of Jehovah came to me again and said:2‘And to you, O son of man,Jehovah says this about IsraEl:‘To the 4 wings of the land, The end has finally come… 3Yes, the end has arrived; For upon them, I’m bringing My rage.‘I’m the one who is standing against them And I’ll punish them for the things that they’ve done… I’ll hold them to blame for their evil, 4And my eyes won’t spare or show mercy!‘Because they have been so disgusting, I’ll no longer forgive all the badness That’s being done in their midst… Then they’ll know that I am Jehovah!5‘Jehovah said:‘{Look!} Upon the evil, evil will come… 6For their end has reached its fulfillment, And their punishment has been awakened.7‘{Look!} The circle of the wreath has fallen on them (All those who live in the land), And the time has finally arrived… The day of tumult and distress.8‘For now, I’ll pour out My rage And finish My anger against them. They’ll be judged for the bad things they’ve done, And I’ll hold them to blame for their evil.9‘My eyes won’t spare or show mercy, For I’ll make them pay for their ways And the disgusting things that they’ve done. Then, they will know that it’s Me… I’m the One who is knocking them down!10‘Look! The day of the Lord has arrived, And his rod has [finally] blossomed. 11The time to injure has come, Which will break the resolve of the lawless. Then, nothing at all will remain… No wealth and nothing of value.12‘Look! The time has arrived… Today is truly the day! So, those who buy shouldn’t rejoice, And those who sell shouldn’t wail; For [God’s] wrath will cover such things.13‘Now the one who buys will not return What he bought to the person who sold it, Because neither one will survive.‘This vision is for all of you (As many as live in this place), And it will not be turned back.‘Yet, the eyes of these people won’t see [The things that are coming into] their lives. 14So, although they should be [preparing themselves] And knowing what is coming upon them, No one’s getting ready for war As My wrath is approaching her crowds!15‘For when the sword arrives on the outside, There’ll be famine and plagues on the inside. And those who carry their swords to the fields Will thereafter die [in those fields], While there’s famine and plague in their cities.16‘Then, those who try to escape Will sit on the mountains like pigeons and know That destruction has come because they’re so bad.17‘So, all their hands will be weak And all their loins will be wet, 18As around themselves, they’ll wrap sack cloth. For, they’ll be covered by shock; Upon every face will be shame; And every head will be bald.19‘Then they’ll toss their silver into the squares, And their gold won’t have any value; For their silver and gold will not save them In the day of the wrath of the Lord.‘Then their lives will not find satisfaction, Nor will their bellies be filled, Since the torment for their sins will then have arrived.20‘Of their [silver and gold], they are now so proud, So they used it to create their foul idols… And for this, I’ve handed them over to filth.21‘Yes, I’ll hand them to strangers Who will then rip them to pieces. To the pests of the earth, I will give them, And as their spoils, they’ll profane them.22‘For from them, I’ve now turned My face; And to those over whom I kept watch, Sudden destruction will come. The attack will arrive when it isn’t expected… And then, they will all be profaned.23‘Yes, a great befouling will come To a land that is filled with judgments of blood. For with all of their lawless ways, This city is now filled to the brim!‘So upon them, I will then bring The evil ways of the nations, And [the gentiles] will take all their homes.24‘So I’ll turn away all their neighing About how great they’ve become, And the things they hold holy will then be defiled.25‘Yes the time to repay has arrived, And those who seek peace will not find it. 26For there will come woe upon woe, As message after message arrives.‘Then, from their prophets, they’ll search for a vision; But the law of their Priests will be gone, As will the counsel of the king’s elders.27‘Then, after their rulers are gone, The peoples’ hands will go limp, And I’ll do to them the same as they’ve done… I’ll punish them with their own judgments, So they’ll know that I am Jehovah.’


    1It was during the 6th year, in the 6th month, on the 5th day of the month, while I was sitting in my house and all the elders of Judah were sitting before me, that the hand of Jehovah came over me.2For I looked and I saw what appeared to be a man… But from his loins down he looked like fire, and from his loins up he looked as bright as molten bronze... 3Then he stretched out what appeared to be a hand, and he lifted me by the decorative fringes on my clothes. With the wind, he lifted me up between the ground and the sky and he blew me back to JeruSalem!Then in this vision from God, I found myself looking north towards the [city] gate, and there [I saw] a monument to [the god], The Consumer.4In this vision; {Look!} there in the plains, I saw the glory of Jehovah the God of IsraEl!5And He said to me:‘O son of man,‘Now raise your eyes and look towards the north!’So I raised my eyes towards the north and I saw that just north of the gate (on the east side of the Altar) there was the idol of Jealousy that was standing at the entrance [to the city].6And He said to me:‘O son of man,‘Do you see these things that they’re doing… These lawless deeds of the house of IsraEl To push Me away from My Holy Place? Yet, you’ll see even greater and worse lawless deeds!’7So then He carried me to the threshold of the Temple courtyard, and there {Look!} I saw an opening in the wall.8Then He said to me:‘O son of man,‘Dig [a hole] in this wall!’So I dug [a hole] in the wall, and there {Look!} I found a door!9And He said to me:‘Now, enter and see all the evil… All the lawless things being done there!’10So I went inside... And {Look!} I saw depictions of all sorts of crawling things, [unclean] animals, and all the idols of the house of IsraEl… Foolish and disgusting things that had been painted on the walls.11Then I saw 70 men among the elders of the house of IsraEl, with JaAzaniAh (son of ShaPhan) standing in front of them, and each man was holding a smoking incense pan in his hands.12And He said to me:‘O son of man,‘See what IsraEl’s elders are doing In the darkness of these hidden rooms… They’re saying that Jehovah is gone from the land!’13And then He said:‘But [I’ll show you] even greater lawless things.’14So He carried me up to the threshold of the Gate of Jehovah’s Temple (the one that faces north), and there I saw women sitting and wailing for TamMuz.15And He said to me:‘O son of man,‘Now, after you’ve seen all of this, You’ll see even worse being done here.’16So He carried me into the inner courtyard of Jehovah’s Temple, up to the threshold of the Temple of the Lord... And there between the columned porch and the Altar I saw about 25 men who were facing east with their backsides to Jehovah’s Temple… They were bowing to the sun in the east!17Then He asked me:‘Should I not be concerned About all of these lawless deeds That the house of Judah is doing? They’ve filled the land with their lawless ways… They’ve turned from Me and provoked Me to rage!‘And look! They’re holding out branches of grapevines As though they are sneering at Me!18‘So I’ll deal with them in My rage, And My eyes will no longer spare them Nor will I show mercy upon them. So, no matter how loud they shout in My ears… I won’t listen to the things that they’re saying!’


    1Then He shouted into my ears with a great voice and said:‘The punishment on this city has arrived!’[And at that, some men appeared], and each one was carrying implements of destruction in their hands... 2{Look!} There were 6 men coming along the road that leads to the upper gate (the one that faces north), and they were each carrying battle axes in their hands.There was also a man in their midst who was wrapped in a robe that reached to his feet and he had a belt [covered with] sapphires wrapped around his waist. Then they entered [the Temple area] and stood next to the brass Altar. 3And at that, the glory of the God of IsraEl ascended from between the cherubs and hung there between them in the open air of the Temple.Then He called out to the man who was dressed in the full-length robe and who wore the belt of sapphires, 4and said to him:‘Now, go through the midst of the city – Through the midst of JeruSalem – And put a sign on the foreheads Of the men who are groaning and deeply upset For the lawless deeds being done here!’5And He said [to those who were carrying the axes] in my hearing:‘Now, go through the city behind him and strike… Don’t let your eyes spare or show mercy! 6Kill and wipe out the old and the young, Including the women, children, and virgins… And start here at My Holy Place… But don’t approach those who are marked with the sign!’So they started [by destroying] the elders who were there inside the Temple. 7For He said to [those who were carrying the axes]:‘Now, go and start defiling My Temple… Fill its courtyards [with those whom you’ll slay], And strike down all that are [fleeing]!’8Then as they started their destroying, I fell to my face and yelled out:‘O Lord!‘Are you going to wipe out all the remaining ones of IsraEl by pouring Your rage upon JeruSalem?’9And He told me:‘The sins of the houses of IsraEl and Judah Have now become just too great; For with [bloodshed], the land’s become filled, And the city is full of uncleanness and sin.‘For they’re saying that Jehovah’s abandoned the land, And that He’s no longer paying attention. 10So My eyes won’t spare or show mercy, And I’ll hold them to blame for their evil.’11Then {Look!} the man who was wrapped in the full-length robe and wearing the belt around his waist returned to Him and said:‘[We have] done everything that you said to do.’


    1Well at that, I looked up and I saw a sapphire stone shaped like a throne that was upon the dome over the heads of the cherubs.2And [the One who was sitting on the throne] said to the man who was dressed in the robe:‘Go between the wheels that are under the cherubs And fill your hands with the coals that you’ll find, Then scatter them over the city!’So he went in [between the wheels] there in front of me 3(as the cherubs were standing to the right of the place where the man had entered), and a mist started to fill the inner courtyard... 4Then the glory of Jehovah (which had been hanging in the open air between the cherubs) entered the Temple, and the [inner] courtyard became filled with the cloud, as well as with the brightness of the glory of Jehovah.5Meanwhile, I could hear the sounds of the wings of the cherubs coming from the outer courtyard, which was like the voice of God when He speaks. 6And they said this to the man who was wrapped in the holy robe:‘Go between the wheels that are under the cherubs And carry out some of the fire!’So he entered and stood next to the wheels. 7Then a cherub stuck his hands into the midst of the fire that was under the cherubs and he grabbed some of the [fire] and placed it into the hands of the man who was wearing the holy robe… Who then took it and left.8Well, as I was looking at the cherubs, I noticed that they had what appeared to be the hands of men between their wings. 9And {Look!} I noticed the four wheels that were standing beside each of the cherubs (there was one wheel for each cherub). These wheels looked like peridots, 10and there appeared to be wheels within each of the four wheels, 11but their four parts didn’t move as they traveled. Then, whichever way the [cherub’s] heads looked, the [wheels] would travel in that direction… But the [wheels] didn’t turn as they moved.12I also noticed that there were eyes all over the flesh [of the cherub’s] hands and wings, as well as on the four wheels… 13And it was then that I heard that these wheels were called ‘The Chariots.’14[I also noticed] that [each of the cherubs] had four faces: One face was that of a cherub, The 2nd was the face of a man, The 3rd was the face of a lion, and The 4th was the face of an eagle.15Well thereafter, the cherubs started moving upward; and it was then that I started to realize that these were the [same] living creatures that I had seen [earlier] next to the Chobar River.16Well, wherever the cherubs went, the wheels traveled alongside them. Yet when the cherubs flew high above the ground with their wings, the wheels next to them didn’t turn. 17And whenever they stood still, the wheels stood still; but when they flew upward, the wheels flew upward with them, because the breath of life was in [the wheels].18Then the glory of Jehovah that was mounted on the cherubs left the open air inside the Temple. 19For the cherubs raised their wings and flew high above the ground in front of me (with their wheels alongside them), and [they settled] on top of the gate that’s in front of the Jehovah’ Temple, with the glory of the God of IsraEl above them.20Well, it was after I had first seen these animals traveling beneath the God of IsraEl back at the Chobar River that I came to realize that they were in fact cherubs. 21Each one had four faces, four wings, and what looked like the hands of a man under each wing… 22And these [cherubs] had the same faces that I saw under the glory of the God of IsraEl in the vision by the Chobar River, and they also traveled in whichever direction that they faced.


    1Well at that, the wind lifted me up and led me to the East Gate of the Jehovah’s Temple. And {Look!} there on the threshold of the gate, I saw about 25 men. Among them I could see JaAzaniAh (son of Azur) and PedaiAh (son of BenaiAh)… The ones who were supposed to be guiding the people.2And [Jehovah] said to me:‘O son of man,‘These are the men who think foolish things And discuss evil plans for this city. 3They are also the ones who are saying:‘Since we have just built homes for ourselves, This [city] is our kettle and we are its meat!’4‘For this, you must say this against them… Yes, O son of man; you must now prophesy!’5Then the Breath of Jehovah came over me and He told me to tell them that Jehovah said this:‘O you of the house of IsraEl:‘I know the things that you’re saying, And I know what you’ve planned in your [hearts]. 6To this city, you’ve brought many deaths, And you’ve filled her roads with the murdered.7‘Because of this,’ says Jehovah, ‘Those whom you’ve killed are the meat in her midst, And [JeruSalem] is their kettle… For I’ll drive you out of her midst!8‘Since you’re so afraid of the broadsword, I’ll be bringing the broadsword against you,’ said Jehovah, 9‘I will lead you out of her midst, And bring My judgments against you, For I’ll hand you over to strangers; 10And at their hands, you will fall by the sword.‘To the borders of IsraEl, I’ll judge you, And you’ll know that I am Jehovah. 11Then [this city] will be your kettle no more, And in her, you’ll not be the meat.12‘To the borders of IsraEl, I’ll judge you… And then you’ll know that I am Jehovah. For you chose to overlook My Commandments, And you didn’t [respect] My decisions. Then you walked in the ways of the gentiles… Those who now have you surrounded.’13It was then that the prophecy came to pass, for PedaiAh (son of BenaiAh) dropped dead! So I fell to my face and yelled out in a loud voice, saying:‘Alas, O Jehovah!‘Have You appointed those who are left in IsraEl to be totally consumed?’14And the Word of Jehovah came to me and said:15‘O son of man,‘Your brothers and your fellow captives Have arrived at the place where I sent them. But, those who are still in JeruSalem Are saying these things about them:‘Because they are far from Jehovah, We will inherit their land!’16‘So, tell them that thus says Jehovah:‘I’ll push you away to the nations And scatter you to many lands. Then I’ll not be someone to whom you can turn In the places where you will be taken.’17‘And tell them that thus says Jehovah:‘Yet, I’ll gather you back from the nations... I’ll bring you back from those places, And I will give back [your land]. 18For by that time, you will have rejected The disgusting lawless things that you’ve followed.19‘A new spirit and heart, I’ll then give you… I’ll remove your hearts made of stone And exchange them for hearts made of flesh. 20So you will then follow My orders… You’ll guard My Laws and obey them… You’ll be My people and I’ll be your God!21‘It’s because of the disgusting things that you’ve done And the lawless ways of your hearts, That your hearts have chosen to do such [bad] things, And caused Me to pour your guilt on your heads,’ says Jehovah.’22Then the cherubs lifted their wings [and started flying], as the wheels moved alongside them and the glory of the God of IsraEl was above them.23So thereafter, the glory of Jehovah arose from the midst of the city and settled on the mountain that sits in front of it. 24And at that, the wind picked me up and blew me back to the land of the Chaldeans (back to the land of our captivity) in this vision that came from the Breath of God.Well, after I came out of this vision that I was seeing, 25I told [my fellow] captives every word that the Lord had spoken to me.


    1Then the Word of Jehovah came to me again and said:2‘O son of man,‘You live in the midst of unrighteous [men]… Those who have eyes that can’t see And those who have ears that can’t hear; For, they are a house in rebellion.3‘So you, O son of man, Must go and gather the things of a captive, Then act like someone in prison… [You must sit] there before them throughout the whole day. And before them, you must act like a captive… Someone who was carried away And taken to some other place, So that they will be able to see What a house in rebellion they’ve been.4‘You must set your things of a captive In front of their eyes, throughout the whole day, And walk as a captive before them each night.5‘Dig a hole in the wall and crawl in it, 6And carry [your things] on your shoulders… Act as though you are trying to hide, Then cover your face so you can’t see the ground. For, to the house of IsraEl, I’ve made you a sign.’7Well, I did that… Everything that He told me to do. I brought out the items of captivity that day, and that evening I dug a hole through the wall for myself (by hand), and I crawled into it as though I was hiding. And thereafter, I carried my things on my shoulders before them.8Then the Word of Jehovah came to me the next morning, and said:9‘O son of man,‘The house of IsraEl, those who are now in rebellion, Didn’t ask you what you were doing. 10So, tell them this concerning their rulers… Those who are giving direction To JeruSalem and its people.‘Say that Jehovah has spoken. 11Then explain to them that you’re acting out signs Of the things that will happen to them. For, [in the same way as you’re acting], They will be carried away.12‘Say [that Jehovah said the following:]‘The one who rules in their midst Will bear his things on his shoulders. Then he will dig a hole in a wall with his hands, Which he will crawl into and hide.‘He’ll cover himself, so he can’t be seen In a place where he can’t see the ground. 13Then around him, I’ll spread out My net, And he will be caught in its wraps.‘So, off to Babylon, I’ll lead him… Yes, into the land of Chaldea… But he won’t be able to see it, And there, he will come to his end.14‘Thereafter, I’ll scatter his helpers And those who’ve been his assistants To the [four] winds [of the earth]… I’ll send the broadsword [to chase] them away.15‘And they’ll know that I am Jehovah, When they’re scattered among many nations… [For, wherever they go], they’ll be scattered.16‘Yet, among their numbers, I’ll still leave a few As survivors of the sword, famine, and plague To speak of these things in great detail To all the nations where they will be sent. They’ll also tell how lawless they’ve been… And they all will know that I am Jehovah.’17Thereafter, the Word of Jehovah came to me and said:18‘O son of man,‘In grief, you will now eat your bread, And in torment and affliction, you will drink water. 19Then speak to the men of this land, And tell them that thus says Jehovah:‘Very soon, there will be no bread, And the drinking water will vanish Both in IsraEl and in JeruSalem. Then, you will become extinct in the land, And the violence among those who live there Will have finally come to an end.20‘Then the cities where you dwell will be [empty] As extinction comes to your land, And you’ll know that I am Jehovah.’21Well thereafter, the Word of Jehovah came to me and said:22‘O son of man,‘Why are all the people saying this proverb about IsraEl?‘The days [that he speaks of] are still far away, And all the visions have perished.’23‘Because of this, tell them that thus says Jehovah:‘I will turn their proverb around And the house of IsraEl will say this no more. Instead, they will say that the days have arrived, As have the words of the visions!’24‘And [you must also say this]:‘False visions will come to an end, And there’ll be no more speaking of omens To curry the favor of IsraEl’s sons. 25For, after I tell them what I will do, I’ll act and not stretch out the time.’‘Yes, tell them that thus says Jehovah:‘In your days, O you house in rebellion, I’ll just say the words and then act!’26Then the Word of Jehovah came to me again and said:27‘O son of man,‘See how IsraEl is rebelling, For this is what they are saying:‘The visions he sees are of some distant time, And he prophesies things [that won’t happen for years]!’28‘Because of this, tell them that thus says Jehovah:‘I’ll no longer stretch out the words that I speak; For now, I’ll speak and then do it!’


    1Then the Word of Jehovah came to me and said:2‘O son of man,‘Against IsraEl’s prophets, you must now testify (Those who [say they can tell what will come])! You must speak to these prophets and tell them That their prophecies all come from their hearts.‘So, you must prophesy and tell them To hear the Word of Jehovah; 3For, these are the words that He spoke:‘Woe to those who speak prophecies From ideas that come from their hearts While they have seen nothing at all… Those following the direction of their spirits!4‘O IsraEl,‘Your prophets are like foxes that live in the fields, 5For they do not take firm positions. To the house of IsraEl, they don’t gather flocks, Nor are they getting them ready for war By warning them about the Day of the Lord.6‘The visions that they see are all false, And all of their omens are useless; For they say that Jehovah has spoken, And they make their words sound important; Yet, they were not sent by Jehovah.7‘Haven’t your visions all proven false… Aren’t the words that you’ve spoken untrue? For you speak when I haven’t spoken,’ says Jehovah!8‘Because of this, you must tell them,’ said Jehovah, ‘That since their words are all false And they prophesy things that are foolish… Yes, because of this, I’m against them!9‘So, towards those prophets, I’ll stretch out My hand Towards those who are seeing false visions And those who declare foolish things When they give instructions to My people; Then, among [the faithful of] IsraEl, Their [names] will never be written, And they’ll know that I am Jehovah!10‘For, they are misleading My people By saying there’s peace, when there’s really no peace… So the people are plastering walls that will fall.11‘Rather, they should say to those who are plastering walls: Your [walls] will soon fall and the rain will pour in. For I’m sending rocks to be hurled against them, And then your [walls] will just drop… [Yes, I’ll send] a mighty wind to destroy them!12‘{Look!} And after the walls have all fallen, They will then come here and ask:‘What happened to all of the plaster That we used to make repairs on these [walls]?’13‘It’s because of this,’ says Jehovah, ‘That I will send out a wind, Which will rip down [their walls] in My anger; And then, My rage will flood in.‘In My rage, I’ll cause rocks to be thrown As I bring it all to an end! 14For I’ll raze the walls that they’ve plastered… I’ll lay them out on the ground, And then, I’ll expose their foundations.‘And [you who’ve foretold better things] Will then be worn out by their shouting… And you’ll know that I am Jehovah.15‘Yes, against those walls I’ll wear out My rage, And on those who are plastering them; For, all their walls will soon fall.‘Yet [the problem] is not with the walls Or with those applying the plaster; 16It’s with those who fortell a good future… Those who say there’ll be peace, When there really won’t be any peace,’ says Jehovah.17‘And you, O son of man, must now fix your face Against the daughters of your people… Against those who now prophesy According to the things in their hearts. Against them, you must prophesy this… 18Tell them that thus says Jehovah:‘Woe to those who sew pillows That are made to be placed under elbows, And those who create all sizes of veils That they say will serve as protection… Those misleading the lives of My people!19‘You profane Me in front of My people For a handful of barley or a few scraps of bread. You’re ending lives that don’t have to die, And offer protection to souls that won’t live… You promise foolish things to My people!20‘And because of this, says Jehovah, I am opposed to your pillows, Which you’re using to gather their souls. So from your arms, I’ll rip them away, And lead off those who you’ve misled… For soon, they all will be scattered.21‘I will also rip off your veils To save My people from your [wicked] hands. No, into your hands, they’ll not fall again… And you’ll know that I am Jehovah.22‘You’ve perverted the hearts of the righteous And strengthened the hands of the lawless… Yes you’ve failed to turn them from bad, so they’d live!23‘And because of this, You will not see false visions again, And you won’t see any more omens. For, from your hands, I’ll rescue My people… And you’ll know that I am Jehovah.’


    1Well after that, elders from among the people of IsraEl came to me and they all sat down in front of me. 2Then the Word of Jehovah came to me and said:3‘Son of man,‘The thoughts in the hearts of these people are set; So, lay out their badness before them, Since I will now give them an answer… 4Speak and tell them that thus says Jehovah:‘Any man from the house of IsraEl, Who may start to think in his heart That he’ll not be punished for his badness, Should arrange his face and then come to the Prophet, And I, Jehovah, will tell him his thoughts 5So I can change the hearts of the house of IsraEl… Those whose hearts are so far from Me.6‘So, speak to the house of IsraEl And tell them that thus says Jehovah:‘Turn from the things that you’re doing… Turn your faces from your godless deeds!7‘For a man – any man – from the house of IsraEl Or from among foreign converts Who no longer chooses to [walk in My ways] And starts to think in his heart That he should never be punished For all the bad things that he’s doing, Must arrange his face and come to the Prophet, Then ask, and I will reply About the things over which he’s concerned.8‘For I’ll fix My face against such a man And assign him to a place in extinction… From the midst of My people, I’ll lift him away… And he’ll know that I am Jehovah.9‘And if a prophet should say that he’s been misled, And he says I’m the One who misled him; Against him, I’ll stretch out My hand And remove him from IsraEl’s midst.10‘So each one who [comes before Me] and asks Must bear the punishment he’s due For all of his unrighteous acts… According to the things that he’s done.‘Then the sins of the prophets will come upon them, 11So the house of IsraEl will not stay misled And remain defiled by its errors. Then they’ll be My people and I’ll be their God,’ says Jehovah.12Well after that, the Word of Jehovah came to me and said:13[‘Jehovah says:]‘O son of man,If a land sins against Me and falls into sin; Against [that land], I will stretch out My hand, And break its reliance on bread… Famine I’ll send [to that land] And remove men and beasts from upon it.14‘But, should such good men be found in that land As Noah, DaniEl, and Job; I will save such a man,’ says Jehovah.15‘And if I must bring ferocious wild beasts As a punishment upon such a land; It will become an extinction… None will pass through it again Because of the faces of the wild beasts I’ll send.16‘But if three such good men can be found there; As I live,’ says Jehovah, ‘Although its sons and daughters will not be saved… [Those three men] will be saved, And the land will thereafter be ruined.17‘Or if I should bring the sword to that land, If I say, ‘Let the broadsword pass through it,’ And I cause men and beasts to be lifted from there… 18If three such men can be found in its midst; As I live,’ says Jehovah, ‘Although its sons and daughters will not be saved, Those [3 men] will be rescued.19‘Or, if I should send a plague to that land And pour My rage upon it in blood, Destroying both men and wild beasts… 20And among them, three such men can be found As Noah, DaniEl, and Job; As I live,’ says Jehovah, ‘Its sons and daughters will not be saved… For the only thing that can save them Is becoming as righteous [as those three men]!21‘Then Jehovah said:‘To JeruSalem, I’ll be sending 4 things: The sword, famine, and plague, As well as ferocious wild beasts… They’ll destroy all the men and their cattle.22‘{Look!} And any of those who remain Those who escape all these things, Will then be carried away, Along with their sons and their daughters.‘Then {Look!} they will be brought here to you, And you’ll know of the things that they thought, As well as of the things they have done.‘And although you’ll be saddened by the harm that I’ll bring – All that I’ll do to JeruSalem – 23[Your mind] will then be relieved, Because you will see their ways and their thoughts, And you’ll know all the things that I did Weren’t done without a good reason,’ says Jehovah.’


    1And the Word of Jehovah came to me and said:2‘[Let Me ask] you this, O son of man:‘What happens to the wood from all of the vines That live among trees in the forests? 3Do they find some use for this wood… Do they use their pieces as hangers? 4No!‘{Look!} Each year, they’re thrown into the fire, As [people] are cleaning [their yards]. So, the wood disappears in the end, Since no use for it can be found!5‘And even whole pieces aren’t useful; For, after they’re burned in the flames, They no longer have any value.6‘So Jehovah said this:‘As I’ve put the vines among trees To be burned in fires and consumed… That’s what I’ve done to those in JeruSalem.7‘For against them, I’ve now set My face, And fire, they’ll have to [endure]… For fire will [come and] consume them. And [when they see that] it’s My face against them, They’ll know that I am Jehovah.8‘I’ll appoint [their] land to extinction, Because they fell into sin,’ said Jehovah.’


    1Then the Word of Jehovah came to me and said:2‘O son of man,‘To JeruSalem, you must now testify About all of her lawless deeds! 3So tell them that thus says Jehovah:‘Your roots and your birth are in CanaAn, Where an Amorite man was your father, And a Hittite [woman], your mother.4‘And concerning your birth and the day you were born; Your naval wasn’t cut, nor were you washed, No one [cleansed] you with salt, And you weren’t wrapped up in a blanket.5‘For their eyes didn’t feel enough pity for you To do such things on your behalf; They just threw you into the fields, Since your soul had been deformed since your birth.6‘Then I came and saw you defiled in your blood, And I said to you:‘Come to life!’Yes, I said this to you in your blood:‘Come to life… Become many!’7‘I made you like crops that grow in the fields, Then you became many and great And you entered the city of cities.‘Thereafter, your breasts and your hair both grew full… But you were still indecent and naked.8‘It was then that I came and beheld you, And I saw that it was your time… A time for you to find rest.‘So I opened and spread out My wings over you And covered your indecent condition. Over you, I then swore an oath, And concluded a Sacred Agreement,’ says Jehovah. So, that’s when you became Mine.9‘I bathed you in water and washed off your blood, And then, I rubbed you with oil. 10I dressed you in [the best] colored clothes… In blue and linen, I wrapped you, And I placed a braided belt [on your hips].11‘I decked you with ornamentation… I put bracelets on [both] of your [wrists], And around your neck, put a necklace.12‘I gave you a ring for your nose, As well as disks for your ears, And to boast, a garland [to wear on] your head.13‘So, you were adorned in silver and gold; Your wraps were the finest of linen; You had braided hair and colored clothes, And you ate the finest of flour, As well as the best honey and oil.‘So, you became exceedingly [great], And you prospered as one who’s a [queen]. 14Among the nations, your name became known, And this was true of your beauty; For I’d made your beauty complete… I’m the One who ordered it for you,’ says Jehovah.15‘Then, on your beauty, you came to rely, And you gave away [sex], because of your fame… You ‘poured it out’ on the roads.16‘Then you [ripped] your clothes, so that you could make strings To tie all your idols together, And you used them to do what’s immoral. So now, there’s no way that you can return… No way may you come back to Me!17‘Then you took the things of which you could boast – The silver and gold that I gave you – And made idols, with which you had sex. 18You dressed them up in your colored clothes, And set before them My incense and oil.19‘You took the bread that I made With the fine flour, honey, and oil, And set it in front of their faces As pleasing scents and aromas.‘And after you did all of this,’ says Jehovah, 20‘You took the sons and daughters you bore And offered them up to [your gods] Until [they had all] been consumed.21‘Yes you killed them to make your gods happy… You gave all of your children to them! 22And this is much more disgusting Than the rest of the bad things you’ve done.‘For, you forgot the days of your youth When you were indecent and naked, And lived befouled in your blood. 23And now that you’ve done all your evil, Woe, woe, upon you,’ says Jehovah!24‘A whorehouse you’ve built for yourself, And you’ve posted signs in the squares. 25You’ve erected them on each corner, And there, you’ve wasted your beauty.‘Between your legs, you’ve led all who would pass. And again, you made it much worse… 26You had sex with the sons of Egyptians… With the flesh of those who live just next door! Yes, you have done all these bad things That have driven Me into a rage.27‘So {Look!} against you, I’ll stretch My hand, And I’ll take away all your Laws, Then hand you to those who detest you… To the daughters of the Philistines, Whose godless ways you have followed.28‘With Assyria’s sons, you also had sex, Which brought you no more satisfaction… You had sex, but it wasn’t enough. 29So in CanaAn’s land, you also had sex, As well as with the Chaldeans… But you still couldn’t find satisfaction.30‘O what will I do to your heart,’ asks Jehovah, ‘As you are doing these bad things… The works of a woman that’s known as a whore, And who’s even had sex with her daughters!31‘Whorehouses, you’ve built upon every [street], But you don’t act as the madam! 32An adulterous woman is all that you are… One whose husband acts as her pimp!33‘You’ve even paid those you’ve had sex with… You’ve paid wages to all of your lovers As inducements for them to stay near And engage in all of your whoring!34‘Your perversions are worse than all others; For with other whores, you’ve even had sex… You paid them – they didn’t pay you; So, what you have done is perversion!35‘Because of this, O you whore, Hear the Word of Jehovah:36‘Because you paid others with your copper coins, Your shame will soon be uncovered… Your whoring with all of your lovers, As well as your evil thoughts… Your lawless deeds and the blood of your young, Which you have offered [to idols].37‘So, because of these things that you’ve done, I’ll gather your lovers against you And mix those you’ve hated among them. Together, I’ll bring them against you Until they have you surrounded. I’ll uncover your evils before them, And then, they’ll all see your shame.38‘I’ll punish you as an adulteress, And I will pour out your blood… In My zeal, I’ll appoint you for blood, 39And I’ll hand you over to them.‘Then, they’ll cut down your whorehouses… They’ll demolish your base, and rip off your clothes, Then take all the things about which you boast… They’ll leave you indecent and naked again.40‘Against you, they will lead mobs Who’ll stone you with rocks and stab you with swords, 41Then burn your whorehouses with fire… They will wreak vengeance upon you, There before other women.‘But I’ll turn you away from your whoring, And return the money that you’ve paid your lovers… 42Against you, I’ll slacken My rage And remove the jealous zeal I once had… So I can rest and be anxious no more.43‘Because you forgot the days of your youth And brought Me regret with your actions; {Look!} I’ll bring them down on your head,’ says Jehovah, ‘And then, you’ll be godless no more!44‘For against you, they all have said this:‘The daughter is just like the mother,’45And truly, you are just like your mother… A woman released by her man, And one who abandoned her children, As well as her brothers and sisters… Yes, she also pushed them away, Along with her husband and children.‘For an Amorite man was your father, And a Hittite woman, your mother. 46Samaria is your big sister, Whose daughters have lived to your left.‘Your younger sister, who lives on your right, Along with her daughters, is Sodom. 47And in their ways, you have traveled – Their lawless deeds, you’ve done also – So their ways are now better than yours!48‘As I live,’ says Jehovah, ‘Has your sister, Sodom, or her daughters Ever acted like you and those who are yours?49‘The sin of Sodom, your sister, was pride. For, although she had plenty of bread (She and her daughters had more than enough), This thing that was found among them was true: They offered no aid to the needy and poor… 50Before Me they bragged and broke laws, And as you saw, I removed them!51‘Yet, Samaria didn’t sin with half of your sins, And you’re now more lawless than her. Yes, all the lawless things that you’ve done Prove your sisters more righteous. 52So now, you must carry your torment!‘For by your sins, you’ve corrupted your sisters… And your lawless ways are much worse than theirs, So that they now look better than you! Yes, be ashamed and accept your dishonor, For it’s you who made them look better.53‘So from them, I’ll remove My rejection – The rejection of Sodom and her daughters – And I’ll remove Samaria’s rejection (As well as that of her daughters)… And then, I’ll wipe you out of their midst!54‘Therefore, you must now bear the torment and disgrace For all that you did to provoke Me. 55And your sister, Sodom, and her daughters Will be restored as they were at the first, Along with Samaria and her daughters, Who’ll become as they were [in their youth]. Yes, her daughters will all be restored As they had been [long ago].56‘Wasn’t Sodom, your sister, a reason to boast In the days of your pride, 57Before your evils were seen… Those evils for which you’re now being scorned By all of Syria’s daughters And by those who are living around you… Like the daughters of the Philistines… Those who live just next door?58‘So, because of your godless ways, And the lawless deeds that you’ve done,’ says Jehovah, 59‘I’ll do to you as you’ve done to Me… For you’ve disgraced the promise you made By breaking your Agreement with Me.60‘Yet, I will remember My oath… The one that I made with you in your youth, To establish My Agreement with you throughout the age 61Then, perhaps you’ll remember the right ways to act.‘But for following in the ways of your sisters – Both the younger and older – You will now be despised.‘And thereafter, I’ll give them to you, Then you can start teaching them... But not of your Agreement with Me, 62For My Sacred Agreement will just be with you… And you’ll all know that I am Jehovah.63‘So remember, and then be ashamed… Do not open your mouth, Since your face has been so dishonored. And I am the One who has born all the cost Of the sins that you have committed,’ says Jehovah!’


    1Then the Word of Jehovah came to me and said:2‘O son of man,‘Tell this story and sing it as a song Before the house of IsraEl… 3Tell them that thus says Jehovah:‘There was a great eagle with very great wings Whose claws were long and outstretched. To Lebanon, He was then led, Where He perched on the choicest of cedars.4‘The most tender tips, He plucked off, And to the land of CanaAn, He took them; Then He placed them in a city with walls.5‘He also took a seed from that land And planted it in ground fit for sowing A place with plenty of water, And He arranged for it to be tended.6‘Thereafter, [the seed] grew into a vine, Which proved that it would be great. Above, it grew many branches of vines, As its roots [spread out] underneath it… It became a vine with layers of vines, And its tendrils kept spreading abroad.7‘There was also another great eagle That had large wings and [long] claws. So {Look!} the grapevine then twisted towards him, As did its roots and its branches.‘[The vine] reached towards [the eagle] from her water, Which pulled her from her place in the sun… 8Even though the soil in which she was planted was good, And even though she had plenty of water. For, she was fat and putting out buds, And as a great vine, was bearing much fruit.’9‘Then Jehovah asked:‘So, will she continue to prosper? Will she continue to have tender roots? Won’t all her fruits start to rot?‘Yes, those early shoots will all dry, But not because of some great mighty arm Or because an army had pulled up her roots.10‘{Look!} This fat one will no longer prosper Because she’ll be touched by hot winds And she will be dried up by drought. Yes, when the east winds blow, she will shrivel!’11Then the Word of Jehovah came to me and said:‘Ask the rebellious house what all of this meant… Yes, [go ahead and just] ask them!12‘{Look!} Babylon’s king will come to JeruSalem And capture her king and her rulers; Then, they’ll be taken to Babylon.13‘Yes, he’ll take the offspring of the kingdom, Then force him to swear an oath of allegiance… As he carries the rulers away from their land.14‘So the kingdom will then be so weak That it won’t be able to lift itself up. And in order for them to survive, They’ll have to keep their treaty with him.15‘But [the king] will thereafter revolt And send his envoys to Egypt To beg them for horses and soldiers.‘Will he succeed? Will the one who disobeyed be preserved? Will the one who broke his oath then be saved?16‘As I live,’ says Jehovah, ‘Surely, here in the place of the king, He’ll disgrace the One who allowed him to rule And he’ll break the oath of his treaty. So to Babylon, he will be taken, And there is where he will die!17‘No, he won’t succeed despite his great power Or because of the [strength] of his [army]. For although PharaOh will join him in war And build many weapons and siege mounds, Which will bring many lives to an end; 18Because [the king] will have disgraced his oath – The one which he’ll swear before Me, When he breaks the agreement he made... {Look!} The one over which he held up his hand! For this, he will not escape.19‘So, tell him that thus says Jehovah:‘As I live… You will be disgraced For breaking the agreement you made before Me. So upon your head, I’ll lay this:20‘Over you, I’ll spread out My net, And in it, you’ll be wrapped up and captured… Then off to Babylon, you will be led, Where I’ll judge you for your sins against Me.21‘Then your armies that are ready for battle Will all be cut down by swords, And the survivors will be scattered to the [four] winds… Then they’ll know that I, Jehovah, have spoken.’22‘Thereafter, Jehovah said:But then, from the choicest of cedars, I will pluck off a top… Yes, out of its heart, I will pluck it, And on a high mountain, I’ll plant it.23‘On a Mountain in IsraEl, I’ll place it… I’ll plant it and then it will bud, And it will bear fruit once again.‘Once more, it will be a great cedar, And a place of resting for birds… In the shadow of its branches, they’ll rest, For the branches of her vines will then be restored.24‘So then, all the trees in the plains Will know that I am Jehovah… I’m the One who humbles the trees in their heights And who raises those who have been laid low.‘I’m the One who can dry up green trees Or make them flourish in dryness, Because, I am Jehovah… So I’ve spoken, and now I will act!’


    1And the Word of Jehovah came to me and said:2‘O son of man,‘How does the proverb apply To the land of IsraEl, which goes:‘When the fathers eat unripe grapes, The mouths of the children get toothaches?3‘Jehovah says:‘As I live, Will this proverb prove true among IsraEl?4‘I’m the One who owns all their souls Yes the souls of both the fathers and sons. And since they are all really Mine; The sinners among them will die!5‘But the one who is fair, righteous, and just… 6Who doesn’t feast to idols on hills… Whose eyes are not [filled with pride]… Whose thoughts are of the House of IsraEl… Who doesn’t defile the wife of his neighbor Nor does he dirty his wife By approaching her in menstruation 7Who does not tyrannize others… Who asks no collateral [for loans] – The things that he doesn’t return – Who takes nothing by force… Who gives bread to the hungry and clothes to the naked… 8Who doesn’t require interest on loans – Who asks no payment of interest – Who turns his hand from injustice… Who is fair when he serves as the judge Between a man and his neighbor… 9Who follows all of My orders… Who guards My Laws and obeys them… Such a man will be thought of as righteous, And he will then receive life,’ says Jehovah.10‘But, if he should father a bad son… One who sins and sheds blood, 11And won’t follow his father’s righteous ways, But feasts before idols on mountains, And willingly defiles the wife of his neighbor… 12Who tyrannizes the needy and poor And seizes collateral by force, Then chooses not to return it… Who turns his eyes towards the idols, Then practices all that is lawless, 13And lends his things out for interest… He will not receive life. For his lawless deeds, he will die, And his blood will be upon his [own head].14‘Then, if he should father a son Who fears all the sins of his father, And refuses to act as he did… 15If he’s one who won’t feast to idols on hills, And remembers the house of IsraEl… If he doesn’t defile the wife of his neighbor… 16If he doesn’t act like a tyrant… If he doesn’t require collateral for loans… If he doesn’t take things by force… If he gives bread to the hungry and clothes to the naked… 17If he doesn’t turn his hand towards injustice Or charge interest for the loans that he makes… If he’s righteous and follows My orders… He’ll live and not die for his father’s sins!18‘But because his father was oppressive and bad… Because he took things by force And was contrary among his own people… For his unrighteous ways, he will die!19‘But then, you will ask:‘Why won’t the son bear the sins of his father?’‘It’s because he is merciful, righteous, and fair… He’s kept My Laws and obeyed them, And as a result, he will live… 20Just the soul that is sinning will die!‘So the son won’t be blamed for his father’s bad ways, And the father won’t be blamed for those of his son. Yes, the righteous ways of each person And lawless ways of each person Are what they will bring on themselves!21But, if the lawless one turns from what’s bad And starts to keep My Commandments... If he becomes merciful, righteous, and just... He will be granted life, Yes, he will live and not die! 22I will forget all his sins, No matter how many there are… For his righteous ways, he will live!23‘Do I wish to bring death to the lawless,’ asks Jehovah? ‘No, I want them to turn from the bad, so they’ll live! 24But, if the righteous should turn from right ways And commit all the sins of the lawless… Yes, if they do such things, they will die… I’ll forget all the righteous things that they did And destroy them for their errors and sins.25‘But then, you will say:‘The ways of Jehovah aren’t right!’‘Pay attention, O house of IsraEl! Haven’t My ways proven straight? Aren’t yours the ways that are crooked?26‘When a righteous man turns from right ways, Shouldn’t he die for his sins… Since he’s the one who’s to blame, Isn’t he the one who should die?27‘And when the lawless turn from bad ways… When they start acting righteous and fair 28And recognize how godless they’ve been; All these people should live… No way should they have to die!29‘Yet, the house of IsraEl still claims That the ways of Jehovah aren’t straight.‘O house of IsraEl,‘Is it really My ways that aren’t straight? Aren’t yours the ways that are crooked?30‘Therefore, O house of IsraEl,‘I’ll judge each man by the things that he does,’ says Jehovah. ‘So, if you will turn from your bad ways, You won’t be punished for the bad things you’ve done!31‘But, you must discard all your bad ways, As well as your irreverence towards Me… Create for yourselves new breaths and hearts!‘O house of IsraEl,‘Why should you die? 32I want no one to die,’ says Jehovah… ‘So return [to Me] and you’ll live!’


    1‘Now, against the rulers of IsraEl, I want you to sing this lament:2‘Your mother was a lion with cubs… For in the midst of lions, she had many cubs. 3Then, one of her cubs made the leap Into becoming a lion… He learned to attack and eat men.4‘But the nations soon heard about him, And in their corruption, they caught him, Then in a cage, they brought him to Egypt.5‘Well, when she saw that [her son] had been caught And that she had lost her support; She took another one of her cubs And made him grow into a lion.6‘So he started to walk among lions, And very soon, he became one… He captured prey and ate many men.7‘In their cities, he then boldly fed Until the whole land was destroyed And filled with the sounds of his roaring.8‘So the nations all came from their places… They surrounded and then they attacked him… In their corruption, they threw nets and caught him.9‘Into a cage, he was put, And to the king of Babylon, they took him. So, because he was kept in a cage, His roar was no longer heard In IsraEl’s mountains, thereafter.10‘Now, this mother was much like a grape vine Or a pomegranate planted near water. And because there was so much water, Soon she grew buds and fruit.11‘Among the head tribe, she became a strong rod, And she was esteemed for her greatness Amidst the rest of those great trunks [of trees]… And she saw that her branches were what made her great.12‘But in rage, she was thereafter broken… Yes, she was cut to the ground And by burning winds, she was dried. Then her choicest of branches – the rods of her strength – Were punished, dried out, and burned.13‘For, she’d moved herself into the desert… To a land that was thirsty and dry. 14So the flames on her choicest of branches Also reached down and consumed her, Which left her without the rod of her strength. So, to her tribe, she became a sad song About one who will surely be missed.’


    1It was in the 7th year, in the 5th month, and on the 10th day of the month that men from among the elders of the house of IsraEl came before me to ask [things] from Jehovah. So after they all came and sat down in front of my face, 2the Word of Jehovah came to me and said:3‘O son of man,‘Speak to IsraEl’s elders And tell them that thus says Jehovah:‘Have you come to ask something of Me? As I live, I will not reply,’ says Jehovah! 4‘But I’ll punish you, O sons of men, For the lawless deeds of your fathers…‘Yes, this is what you must tell them!5‘And tell them that thus says Jehovah:‘From the day that I took the house of IsraEl And to Jacob’s offspring, became known, When I let them know Me in Egypt… Yes, when I took hold of their hands, And told them that I am Jehovah their God...6Since the day that I took them into My hands And led them from Egypt’s land Into the land that I had prepared... A land that flowed with honey and milk… Honeycombs that are far greater Than those in all other lands... 7And I told them that they must abandon The disgusting things in front of their eyes And the defilements of Egypt… Since then, I’ve been Jehovah their God!8‘But then, they revolted against Me And refused to hear what I said. Their disgusting things, they didn’t remove The things [they could see] with their eyes, Nor did they leave the bad ways of Egypt.‘So I threatened to pour out My rage upon them, And finish My anger among them in Egypt. 9But I acted so My Name would not be profaned Before the nations among which they were living Those to whom I had made [Myself] known… And I led them from Egypt’s land.10‘Then I led them from Egypt into the desert, 11Where I gave them My orders and all of My Laws Which, if a man does them, bring life.12‘And I gave them My Sabbaths to serve as a sign That they knew that I am Jehovah… The One who is making them holy.13‘But, in the desert, they made Me feel bitter; For they didn’t follow My orders, And My Laws, they then pushed away... Which, if a man does them, bring life, And they profaned all My Sabbaths.‘So, it was there in the desert That I threatened to pour out My rage And to completely wipe them away. 14Yet I didn’t, so My Name would not be profaned Among the gentiles who saw that I led them.15‘Then, in the desert, I lifted My hand So as not to bring them into the land A land that flows with honey and milk… Honeycombs that are greater than in other lands; 16For they’d pushed away all My Laws, And they chose not to follow My orders… They also profaned all My Sabbaths, And they followed the desires of their hearts.17‘Yet, My eyes continued to spare them… I did not wipe them away Or destroy them there in the desert.18‘In the desert, I then warned their children Not to follow the laws of their fathers, Nor to obey their [bad] rules… Not defile themselves with their fathers’ ways, 19For I am Jehovah their God.‘[I told them that they must] follow My orders… They must keep My Laws and obey them, 20And keep My Sabbath days holy. For, this is the sign between Me and them That I am Jehovah their God.21‘But against Me, they also rebelled, And their children wouldn’t follow My orders… They didn’t guard My Laws or obey them – The Laws that bring life to all who’ll obey – And they profaned all My Sabbaths.‘So I spoke to them in My anger… I threatened to pour My rage upon them And finish My wrath in the desert.22‘So against them, I then turned My hand And I acted because of Myself… That My Name would not be profaned Before the nations, from which they’d been led.23‘But in the desert, I lifted My hand To scatter them among all the nations, 24Because they’d refused to follow My Laws, And My orders, they’d just pushed away! Yes, they had profaned all My Sabbaths, And they followed the thoughts of their fathers.25‘So I [let them do as] their fathers had said And to follow their laws that do not bring life… 26Yes, I let their orders defile them! Then I scattered all those who opened the womb… I completely wiped them away So they’d know that I am Jehovah!’27‘And because of these things, O son of man, You must speak to the house of IsraEl And tell them that thus says Jehovah:‘To this day, your fathers have enraged Me By the sins they’ve committed against Me. 28For, although I brought them into the land That I gave to them when I lifted My hand… When they saw its shady trees and [beautiful] hills, To other gods, they offered sacrifices.‘So on them and their gifts, I then brought My wrath; For to other gods, they also had offered Drink offerings, incense, and pleasing aromas.29‘Then I asked:‘What’s so great about your high places That you’re still choosing to go there? For they call them the High Places down to this day...’30‘So tell IsraEl that thus says Jehovah:‘Do all the lawless deeds of your fathers! With their disgusting ways, dirty yourselves! 31Offer [those gods] your first-fruits and gifts, Then pass your children through fire! Yes defile yourselves in all of your thoughts As you’ve continued to do to this day!‘So house of IsraEl; what must I reply? As I live,’ says Jehovah; ‘If I should give you an answer, Would your spirits pay any attention? 32Won’t you say that you’d rather be like the nations… Like all the [other] tribes of the earth That serve before wood and stone idols?33‘Because of this, as I live,’ says Jehovah, ‘With a strong hand, I’ll dominate you; And with My arm raised high in great rage!34‘But I’ll also lead you out of those nations… Yes, I’ll take you away from those places Where My strong hand has sent you With My arm raised high in great rage!35‘Then I’ll lead you into the deserts, And there, before all the nations, I’ll argue your case with them face to face, 36Just as I did for your fathers Back in the deserts of Egypt… And that’s how I’ll then be your judge,’ says Jehovah.37‘I’ll lead you away with My rod, And bring you back [to your homeland]. 38Then I’ll pick away all those among you That are irreverent and rebellious… I’ll remove them from those who [are righteous], And to the land of IsraEl, they’ll never return, So you’ll know that I am Jehovah.’39‘Jehovah says:‘As for you, O house of IsraEl; Move away from your evil deeds, And then you must listen to Me! You may not profane My Holy Name With your gifts and those [wicked] deeds 40That you practiced on My Holy Mountain, And upon all of IsraEl’s hills.‘Jehovah says:In their land, IsraEl must serve Me; For, that is where I’ll receive them And it’s where I’ll keep watch on their first fruits… The first-fruits of all that they offer, And the rest of their most-holy things.41‘And when I bring them back from the nations From the places where they will be scattered, I’ll accept their pleasing aromas again, And I will be holy among them Before the eyes of [the gentiles]… 42And they’ll know that I am Jehovah When I bring them back to IsraEl’s land… The land that I gave to their fathers.43‘Then, you will consider your ways, And think about all the bad things you did In order to make yourselves dirty, And you’ll slap your own faces for your evil ways… 44For you’ll know that I am Jehovah.‘You’ll also know that I did all these things So My Name would not be profaned By the bad things you practiced and your evil ways,’ says Jehovah.’45Then the Word of Jehovah came to me and said:46‘O son of man,‘Now, turn your face towards TeMan and look… You must look towards [the land in the south]; Then, you must prophesy this Towards the woods that lead to the Negev!47‘You must tell those in the Negev’s wooded lands To hear the Word of Jehovah! For, this is what He’s declared:‘{Look!} Within you, I’ll now light a ‘fire’ That will burn up all of your trees, Both those that are green and those that are dry. And after this ‘fire’ has been lit, It won’t be extinguished thereafter!‘All your faces will soon be consumed By ‘winds’ that come from the north and the east. 48And all flesh will know that I am Jehovah When I light a ‘fire’ that can’t be extinguished!’49But I said:‘O Lord… O Jehovah… By no means! For then they’ll ask:‘Aren’t you just telling us a parable?’


    1And the Lord replied to me saying:2‘Because of these things, O son of man, [You must speak against them] this prophecy… Towards JeruSalem, you must now set your face And look towards its Most Holy place; Then to IsraEl, you must prophesy this… 3Tell IsraEl that thus says Jehovah:‘{Look!} I’m the One who is coming against you; So I’ll pull My sword from its sheath And destroy your unrighteous and lawless.4‘I’ll pull My sword out of its sheath [That is, men] from the north and the east; 5And after I pull them out of the sheath, I won’t be putting them back, So all will then know that I am Jehovah!’6‘And you, O son of man,‘Groan as if you’ve broken your hips… Before their eyes, you must groan in grief. 7And when they ask why you’re groaning, This is what you must tell them:‘The message that comes will break [all your] hearts And all your hands will grow feeble. For all flesh and all that are breathing Will soon come to an end And all [bottoms] will be tainted by wetness.8‘Look… It’s coming and now it will happen,’ says Jehovah, [your] God.’9And thereafter, the Word of Jehovah came to me and said:‘O son of man,‘Now you must prophesy this… You must tell them that thus says Jehovah:‘O broadsword, O broadsword, be angry and sharp, 10Then slay the victims for slaughter. Be sharpened until you are shiny, Then prepare for numbing and slay! Treat [them all] with contempt, And chop down all of their trees!11‘For He’s readied the sword that He holds in his hand... This sword which He has just sharpened... And prepared it for use by the one who stabs through.12‘So, cry out and shriek, O sons of men, For upon my people, it’s coming, And upon all of IsraEl’s guides… Yes this sword [is coming to them]!13‘It will come to all of my people, And because of this, clap your hands; For, this is justice that’s due.’So I asked him:‘But then, won’t my tribe be totally thrown away?’And the Lord said:‘Don’t worry, that just will not happen.’14‘But you, O son of man, must now prophesy… Clap one hand on the other To summon another broadsword against them. For this third one will be a sword of great slaughter… It’s one that will truly amaze.15‘It will break all their hearts, as many grow weak, When, at their gates, it arrives… And all will be killed by this sword.‘Well done, O sharp one that slaughters. Well done, O great shining one. Now like lightning, you must go forth and slay!16‘Sharpen both sides, the right and the left, Then swing it wherever your face is aroused.17‘But after that, I will clap my hands, And then I will slacken My rage… For I Jehovah, have spoken.’18Then the Word of Jehovah came to me again, and said:19‘And you, O son of man,‘Prepare two ways for the sword to arrive So that Babylon’s king may now enter.‘Two [armies] will come from one place; One will come from the right, And the other from the city’s top street… So, ready the corner of that street!20‘The broadsword [will first enter] RabBah; And then, from the direction of AmMon’s sons An attack will be launched on JeruSalem. 21Then, on those most ancient roads, The king of Babylon will stand.‘On the corner, between the two streets, [he will stand], Looking to his diviners for signs… [He’ll ask them] to stir with the rod And to question their idols, Then to look into the liver.22‘So, an oracle will give him instructions And tell him to throw up a siege mound On JeruSalem’s right.‘Then he’ll open his mouth and he’ll yell:‘Raise your voices and shout, And against her gates, erect siege mounds! Yes, build the mounds all around them, And create more weapons of war!’23‘For he’ll serve as an omen against them… He’ll provide divination concerning [their end]. He’ll remind them that they will be led off as captives Because they have been so unrighteous.24‘And he’ll also help them to remember,’ said the Lord… ‘That he came because of their unrighteous ways, And to reveal their irreverent condition.‘He will then show them their sins, As well as the laws that they’ve broken, Which they’ll think of after they’re captured.25‘And then [say to] that lawless profane one… Upon the one who is IsraEl’s guide:‘Your unrighteous days have now ended!’26‘For [the Lord] Jehovah said this [about him]:‘Remove the turban and take off the crown, Because they’ll no longer be yours. For, from your high place, you will be cut down, And then, what is low will be raised!27‘For, to the unrighteous, I’ll bring what’s unrighteous… And that’s all there’ll be ‘til the time That the one who is worthy arrives… And to him, I will give it all back.’28‘So now, prophesy now, O son of man… And to the sons of AmMon, you must say That Jehovah said this concerning their scorn:‘O broadsword, O broadsword, now be unsheathed… Be unsheathed for the victims of slaughter Arise and shine to consume them!29‘For, all their visions are worthless, And your oracles are just telling lies… So they won’t be able to save you. For your lawless ways, [I’ll bring swords to] your necks, And your unrighteous days will have ended.30‘Then return, [O sword], to your sheath! For, in this place where you were once born I’ll judge these [people] in their own land 31And I’ll pour My rage out upon them.‘Against them, I’ll breathe the fire of My rage, And to barbarians, I will hand them over… To those contriving corruption for them.32‘By fire, they will then be devoured, And blood will be flowing throughout their land. And thereafter, they’ll just be forgotten… For I Jehovah, have spoken.’


    1Then the Word of Jehovah came to me and said:2‘And you, O son of man, Must now judge that city because of its blood… You must make an example of her For all of her lawless deeds!3‘You must say that the Lord Jehovah said this:‘O city of so much shed blood The one who has made herself dirty... 4You’ve fallen into the blood that you’ve shed And defiled yourself with your thoughts. So the end of your days has drawn near… You’ve reached the end of your years!‘You are given to be scorned by the nations, And for every region to mock you… 5You’ll be mocked by those who are living nearby And by those who live far away. Yes, you unclean one, they’ll mock you, For your lawless ways are now famous.6‘Then, look at what IsraEl’s guides have been doing… They’ve joined with all their relations In order to spill innocent blood! 7Look also at your fathers and mothers… All they talk about doing is evil!‘They treat foreign peoples unjustly, And tyrannize orphans and widows. 8My holy things, they treat with contempt, And they are profaning My Sabbaths!9‘The men among you are robbers, And they are shedding innocent blood. Then, in the mountains, they feast to their idols… Such unholy things are now done in your midst!10‘You’ve uncovered the shame of your fathers, And you have defiled many women Who were sitting apart as unclean.11‘You’ve [had sex] with the wives of your neighbors… You’ve each defiled your daughters-in-law And done ungodly things to your sisters… You’ve debased the daughters of your parents!12‘You also take bribes and shed blood… Interest and rent, you require! So you’ve reached the end of your evil… In your tyranny, you have overlooked Me,’ says Jehovah.13‘Now, if I clap hand against hand Against all the evils you’re doing... Yes, against all those bad things, And the blood that’s been shed in your midst... 14Will your heart be able to stand [what I’ll do], And will your hands [still be strong] when I do it? For, I Jehovah, have spoken… Yes [I’ve spoken] and now I will act!15‘For I’ll spread you among all the nations… I’ll scatter you to many regions, And then your uncleanness will be wiped away. 16I’ll assign other nations to watch over you, And you’ll know that I am Jehovah.’17Then the Word of Jehovah came to me and said:18‘O son of man,‘{Look!} Before me, the house of IsraEl’s become Like brass that’s mixed in with iron, Or like tin and lead mixed with silver.19‘So because of their [wicked condition], You must tell them that thus says [Jehovah]:‘Since you are all mixed together; I’ll bring you into JeruSalem’s midst 20As though you’re inside of a furnace.‘Then, just as silver that’s become mixed With brass, tin, iron, and lead, And air is blown in to refine it… That’s what I’ll do to you in My rage.‘In My anger, I’ll gather you all And throw you into a furnace. 21Then I’ll blow on you with the fire of My rage, And you’ll be refined in its midst.22‘Yes, as silver is refined in a furnace; I’ll throw you into an oven. Then you’ll know that I am Jehovah When I pour My rage out upon you.’23Well after that, the Word of Jehovah came to me and said:24‘O son of man,‘You must tell them [that Jehovah said] this:At that time, they’ll call yours the land… The land without any rain… For there’ll be no rain in the day of [My] rage.25‘Since the leaders in your midst are like lions Who roar and seize prey by force… Since they dominate, destroy, and consume, And take whatever has value… The numbers of widows will grow in your midst.26‘For your priests have annulled all My Laws, And My holy things, they’ve profaned… They can’t tell the holy from the profane Or what’s clean from the unclean. 27From My Sabbaths, they’ve hidden their eyes, And I’ve been profaned in their midst.28‘So her prophets that do the anointing Will soon all be cut down… Yes, those who can see only vain things And omens that really aren’t true, But who say that Jehovah has spoken to them When He hasn’t spoken at all.29‘And even the land’s [common] people Call for what is unrighteous And [ask for their share] of the loot. They are tyrants to the needy and poor, And they treat foreign peoples unfairly!30‘Then I searched among them for one righteous man… One who’ll stand firm in the day of My rage, So I wouldn’t have to bring her conclusion And totally wipe her away… But, no such man could I find.31So, I will pour out My anger And send the fire of My rage In order to finish them off… I’m bringing their blame upon their own heads,’ said Jehovah.’


    1And the Word of Jehovah came to me and said:2‘O son of man,[‘Jehovah says:]‘Two women were the daughters of one mother, 3And they were immoral during their youth. For, they [had sex] down in Egypt… Yes, there is where their breasts fell [to others], And it’s where they lost their virgin condition.4‘The eldest one’s name was ‘Her Tent’, And her sister was named ‘Her Tent is Within Her’. To Me, they both had been given To bear My sons and My daughters.‘Are these really their names? No! I’m calling Samaria, ‘Her Tent’, And ‘Her Tent is Within Her’ is JeruSalem.5‘Her Tent’ [that is, Samaria] had been unfaithful to Me, And she doted upon all her lovers… The Assyrians, with whom she had [slept]… 6Their blue-clad commanders and leaders, And the choicest of all their young men, As well as those who ride horses.7‘To them, she offered herself… To the choicest of Assyria’s sons. She gave herself to those she desired, And wholeheartedly made herself dirty.8‘But her affair with Egypt hadn’t ended... Those with whom she had [slept] in her youth... She gave her virginity to them, And they poured [their semen] upon her.9‘So I handed her to all her lovers, To the sons of the Assyrians, whom she desired... 10And they uncovered her shame. Then they took her sons and her daughters And slaughtered them all with their swords. The women also gossiped about her, When [the Assyrians] brought vengeance upon her.11‘But when ‘Her Tent is Within Her’ [that is, JeruSalem] saw what had happened, She became more corrupt [than her sister]… Yes, even more immoral than her.12‘For she loved the sons of Assyria… Those nearby commanders and leaders Who wore such elegant clothes, And the men who rode on their horses… Yes, all of their choicest young men.13‘So I saw that they’d both been defiled, And that both were the same [kind of ‘women’].14‘Then, to her bad ways, she added, As she looked upon men who were painted on walls… Images of the Chaldeans, Depicted with brush strokes on [stone], 15Wearing colored belts on their hips, As well as deeply-dyed turbans, All giving the appearance of officials Among the sons of Babylon… Of her fatherland, the Chaldeans.16‘She doted on them with her eyes, And she sent her messengers to them There in the land of Chaldea.17‘So those sons of Babylon arrived, And on her marriage-bed they then rested… In their immoral ways, they defiled her.‘And as she was being defiled, She put her life in their hands… 18Her immoral shame, she uncovered… She removed My soul from her life As her sister had already done.19Then, she became even worse, As she forgot the days of her youth When she [had sex] down in Egypt 20And started thinking about the Chaldeans. For, they had flesh just like burros, And genitals like those of horses.21‘She turned from the lawless ways of her youth And from the things that she did down in Egypt... That place in which she’d once lodged And where the breasts of her youth had first fallen [to others].22‘So, because of this, O ‘Her Tent is Within Her’ [that is, JeruSalem]; {Look!} I’ve awakened your ‘lovers’ against you… Yes, those to whom you once gave your soul. And now, I will bring them against you, Then they will come and surround you… 23The sons of Chaldea and Babylon – Pekod, Shoa, and Koa – Along with Assyria’s sons And all of their choicest young men… Their governors, commanders, and tribunes, And the famous ones riding on horses.24‘From the north, they’ll all come against you With weapons and chariot wheels… Many nations with chest plates, helmets, and shields. They’ll surround you and throw up a siege mound; Then judgment, I’ll put on their faces, So you’ll be punished by their form of justice.25‘Against you, I will then show My zeal, And I’ll deal with you in My rage. They’ll cut off your nose and your ears, And they’ll cut up what’s left with the sword.‘Then they’ll take your sons and your daughters; And all that remains will be burned. 26They’ll strip off all of your clothes, And remove all the things of which you’re so proud.27‘Your impious deeds, I’ll remove, Along with the bad things you practiced in Egypt. To them, you won’t raise your eyes anymore, And you’ll not think of Egypt again.’28‘Jehovah says:‘{Look!} I’ll hand you to those who detest you... Those to whom you’ve given your soul. 29Then they’ll deal with you in their hatred And take all the things for which you’ve worked hard, Leaving you naked and disgraced. Your immoral shame, they’ll uncover, Including your irreverence and whoring.30‘They’ll do all these things, because you’re a whore Who defiled herself by thinking of them. 31So, since you’ve followed in your sister’s ways, I’ll now put her cup in your hands.’32‘And Jehovah said:You’ll drink deeply from the cup of your sister… You’ll drink so much that you’ll laugh, And in your drunken condition, you’ll sneer.33‘For from the cup of extinction, you will be filled, And it will make you feel weak… The same cup of Samaria, your sister.34‘You will drink and then you will vomit… Shards of broken pots, you will eat, And you will start pulling your breasts.‘Then, I will pervert your holiday feasts, As well as all your New Moons… Yes I’ve said that I will pervert them,’ says Jehovah.35‘Then Jehovah said:‘Because you forgot Me and pushed Me aside, You’ll get what you’re due for your whoring!’36‘And Jehovah said:‘O son of man,‘Now, judge between ‘Her Tent’ [Samaria] And ‘Her Tent is Within Her’ [JeruSalem]. Yes, speak to them of their lawless ways… 37Of their adultery and the blood on their hands. For, even their thoughts are adulterous, And they’ve led the children they bore Me through fire!38‘Then, as they did this against Me; They defiled My holy things in that day, And they have profaned all My Sabbaths.39‘They [offered] their children to idols, And entered My Holy Place to profane it… See what they’ve done in My Temple!40‘Then, to those in far-away lands, They sent messengers and begged them to come. And as they were coming, they bathed… They decked themselves out and [painted] their eyes.41‘Before a spread table, they sat on a bed And set before them My incense and oil... Which these men found very delightful.42‘Then the sounds of harmony and music Was played before men who were drunk… Men who’d just come from the desert. Then upon their arms, they put bracelets, And garlands of boasting, they put on their heads.43‘Although I told them that they must be [faithful]; In the ways of a whore, they [had sex]. 44So, they entered within them As a man would enter a whore… They entered ‘Her Tent’ [Samaria] and ‘Her Tent is Within Her’ [JeruSalem]… Two lawless ‘women’ with lawless ways.45‘But because [their lovers] are also just men, They will punish them both With the punishment that’s due an adulteress. In justice, they’ll pour out their blood For the adultery and blood on their hands.’46‘Then Jehovah said:‘Now, bring the armies against them… Bring disturbance and ravaging to them.47‘May those armies then stone them with rocks And run them through with their swords! Kill their sons and their daughters, And burn down all of their homes!48‘Yes, their godless [lovers], I’ll bring to this land In order to correct these two ‘women,’ So they’ll not be godless again.49‘I’ll bring their irreverence down on their heads, And they’ll bear their own sins and ideas… Then they’ll know that I am Jehovah!’


    1It was in the 9th year, in the 10th month, and on the 10th day of the month that the Word of Jehovah came to me and said:2‘O son of man,‘Write the name of this day for yourself, Because this is the day that Babylon’s king Will conquer JeruSalem… Yes, that day has arrived!3‘And say these words to that house in rebellion… Tell them that thus says Jehovah:‘Prepare the pot… Ready the pot and fill it with water, 4Then, you must put in the pieces… All the best pieces… The shoulders and legs, Then, rip the flesh from the bones!5‘I have gathered the choicest of cattle; So, start the fire to boil up the bones… Boil and cook the bones in its midst!’6‘For their Sovereign Lord Jehovah said this:O you city of blood,’There’s a pot that is filled with your venom. So, when they bring out your limbs, [None] will claim your parts as their own.7‘Upon a rock, they will pour out your blood… But it won’t be poured on the ground Or be covered by dirt. 8For I’ll punish you in My rage And I’ll have them pour your blood on a rock So that [no one] can cover it over.9‘Because of this,’ said Jehovah; ‘Woe to you, O city of blood For your funeral pyre will be great.10‘I’ll add much wood and kindle a fire To melt away all the meat. And then, to render a broth, The bones will have to be stewed.11‘You’ll stay on the coals until you’re burned through And all your brass ornaments melt… Until your uncleanness [is gone] And all of your venom has failed… 12Until little venom remains.13‘The venom of your filth, I’ll bring to disgrace Until it is all boiled away. Since you dirtied yourself and wouldn’t get clean, You’ll no longer be able to do that Until My rage on you is complete.14‘For, I Jehovah, have spoken… I’ll do it and I’ll make it happen! I’ll not warn you or show any mercy, Nor will I offer you comfort.‘I will judge you for the things that you’ve done, As well as for the things that you think,’ says Jehovah.’15Then the Word of Jehovah came to me and said:16‘O son of man,‘{Look!} With just one blow, I will now take away [The woman] you’ve treasured most dearly.‘Yet, you must not show any sorrow… 17Do all your groaning in silence… Over her, you must quietly groan, And you may not wail at her grave.‘Don’t take off your sandals or braid your hair, Nor let them offer you comfort… And don’t eat the [food] that they bring.’18Well, the next morning I told the people what he said to me; and then that evening, my wife died. So the [next] morning I did as I was instructed.19And when the people asked me to explain why I was doing these things, 20I told them that the Word of Jehovah had come to me and said this:21‘You must speak to the house of IsraEl And tell them that thus says Jehovah:‘{Look!} My Holy Place, I’ll profane… That wonderful place about which you neigh And the thing that your eyes have desired.‘Now, in order to save your own lives, You’ll have to abandon your daughters and sons… For, they will all fall by the sword.22‘Then, after you’ve done this, You won’t take comfort from anyone’s mouth, Or share in the bread of mankind!23‘Your hair will remain on your head, And your feet will be wearing sandals. So you won’t lament or be crying… You’ll just melt away in your sins, And none will comfort their brothers!24‘Now, EzekiEl will serve as an omen and sign; For, all that he says, you will do. And after these things have all happened, You’ll know that I am Jehovah.’25‘[Then He said]:‘O son of man,‘This is how it will be in the day That I take away all their strength And the things about which they boast… The desirable things of their eyes… All of their sons and daughters, Those in whom their souls take most pride.26‘Then, those who escape in that day Will come and tell you what happened. 27And in that day, you’ll open your mouth… Yes you’ll speak to those who’ve escaped… You’ll speak and be mute no longer… You’ll explain how you were a sign, And they’ll know that I am Jehovah.’


    1Then the Word of Jehovah came to me and said:2‘O son of man,‘Against AmMon’s sons, you must now set your face… [You must speak] this prophesy against them! 3Tell the sons of AmMon to listen And hear the Word of Jehovah. For, this is what Jehovah declared:‘Because you were [filled with] rejoicing When My Holy Place was being profaned As the land of IsraEl was being destroyed, And the house of Judah was led off as captives; 4{Look!} It is for all of these reasons, That to the sons of Kedem, I’ll hand you… And their inheritance, is what you’ll become.‘They’ll camp among you as [masters], And spread their tents in your midst… Then they’ll drink your fatness and eat all your fruit!5‘I’ll give them the cities of AmMon To serve as pens where they’ll keep their sheep, And I’ll also give them your camels… Then you’ll know that I am Jehovah.’6‘Jehovah says:‘For you clapped your hands and stamped your feet… You rejoiced over IsraEl’s fall. 7And because of this, {Look!} I’ll stretch out My hand And appoint you to be ravaged by the nations.‘I’ll destroy you from among the rest of the peoples… I’ll wipe you out of your regions… And you’ll know that I am Jehovah.8‘Jehovah says:‘And because MoAb and SeIr have proclaimed That the house of Judah is now like the gentiles; 9{Look!} For this, I’ll injure the shoulder of MoAb… The cities at the edge [of his land]… The choicest parts of BethJeshiMoth The city of springs by the sea.10‘To the sons of Kedem, I will hand AmMon To serve an inheritance among them… Then the nations will forget about AmMon’s sons. 11And in MoAb, I will also wreak vengeance, So they’ll know that I am Jehovah.12‘And Jehovah says:‘Since Edom was very resentful And sought vengeance upon Judah’s house By bringing such punishment upon them… 13Yes, because of this,’ says Jehovah; ‘I’ll stretch out My hand against Edom, And from man to beast, destroy all. I will make [their land] desolation, And from TeMan to Ledan, those being chased Will each be cut down by swords.14‘For against Edom’s land, I’ll bring vengeance At the hands of IsraEl, My people. They’ll deal with Edom as My rage demands And in the ways of My anger. Then, they will know of My vengeance,’ says Jehovah.15And because of this,’ says Jehovah, ‘Because the Philistines took vengeance And they rejoiced in their souls When they wiped [My people] away throughout the age 16Yes, because of this,’ says Jehovah, ‘{Look!} Against the Philistines, I’ll stretch out My hand, And their Cherethites I will destroy, As well as the rest that are left on the coast.17‘Yes, against them, I’ll bring vengeance With the rebukes of My rage. Then they’ll know that I am Jehovah, When I wreak My vengeance upon them.’


    1It was in the 11th year, on the 1st day of the month, that the Word of Jehovah came to me and said:2‘O son of man,Tyre has said this of JeruSalem:‘Well done, because she’s now broken! For, she had destroyed many nations, And then, she turned her attention towards me. But this one who once was so full Has now become desolation!’3Because of this,’ said Jehovah, ‘{Look!} I am against you, O Rock, And I’ll bring so many nations against you That they’ll be like the waves of the sea.4‘The walls of Tyre, they will tear down, And then they will knock down your towers. I’ll scatter your dust to the [four] winds And leave you like a smooth rock… 5A place where they will dry fish nets. For, I have spoken against you,’ says Jehovah.‘You will be a place that nations will loot, 6And your daughters in the plains will be cut down by swords… Then they’ll know that I am Jehovah.’7‘And Jehovah said this:‘O Tyre,‘I’ll bring NebuChadNezzar out of the north... Yes, this king of all kings, With his cavalry, chariots, and horses, And his army of many great nations. 8Then he’ll use the sword to destroy Your daughters that live in the plains.‘Against you, he’ll send advance guards Who’ll surround you and then they’ll dig trenches. He’ll close you in with a siege mound And arrange it with lances and shields. 9Then they will demolish your towers and walls, And they will destroy [all your] weapons.10‘You’ll be covered by the dust of his horses. And from the sounds of his horsemen, As well as the sounds of their chariot wheels, All your walls will thereafter be shaken. Then, when he enters your gates, To him, it’ll be like a [walk through] the plains.11‘His horse’s hooves will trample your squares And [his men] will kill all your people with swords… They’ll bring your supports and strength to the ground.12‘Then, they will plunder your army… They’ll take all their things, then tear down your walls And demolish the best of your homes. Thereafter, they’ll throw all the stones and the wood, As well as the dust, into the sea.13‘He’ll rip away your musicians, And the sounds of strings will no longer be heard. 14He will make you like a smooth rock And a place for the drying of dragnets. Then, no way will you be rebuilt, For I, Jehovah, have spoken,’ said the Lord.15‘Then Jehovah asked this of Tyre:‘When their swords are unsheathed in your midst; Won’t the sound of your downfall As well as the groans of your wounded Rumble all the way to the islands?16‘The rulers of the seas will step from their thrones, Then remove their crowns and colorful robes, Because they’ll be startled by this change of state. And of their destruction, they’ll then sit in fear, As they are groaning for you. 17So, this is what they will sing:‘O how great has been her destruction! For, she was removed from her place by the sea Along with all of [her people] By the one who brought terror upon them.‘You’re a city which was once so blest; For you got your strength from the sea. 18But now, all the islands are living in fear; For, since the day of your downfall, They’ve had many reasons to worry.’19‘Then the Lord Jehovah said this:‘I’ll bring desolation to your cities And leave them without any people… By the waters of the deep, they’ll be covered.20‘I will drag both you and your people Into the pit throughout the age. I’ll settle you in the depths of the earth As a desolate place throughout the ages, Along with the rest who’ve gone down to the pit.‘In the land of the living, you’ll no longer be; 21For I’ve appointed you to be wiped away So you won’t exist anymore… They’ll look for you and not find you,’ says Jehovah.’


    1Then the Word of The Lord came to me and said:2‘And you, O son of man, Must sing a lament over Tyre.3‘You must say to the Rock (This city that dwells by the sea… The marketplace of all the islands) That thus says Jehovah to Tyre:‘You say that you’ve invested in beauty; 4For the heart of the sea is your border, And your sons have perfected your charms.5‘Cedar is [the wood] with which you were built, As well as with Lebanon’s cypress. With posts of fir, you make the ship masts; 6And in BaShan, they make all your oars.‘Your temples are constructed of ivory And your houses are made from the wood That comes from the Island of Cyprus.7‘Embroidered linens from Egypt Serve as your sails and your flags. And from the island of Aeolis You receive the purple and blue That you use to make the clothes that you wear.8‘The princes of Sidon and Arvad Come and serve as your oarsmen; And your navigators are their wise men, O Rock.9‘The elders among you are scholars Who grow in their powers to direct you. And all the oarsmen for your ships of the seas Come to you from the west.10‘Your warriors are Lydians and Persians Who hang their helmets and shields among you… And they also bring you much glory.11Sons of Arvad serve as your soldiers And they are stationed around all your walls, As Medes serve in your guard towers… They hang their quivers on your moorings, And they are perfecting your beauty.12‘Men from Carthage are also your merchants Who bring you abundance and strength With silver, gold, iron, and brass, And the tin and lead that they sell in your stores.13‘The Greeks and the rest of the world, Those from faraway lands, Trade their slaves [in your streets], Along with the brass that they sell.14‘From the house of ToGarmah, come horses… Horses and mules they bring to your stores.15‘Sons of Rhodes are also your merchants… From the islands, they bring you much trade. And those who bring you your ivory Are paid with the earnings from [slaves].16‘There are your great stores of balsam, As well as rolls of purple and linen, Along with colored works out of Carthage, Plus things from RamOth and ChoHor… Yes, all of these things are sold in your stores.17‘Judah and IsraEl are also your merchants In the sales of grain and perfumes, As well as the finest of honey, And the olive oil and the lotions That they bring to your stores.18‘Damascus too, trades in your wares, And [they also share in] your power. For they bring fine wines in from Helbon, And the best of wool from Miletus.19‘Dan, and Javan, as well as MoOzel, Bring their iron to your markets… They add many tools and wheels to your stores. 20DeDan too, is your merchant, Providing the choicest of saddles.21‘Arabia and the rulers of Cyprus Are merchants trading camels through your hands, As well as the lambs and rams that they bring.22‘Other merchants are SheBa and RamAh… Yes, these are also your traders Who bring choice spices and most precious gems, As well as gold to your stores.23‘Haran, CalNeh, and Edem Also do trading with you, As do Assyria, SheBa, and ChilMad, 24Who bring blue [cloth] and great treasures In [boxes of] cypress bound in rough cords.25‘Your many boats serve as your merchants; For they carry an abundance of things to your stores… Filled and weighed down in the seas.26‘Your oarsmen row it all into you From [the boats that are blown] by south winds As they sail through the heart of the sea.27‘But your armies, your wages, and stores… Your counselors, navigators, and oarsmen, As well as the goods that come from your stores And all the warriors among you, Those who have gathered within you, Will be thrown into the heart of the sea In the day of your downfall.28‘Those who navigate will be shaken By the sounds of your outcries… Yes, with fear, they’ll be overcome. 29So your oarsmen will abandon their boats, And their captains and crews will flee to dry ground.30‘Then, over you, they’ll shout loudly… Yes, over you, they’ll bitterly cry. Upon their heads, they’ll throw dirt And spread ashes as beds for themselves. 31They’ll shave their heads and wear sackcloth, And bitterly weep over you.32‘Their sons will also lament you And wail for The Rock as they ask:‘Who is as silent as Tyre, There in the midst of the sea?’33‘How much wealth you gained from the seas! For the nations are filled with the goods that you sell, And their kings are enriched by your stores.34‘But, there in the sea, you’ll lie broken, As your stores are sunk in deep waters, And those gathered there [will be carried away] Along with all of your oarsmen.35‘There’ll be gloom in all of the islands for you… Their kings will be startled and amazed, Then tears will burst from their faces.36Merchants from the nations will whistle at you; For you [will soon be] destroyed… Throughout the ages, you will be gone.’


    1Then the Word of Jehovah came to me and said:2‘And you, O son of man; Say this to the ruler of Tyre! Tell him that thus says Jehovah:‘You have made your heart haughty And proclaimed that you are [a] god; For you dwell among the gods of the seas! But you’re just [a] man, not [a] god, Although you made your heart as that of [a] god.3‘Are you someone who’s ‘wiser than DaniEl?’ Didn’t the wise teach you wisdom? 4Which was it… Intelligence or wisdom That brought you all of your power And your treasures of silver and gold? 5Which was it… Your trading or wisdom That gave you your power, and made your heart proud?6‘It’s because of this,’ says Jehovah… ‘Since you made your heart as that of [a] god; {Look!} I’m bringing strange pests from the nations to you, 7And they’ll empty their swords out against you… Against all the beauty of your wisdom, Which they will spread to destruction.8‘Yes, they will soon cut you down, And you’ll die the death of those who [have drowned] In the heart of the sea.9‘Will you say you’re [a] god to those who bring death? No you’ll be just [a] man, not [a] god In the hands of those who will pierce you.10‘Then you’ll die among the uncircumcised At the hands of those who are strangers. For, this is what I’ve decreed,’ says Jehovah.’11And the Word of Jehovah came to me and said:12‘O son of man,‘Sing this lament to the ruler of Tyre. Tell him that thus says Jehovah:‘Yours is the image on a seal That’s depicted as someone who’s wise And who’s wearing a beautiful crown.13‘The paradise of gods is the place where you dwell, And every precious gem, you have owned… Sardius, topaz, and emeralds; Onyx, sapphires, and jaspers; Silver, gold, amber, and agates; Chrysolites, amethysts, and beryls. Your treasuries are filled with onyx and gold, And it’s also found in your stores.14‘From the day that you were created, A cherub was chosen on your behalf, Since you were anointed by God. Then you were allowed to dwell in [His] Tent… For on God’s Holy Mountain, I set you, And among stones of fire, you existed… 15Yes, you lived in perfection from the day you began Until the time that I found you guilty.16‘From the abundance of your trade, your storerooms were filled, Then you became lawless and sinned. So, you were removed from the mountain of God, From among [those great] stones of fire, And your cherub was taken away.17‘Because of your beauty, your heart became proud… Sins corrupted your wisdom and beauty. So I tossed you down to the ground To be an example to [others].18‘Because of your many great sins And the ways you’ve failed in your trading, You have profaned all your temples. So I’m sending fire into your midst, Which will burn you and turn you to ashes… And this will be witnessed by all.19‘Then, all the nations will mourn over you, For you’ll be destroyed and lost throughout the age.’20Well thereafter, the Word of Jehovah came to me and said:21‘O son of man,‘Now, fix your face against Sidon, And against it, you must now prophesy! 22Tell them that thus says Jehovah:‘{Look!} I am against you, O Sidon, And by you, I’ll be glorified; For you’ll know that I am Jehovah When I bring My judgments against you… And then, I’ll be holy among you.23‘Against you, I’ll send death and blood, And your people will fall in your squares, As the men among you, those closest to you, Will all be wounded by swords… And you’ll know that I am Jehovah.24‘IsraEl’s house will be gone… Yes, that bitter barb and thorn of great grief. And all those who are living around them, Those who will bring dishonor to them, Will know that I am Jehovah.’25‘Jehovah says:‘Then I’ll regather the house of IsraEl From the nations where they’ll be dispersed, And I will be holy among them Before all the peoples and nations.‘Thereafter, they’ll live in the land That I gave to My servant Jacob. 26There they’ll plant vineyards and there they’ll build homes In which, they’ll dwell in hope everafter, When I bring My judgments upon all of those By whom they had been abused, All those who were living around them, And they’ll know that I am Jehovah their God, As well as the God of their fathers.’


    1It was in the 10th year (on the 1st day of the 10th month) that the Word of Jehovah came to me and said:2‘O son of man,‘Fix your face against Egypt’s King And against those in his Great House Against him and Egypt, you must now prophesy! 3Tell him that thus says Jehovah:‘{Look!} I am against you, O PharaOh, The great dragon who waits between rivers… The One who says, ‘The rivers are mine… Yes, they were created for me!’4‘Now, into your jaws, I’ll put hooks, And the fish from your rivers, I’ll stick to you wings. Then I’ll lift you up from their midst And I will remove all their scales 5Before I throw you down with your fish.‘On the face of the plains, I will toss you; Then, you’ll be collected and not be [thrown back]. There I’ll feed you to the beasts of the fields, As well as to the birds in the skies 6Then, all those who are living in Egypt Will know that I am Jehovah.‘For to the house of IsraEl, you’ve proven to be Just a reed, not a rod, 7Since you broke when they grabbed onto you with their hands. Then, by every hand, they were beaten, Because they trusted in you… Yes, because you broke [in their hands], The nations have shattered their hips.8‘And because of this,’ says Jehovah; ‘{Look!} I’ll bring the broadsword against you To destroy all your men and your cattle.9‘Then the land of Egypt, I will appoint To be wiped away and destroyed… And you’ll know that I am Jehovah. [I’ll do this], because you once said, ‘All the rivers are mine… They were created for me!’10‘{Look!} I’m against both you and your rivers; So, I will now hand over Egypt To be destroyed by the broadsword From Migdol on to SyEne, All the way to Ethiopia’s borders.11‘Neither man nor beast will then travel that way… No way will any even walk through it. And for the next 40 years, you’ll lie empty.12‘I’ll appoint your land to destruction, And the ground will lie fallow and barren. All of your cities will be empty… For 40 years, they’ll all be extinct. I’ll scatter the Egyptians among all the nations… To many places, I’ll [blow] them away.’13‘Jehovah says:‘Then, after 40 years, I’ll gather them back From the nations where they’d been dispersed; 14I’ll return all the captured Egyptians And settle them back in their lands, Those from which they were taken, And there, they must humbly submit.15‘But by then, her rule will have ended, And she’ll not be the highest of nations again. For I’ll cause them to be very few… Uncounted among other nations.16‘So you’ll never again serve as IsraEl’s hope, And they’ll be reminded that it had been wrong For them to have trusted in you… And they’ll know that I am Jehovah.’17Well, it was in the 27th year (on the 1st day of the 1st month) that the Word of Jehovah came to me and said:18O son of man,‘Because of Tyre, King NebuChadNezzar Has reduced his army to slaves. For, all of their heads are now bald And their shoulders are covered with falling hair Because of his army’s attack against Tyre, And the work that they’ve done without pay.19‘So because of this,’ says Jehovah, ‘To Babylon’s King NebuChadNezzar, I will now hand over Egypt. Then, he will loot and plunder her spoils And give it to his army, as their reward.20‘Yes, in return for his work against Tyre, I’ll give the land of Egypt to him Because of the things he’s accomplished for Me,’ says Jehovah.21‘In that day, in the house of IsraEl, A horn will thereafter be raised, And I’ll give you an opened mouth in their midst, So they’ll know that I am Jehovah.’


    1And the Word of Jehovah came to me and said:2‘O son of man,‘You must now prophesy and tell them that thus says Jehovah:‘The day is near… 3The Day of Jehovah has approached… Yes, that dark day of the Lord, Which is also the time of the nations! 4For a sword will come against Egypt, And Ethiopia will then be disturbed.‘Egyptians will be cut down and slain, And her abundance will be carried away… She’ll be ripped to her very foundations!5‘Lydians, Persians, and Cretans, Libyans, Ethiopians, and other mixed peoples Will fall with My Covenant people,’ 6says Jehovah. ‘For the supporters of Egypt will fall Along with the insolence of her strength.‘From Migdol to SyEne, they’ll fall by the sword 7And lie amidst places that will be wiped away, As the cities in her midst are destroyed.8‘Then they’ll know that I am Jehovah When I bring fire against Egypt, And I break all those who have helped her.9‘In that day, messengers will quickly arrive And destroy any hope Ethiopians had. For in that day, there’ll be a disturbance in Egypt… And look, it has already happened!’10‘Jehovah says:‘I’ll destroy many Egyptians By the hand of King NebuChadNezzar. 11For, he and all of his people, With pestilent ones from the nations, Are being sent to destroy that whole land!‘They’ll empty their swords against Egypt And fill its land with the slain! 12I’ll also desolate all their rivers And give their lands to the wicked.‘I’ll wipe their land clean and empty it out, Then I’ll give its fullness to strangers… For I’m Jehovah, and I have declared that it’s so!13‘Jehovah God says:‘Their disgusting things, I’ll destroy. And to the [gods] of Memphis, I’ll provide rest… For the rulers of Egypt won’t be anymore.14‘To the land of Egypt, I will send fear, And the land of Pathros, I will destroy. Then to [the city of] Tanis, I will bring fire, And I’ll punish The City of Gods.15‘I’ll pour My rage out on [the city of] Sin, Which is the stronghold of Egypt. And the crowds of Memphis, I’ll also destroy.16‘Upon Egypt, I will send fire, And to [the city of] Sin, I’ll send a disturbance. On The City of Gods, I will spit, And I’ll take away all their water.17‘The young men of the City of the Sun, And those who live in BuBastum Will also fall by the broadsword, And their women will be taken as slaves.18‘In TahPanHes, the days will grow dark When I break the chiefdoms of Egypt. Then the strength of her insolence will end And she will be covered by clouds, As her daughters are led off as captives. 19Yes, I have passed judgment on Egypt, And they’ll know that I am Jehovah.’20Well, it was in the 11th year (in the 1st month and on the 7th day of the month) that the Word of Jehovah came to me and said:21‘O son of man,[‘Jehovah says:]‘I will break PharaOh’s ‘arm,’ {Look!} And for ways to heal him, they’ll search. Then, upon his wounds, they’ll wrap dressings In order to help him carry his sword.22‘But because of this,’ says Jehovah; ‘{Look!} Since I’m against Egypt’s Great House and King, I will break both of his ‘arms,’ Including the one that’s [already] been broken, And I’ll rip his sword from his hand. 23Then I’ll scatter the Egyptians among all the nations… To many places, I’ll blow them away!24‘But I’ll strengthen the ‘arms’ of Babylon’s king And I’ll put My sword in his hand. Then, he will use it on Egypt… He’ll loot her loot and take all her spoils.25‘I’ll strengthen the arms of Babylon’s king, And the arms of PharaOh will fall. Then they’ll know that I am Jehovah When I give My sword to Babylon’s king, And he lifts it against Egypt’s land.26‘I’ll scatter Egyptians among all the nations… To many places, I’ll blow them away… And they’ll know that I am Jehovah!’


    1It was in the 11th year (on the 1st day of the 3rd month) that the Word of Jehovah came to me and said:2‘O son of man,‘Ask this of PharaOh (Egypt’s king) and his armies:‘When it comes to being high minded, Who else is equal to you?3‘{Look!} Assyria is like Lebanon’s cypress, Since it had many dense branches. It was also protected and stood very tall… Amidst the clouds, stood its top. 4By waters from the deep, it was nourished, And as a result, it grew mighty.‘To the plants around him, a river was led… She poured her waters on the trees in his fields, 5And because of this, he grew even greater Than all the other trees on the earth.‘He had more branches and much taller shoots, And over many waters, he stretched. 6Among his boughs sat the birds of the skies; Beneath his limbs bred the beasts of the plains; And many nations dwelled in his shadow.7‘He became great in his height Because of his tender branches, And his long roots that reached down to the water.8‘In the Paradise God, none others were like him… No pines could be compared to his shoots; No firs had branches like his; And there in God’s paradise, None others could be compared to his beauty.9‘I’m the one who made him so great And gave him all his tender branches. So the rest of the trees in My paradise Soon became jealous of him… Yes the rest of the trees in that garden, Which was the delight of [Jehovah].10‘But because of this,’ said the Lord… ‘Because he grew to such greatness And put his tops high in the clouds As he lifted his heart to the heights; 11I gave him to those who rule other nations, And they brought about his destruction.12‘By strangers, he was cut to the ground… Yes, pestilent ones from the nations Threw him down on the mountains, And in the ravines, fell his branches, As his [wood was strewn] ‘cross the plains.‘He had fallen from his lofty position As the protector of all of his people… All the nations cut him down to the ground.13‘So that one among which the birds of the skies Had once found places to rest And under whose branches the beasts had once lived, Has now been cut to the ground.14‘So the trees next to him lost their greatness, Those trees that stood by his water, And no longer put their tops in the clouds… Those with whom he once had shared water Couldn’t stand as tall after that.‘So they were all handed to death And went into the depths of the ground… Like sons of men, they went down to the pit.15‘And thus says Jehovah, the Lord:‘In that day, he went down to the place of the dead, And in the abyss, he was mourned.‘Then I took control of the river And withheld its abundance of water. Lebanon then shadowed above him, And all the trees of the plains became weak.16‘From the sound of his downfall, the nations all shook When I brought him down to the place of the dead, Along with those who went into the pit.‘And there in the bowels of the earth, All the earth’s trees offered comfort… All the select and best trees… Those choice ones of Lebanon that once shared his water.17‘But with him, they too went into the grave; For, they were also slain by the sword. And the offspring of those whom he sheltered Were destroyed in the middle of their lives.18‘So to whom can you liken such power, As well as the glory and greatness Among all the choicest of trees?‘He went down with the choicest of trees Into the depths of the ground, Where he sleeps among the uncircumcised; Among those who were slain by the sword… And this is what will happen to PharaOh, As well as to all his friends,’ said Jehovah.’


    1It was in the 12th year (on the 1st day of the 12th month) that the Word of Jehovah came to me and said:2‘O son of man,Sing this lament over PharaOh, king of Egypt… Yes, you must sing this about him:‘You consider yourself a lion among nations, But you’re the dragon of the sea. For from the midst of your rivers, you have gored… You have stamped your feet and you’ve trampled, And this [has muddied] your waters. 3So Jehovah has said this to you:‘By a great assembly of peoples, Around you, My net will be thrown; And then, I’ll lead you around by My hook.4‘I will stretch you out on the ground, And you will fill all the plains. Upon you, I’ll set the birds of the skies And use you to fill the wild beasts of the ground.5‘I’ll spread your flesh on the mountains And fill the ravines with your blood. 6With your manure, I’ll cover the land… And with those who are living within you, I’ll fill the valleys and fields.7‘Then, after you have been depleted, I will cover the skies… Yes, I will darken the stars… With clouds, I will cover the sun and the moon, And no way will your light shine again.8‘Yes the lights that shine in the skies Will all become dark over you. Then, over your land, I’ll send darkness,’ Says Jehovah, the Lord.9‘To the hearts of your people, I will bring rage, When before them, you’re led as a captive Into a land that you’ve never known.10‘Many nations, thereafter, will mourn you… Their kings will be stunned and amazed As they also await their own downfall, Which will come to them after that.’11‘Then the Lord Jehovah said:‘Yes the broadsword of Babylon’s king Will thereafter come upon them.12‘With the swords of giants, you will be cut down, And to the pests of the nations, I’ll give all your strength… They’ll destroy the insolence of Egypt, And they will break down your power.13‘Then I will destroy all the cattle [That graze] around your great waters, So thereafter, men’s feet won’t stomp in [the Nile], And it won’t be trampled by cattle again.14‘Then your waters will all become still, For your rivers will pour out like oil,’ says Jehovah. 15‘When I bring destruction on Egypt, The fullness of the land will be [gone]. And after I scatter [your people], They’ll know that I am Jehovah.16‘Then they’ll [sing] a lament over you… Over Egypt, the nations’ daughters will [cry]… Yes, the loss of her strength, they’ll lament,’ Says Jehovah, the Lord.’17Well, it was in the 12th year (on the 15th day of the month) that the Word of Jehovah came to me and said:18‘O son of man,‘You should mourn for the multitudes of Egypt, For her daughters will be defiled by the nations, And there will be death throughout their whole land.‘Then they will go into the pit… 19From their beautiful waters, they will descend To sleep among the uncircumcised!20‘With [PharaOh] and his might, they will fall Among those who’ll be slain by the sword. 21And the ‘giants’ of the earth will then say:‘It’s best that you have gone into the pit, Along with the uncircumcised, To sleep in the midst of those slain by the sword!22‘For Assyria is there, along with his crowd, And around his grave, they’re all standing… All those who were cut down by swords… 23All those with whom he now shares his grave Along the sides of the pit, And all of the crowd surrounding his tomb… All of the slain that were cut down by swords… Those who had once brought great fear Throughout the land of the living.24‘And there is ElAm with his army… Around his tomb, they [are standing], Along with the uncircumcised That have been cut down by the sword. [They all went down] to the depths of the ground At the hands of those who once brought fear To the land of the living.25‘They accepted their torment with those in the pit… In the midst of those who’d been slaughtered. 26It’s where they put Mosoch and Tubal, Along with all of their strength.‘The slain are standing next to his tomb Along with the uncircumcised, All of those who had been killed with the sword… Those who had once brought great fear To the land of the living.27‘But, now they sleep with the giants That throughout the ages, have fallen… They went to the land of the dead With all their weapons of war.‘Their swords were placed under their heads, And their lawless deeds fell on their bones; For, they were just frightened giants Back when they were alive. 28But along with the uncircumcised, They have all been destroyed, And they sleep with the rest of those slain by the sword.29‘And there is Edem with all her kings, Along with Assyria’s rulers… Those who gave up their strength, And then, were run through by swords. They too now sleep with the slain That have gone down to the pit.30‘There are also the rulers from the far north – All of these, with Assyria’s generals – That have gone down with the slain And have also shared in their fear.’‘Yes, because their strength has been shamed, They will sleep with the uncircumcised. And along with the rest of those slain by the sword, They’ll carry their torment into the pit.31‘For the Lord Jehovah declared: This is where they’ll see Egypt’s King and Great House, And they will find comfort in this. For, PharaOh and his armies will also be slain.32‘For to his land, I am now sending fear; And he too will sleep with the uncircumcised And those that were slain by the sword… This will happen to PharaOh and all of his crowd,’ Says Jehovah, the Lord.’


    1Then the Word of Jehovah came to me and said:2‘O son of man,‘Speak to the sons of your people And this is what you should tell them:‘To whichever land that I bring the sword; The people of that country should then choose a man And assign him to act as their watchman. 3Then, when he sees the sword coming, He should blow his trumpet to warn them.4‘And after they hear the sound of the horn; If they should refuse to prepare And the broadsword then overtakes them, Their blood will be upon their own heads.5‘So when they hear the sound of the trumpet, They should [quickly] prepare, Or their blood will be upon their own heads, While the one who kept watch on their souls will be saved.6‘But, if the watchman should see the sword coming And fail to trumpet the signal So the people are caught unprepared; This watchman must then be taken away Because of the lawless [thing that he did]… And I’ll require his blood by their hands.’7‘And you, O son of man,‘You’re the watchman whom I have appointed Over the house of IsraEl. So whenever you hear a word from my mouth, You must announce it on my behalf.8‘Then, should I say that a sinner will die, And you fail to speak out and warn him; For this lawless deed, you will die… I’ll require his blood from your hands.9‘But, if you should warn an irreverent man And tell him to turn from [his bad] ways… If he refuses to make any change; For the bad things he’s done, he will die… But, you will have saved your own life.10‘Now, O son of man,‘Say this to the house of IsraEl… Tell them that they have been asking:‘Since we are the ones who’re to blame For our delusions and our lawless ways; If we should turn from them now, Can our lives still be spared?’11‘You should speak to them and give this reply… Tell them that Jehovah said this:‘As I live… I don’t want the death of the godless, [I just want them] to turn from their evil ways So that they can continue to live! But first, you must turn away From all the bad things that you’re doing… O house of IsraEl, why must you die?’12‘And you, O son of man,‘Say this to the sons of your people:‘The good things that the righteous have done Won’t save them in the day that they turn away. And the blame that the lawless are due Won’t come to them in the day That they turn from their godless ways. And no way will the righteous be saved In the day that they are found sinning.13‘So, when I say that the righteous will live, And they come to rely upon this… But thereafter, they [do what is] evil; Their righteous ways will be forgotten… For the sins they commit, they will die!14‘And when I say that the godless will die, And then they turn from their sins And start being righteous and fair… 15If they give back the collateral they’ve taken, And return all the things that they’ve seized… If they’ll travel an orderly life And no longer [follow] wrong [paths]; They will continue to live…‘No way will they have to die… 16Their sins will all be forgotten… For making their ways righteous and fair, Their lives will thereafter be spared!17‘But if the sons of your people should say, ‘The ways of Jehovah aren’t right,’ When it’s really their ways that aren’t right; This is what you should tell them:18‘If the righteous should turn from right ways And start doing things that are lawless, They will die [for their sins]. 19But, if you turn back a sinner, And he becomes fair and righteous, he’ll live!’20‘So, although the House of IsraEl is saying That the ways of Jehovah aren’t straight, I will judge each man by the things that he does!’21It was in the 12th year (on the 5th day of the 10th month from our captivity) that someone who had escaped from JeruSalem came and told me that the city had been taken. 22Then the hand of Jehovah came over me that evening.However, before that [escapee came with the news], earlier in the morning, [the Word] came and opened my mouth so that my mouth couldn’t stay closed any longer. 23For the Word of Jehovah came to me and said this:24‘O son of man,‘Those who live in the places that are being destroyed In the land of IsraEl, are saying:‘Back in AbraHam’s time, He was given this land; And now that we’ve become many, We’ve also been given this land as our own!’25‘Because of this, tell them that thus says Jehovah, their Lord:‘Since you eat blood in your food, And to disgusting things, lift your eyes, And you shed [innocent] blood; Why do you think you’ll inherit this land?26‘For, there you stand with your broadswords As you’re doing things that are loathsome! If you profane the souls of your neighbors’ wives… Do you think that you will inherit this land?27‘So, tell them that the Lord Jehovah says this:As I live; Those who live in the places that are being destroyed Will all be cut down by the broadsword. And those who run out to the plains Will be given as food to wild beasts. While those who hide behind walls and in caves Will thereafter die from a plague!28‘Then I’ll turn their land into a desert, And the strength of their insolence will perish. I’ll devastate IsraEl’s mountains So that none will pass through them again.29‘Then they’ll know that I am Jehovah When I turn their land into a desert For the disgusting things that they’ve done.30‘O son of man,‘The sons of your people are talking about you Along the walls and in the gatehouses, As well as inside of their homes. Each one is saying this to his brother:‘We should all gather and listen To what Jehovah has planned!’31‘So, after they all come to see you And they sit down before you To hear the things that you’ll say; There’s no way that they’ll do [what you tell them]! For the lie is still in their mouths, And they follow the disgusting ways of their hearts.32‘So, if you should be the sound of a harp, A sound that is sweet and well-tuned, They’ll listen to your words, but not do them! 33But after it’s done, they’ll admit: ‘Look… It has all come to pass!’ ‘And they’ll know that there’s been a Prophet among them.’


    1Then the Word of Jehovah came to me and said:2‘O son of man,‘Against the ‘shepherds’ of IsraEl You must now prophesy! Tell them that thus says Jehovah, the Lord:‘O ‘shepherds’ of IsraEl! You have been feeding yourselves When you should have been feeding My ‘sheep!’3‘{Look!} You have drunk all their ‘milk,’ And you’ve wrapped yourselves in their ‘wool’… You have slaughtered the best of My ‘sheep’ And you’ve failed to ‘graze’ [all the rest].4‘You haven’t strengthened the weak, And those that are ill, you’ve not treated; Those with broken [bones], you’ve not wrapped, And the strayed, you have failed to return. No, you haven’t searched for the lost, And for the strong, all you do is make trouble.5‘So now, My ‘sheep’ have been scattered Because they don’t have any shepherds. 6They’re being consumed by wild beasts in the fields, Since they’re scattered upon every mountain and hill… They’re scattered across the face of the land, And no one has searched to make them turn back!7‘Because of this, O you ‘shepherds;’ Hear the Word of Jehovah!8‘As I live,’ says Jehovah, the Lord; Instead of My ‘sheep’ being plundered And being eaten by beasts in the plains… Yes, because there aren’t any shepherds, Shepherds who will search for My sheep... And because the shepherds have grazed on My sheep While they’ve failed to provide them with grass...9‘Because of this, O you ‘shepherds,’ Hear the Word of Jehovah! 10For the Lord Jehovah says this:‘Look, I’m against all the ‘shepherds!’ So I’ll take My ‘sheep’ out of their hands… Yes from tending My ‘sheep,’ they’ll be fired, And the shepherds won’t graze upon them again. I’ll rescue My ‘sheep’ from their mouths… They’ll no longer be something to eat!11‘The Lord Jehovah also said this:‘{Look!} I will search for My ‘sheep,’ And I will come visit with them. 12Like a shepherd that looks for his flocks On dark cloudy days when they’ve strayed… Yes, that’s how I’ll search for My ‘sheep.’‘I’ll drive them back from where they were [lost] On that dark, cloudy day. 13I’ll lead them out of the nations… From many regions, I’ll gather them back And return them to their own land, Where on IsraEl’s mountains, I’ll ‘graze’ them… In the valleys and homes of their country.14‘I’ll provide good pastures for them, And on IsraEl’s mountains, they’ll ‘graze.’ For there, they will find a safe haven… A place where they can sleep and find rest In good and plentiful pastures Upon the mountains of IsraEl.15‘Yes I’ll graze My ‘sheep’ and bring them some rest, Says Jehovah, the Lord. 16‘I’ll search for the lost and the strayed, And I’ll bring back the ones who are broken. I will bind and strengthen those who are weak, And I’ll also watch over the strong… I’ll allow each one to ‘graze’ his fair share.17‘Then, from among you, My ‘sheep,’ Says Jehovah, the Lord, ‘{Look!} I’ll separate the ‘sheep’ from the ‘sheep’ And the ‘rams’ from the ‘goats’.18‘Were the ‘pastures’ you fed from so poor That you trampled on them with your feet? And weren’t there enough places to drink That you stomped and muddied the waters?19‘Yes, My ‘sheep’ have trampled their food with their feet, And muddied the waters they drank from. 20So because of this,’ says Jehovah, the Lord; ‘{Look!} I’ll separate the strong from the weak.21‘For you pushed them away with your shoulders and sides, And the weak, you have gored with your ‘horns’… You squeezed them out and pushed them aside!22‘So, I will rescue My ‘sheep,’ And no more will they serve as [your] plunder; For between ‘ram’ and ‘ram,’ I will judge.23‘I will raise a ‘shepherd’ for them, And My servant ‘David’ will tend them… He’ll be a ‘shepherd’ who cares about them. 24Then, I, Jehovah, will be their God, And My servant ‘David’ will rule in their midst… Yes, I, Jehovah, have spoken.25‘Among them, I’ll make an Agreement of peace, And I’ll wipe the fierce ‘beasts’ from their land. Then, they will dwell in the deserts, And in the forests, they’ll sleep.26‘Around My Mountain, they will be spread, And I’ll give them rain when it’s due… It will be a rain of great blessings.27‘The trees in the plains will then yield their fruit; The ground will yield all her strength; And in the hope of peace, they’ll dwell in their land.‘Then they’ll know that I am Jehovah, When I break the chains of their yoke And save them from those who are making them slaves.28‘By the nations, they’ll not be plundered again, Nor will they be eaten by ‘beasts.’ They will then dwell in hope, And no one will make them afraid!29‘For them, I’ll raise plants of peace, And they won’t be hungry or starving again, Nor will they be scorned by the nations. 30Then they’ll know that I am Jehovah their God, And that I will always be with them.‘For, you are My people, O house of IsraEl,‘ Says Jehovah, the Lord. 31‘You are the sheep of My pasture And I am Jehovah your God,’ Says the Jehovah, the Lord.’


    1Then the Word of Jehovah came to me and said:2‘O son of man,‘Now, turn your face towards [Edom’s] Mount SeIr And against it, you must prophesy! 3Tell them that thus says Jehovah the Lord:‘Look! I’m against you, Mount SeIr! So I’ll stretch My hand out against you And make you a wasteland and desert. 4Your cities will be desolate places; I’ll turn you into a desert; And you’ll know that I am Jehovah.5‘For, throughout the age, you’ve been a resister And an enemy to the house of IsraEl… Then to opponents with swords, you gave them, When they were being unrighteous.6‘So because of this… As I live,’ says Jehovah! ‘For the blood of these men, I’ll pursue you… For the blood you detested, I’ll chase you down!7‘Now Mount SeIr has been appointed by Me To become a desolate desert. Its men and beasts, I’ll destroy… 8Its hills and valleys, I’ll fill with your slain… Yes, those who’ll be killed by the broadsword Will fall into your fields and ravines.9‘I’ll assign you to waste throughout the age, And all your cities, I’ll empty… Then you’ll know that I am Jehovah.10‘For you said:‘His nation is mine, And I will inherit [His land]… Yes, I’ll own the place of Jehovah their God!’11‘So, as I live,’ says Jehovah; ‘I’ll treat you with the hate that you’ve hated! And about what you did because you were jealous, I’ll [remember] when I [come there and] judge you… 12Then you’ll know that I am Jehovah.‘I’ve heard this blasphemous thing that you said:‘The mountains in the deserts of IsraEl Have been given to us as our food.’13‘Then your mouths spoke great words against Me… Yes, against Me, you shouted, And I’ve heard every word that you said!’14‘As a result, Jehovah said this:‘To the great joy of [those in] this land, I’ll turn you into a desert! 15And as you were glad to inherit And wipe the house of IsraEl away; That’s what I’ll be doing to you, O Mount SeIr… I’ll turn you into a desert, And completely destroy Edom’s house… Then you’ll know that I am Jehovah The God!’


    1‘O son of man,‘Against the mountains of IsraEl You must now testify. You must tell IsraEl’s mountains To hear the Word of Jehovah… 2For the Lord Jehovah has spoken.‘Since the enemy has said this against you:‘Well done! Because these desolate places Have now become ours throughout the ages!’3About this you must prophesy… Tell them that thus says Jehovah the Lord:‘As you were dishonored and detested By those who lived roundabout you, Those who wanted the nations to take you… Those who said bad things about you... And that made you the butt of their scorn…’4‘Because of this, O IsraEl’s mountains, Hear what Jehovah has said!‘Jehovah says this to your mountains and hills And to your desolate rivers and valleys:Although your cities are all abandoned and gone, Yes, looted and trampled by the nations roundabout… 5Because of this,’ says Jehovah: ‘In the fire of My rage, I have spoken Against all of them who remain… Yes, against all of Edom I’ve spoken, For they happily took My land as their own… They destroyed, dishonored, and looted My people.6‘So concerning IsraEl, you must prophesy; Say to her mountains and valleys, And to her hills and her forests That thus says Jehovah, the Lord:‘{Look!} In My rage and zeal, I have now condemned All of those nations that scorned you. 7And because they did this to you,’ says Jehovah, ‘I will raise My hand against all those nations, Yes, those who live roundabout you, And they will now bear your dishonor.8‘But upon your mountains, O IsraEl, My people will eat the fruit of their vines; For they’ll live in the hope of returning.9‘{Look} And because I’m for you, I’ll watch over you, Then your [land] will be planted and worked once again. 10Among you, I’ll multiply men To the ends of IsraEl’s [borders]; Your cities will all be lived in again, And the places they destroyed will all be rebuilt.11‘Among you, I’ll multiply cattle and men, Yes, they will increase and grow many... I’ll settle you as you were long ago, And do good for you as I’ve done in the past… Then you’ll know that I am Jehovah.12‘And those who’ve stood against IsraEl, My people, Will also have many children, But, they will become your possessions… Yes, they will be owned by you, And they’ll not leave you childless again.13‘And about those nations, Jehovah said this:‘Many men have come and consumed you, So your people no longer have children! 14But you’ll not be consumed by men anymore, And your nation will never be childless again,’ Says Jehovah, the Lord.15‘And never again will you hear The gentiles showing dishonor to you… No you won’t bear their scorn anymore, Nor will your nation be childless again,’ Says Jehovah, the Lord.’16Then the Word of Jehovah came to me and said:17‘O son of man,‘Although the house of IsraEl has lived in this land, They’ve defiled it in this bad way: By their uncleanness with women Who were living apart as unclean.‘This is how they’ve acted before me, 18So, upon them, I’ve poured out my rage For all the blood that they’ve spilled, And for the disgusting things that they’ve done.19‘So among the nations, I’ve scattered them all… To many places, I [blew] them away. I judged them each by the things that they did And according to the sins they’ve committed.20‘Then they entered the nations where they had been sent, And there they profaned God’s Holy Name. For the nations that lived there were saying:‘Although these people belong to Jehovah, He has driven them out of their land!’21‘So, for the sake of [God’s] Name, Which the house of IsraEl profaned, I spared them in all the [lands] where they went.22‘And because of this, Tell the house of IsraEl that thus says Jehovah:‘O house of IsraEl,‘I won’t take action for your sakes, But rather, for the sake of My Holy Name, Which you’ve profaned among all the nations Wherever you have been sent.23‘I will make My Name holy again, Which is being profaned among gentiles, The Name that you profaned in their midst… Then those nations will know that I am Jehovah,’ Says Jehovah the Lord, ‘When before their eyes, I’m made holy among you.24‘For I’ll take you away from those nations And gather you back from those [countries], Then bring you back to your land.25I’ll pour clean water upon you, And from your filth, you’ll be cleansed. I’ll also cleanse you of idols, 26And then I will give you new hearts.‘Indeed, I will give you new spirits, And remove your hearts made of stone, Then change them into hearts made of flesh.27‘Within you, I will then put My Spirit, Which will cause you to follow My rules. And thereafter, you’ll obey My decisions… Yes, you will observe every one!28‘Then you’ll live on the land that I gave to your fathers… You’ll be My people and I’ll be your God. 29I’ll save you from your uncleanness; I’ll send you much grain… And then even more, And I won’t send famine among you again.30‘I’ll multiply the fruit on your trees, As well as the crops in your fields; So the scorn of famine, you’ll not have to bear Among the nations again.31‘Then you’ll think about all the bad things you’ve done And the wicked ways that you’ve lived, And you’ll loathe those things that you’ve practiced And the disgusting things that you did.32‘But I won’t do this on your behalf,’ Says Jehovah the Lord, ‘But rather, in order to remind you That you should be ashamed and remorseful For the many bad deeds that you practiced!33‘Then the Lord Jehovah said:‘In the day that I cleanse you from your lawless deeds, I’ll resettle you in your own cities And rebuild your desolate places.34‘Your desolate land will be worked once again, And the reasons why it was destroyed Will be forgotten by all that pass by.35‘Then they’ll say that this land, which once was destroyed Has become a luxurious garden. And the towns that were wiped away and destroyed Yes, those that had been razed to the ground, Will again be fortified cities.36‘And then, the nations around you, Yes, those who remain at that time, Will know I’m the One who rebuilt them, Yes, those cities that had once been demolished… I’m the One who replanted those places That I had once wiped away… Yes, when I speak, I’ll take action!’37‘And the Lord Jehovah said:Then the house of IsraEl will seek Me [And ask Me to] deal with them once again. So, just like sheep, yes, holy sheep, I’ll multiply men like JeruSalem’s flocks During her holiday feasts.38‘Then, all of her desolate cities Will be filled with the ‘sheep’ among men… And they’ll know that I am Jehovah.’


    1Then the hand of the Lord came upon me and led me by the Breath of Jehovah into a field that was filled with human bones… 2He led me around them in a circle, and look; there were huge numbers [of bones] lying there in the field.3Then he said to me:‘O son of man,‘Will these bones ever come back to life?’And I replied:O Lord; only you know the answer to such things!’4Then He told me to prophesy over the bones and say this:‘O dry bones!‘Hear the Word of Jehovah!5‘For the Lord Jehovah says to these bones:‘{Look!} The breath of life, I will [blow] into you, 6Then upon you, I will lay nerves, And over that, I’ll put flesh. Then I will stretch skin over you, And I’ll [breathe] My Breath into you So that you will then come to life… And you’ll know that I am Jehovah.’7Therefore, I started prophesying just as he had instructed me... And at the sound of my prophesying, {Look!} a great shaking occurred that joined those bones, bone against joint!8And as I was watching, I saw nerves and flesh [starting to grow]; and then [I saw] the skin growing over them. However, there still wasn’t any breath in the bodies.9Then he said to me:‘O son of man,‘Now prophesy over the wind… Tell the wind that thus says Jehovah the Lord:From the four winds, send them breath… Blow into these dead ones and make them alive!’10So I prophesied to the extent that he allowed me to do, and the wind entered them and they came to life… They stood up on their feet [and formed] a great crowd!11And the Lord spoke to me and said:‘O son of man,‘These bones are the house of IsraEl; For they say these dry bones are just like their bones, Since their hope was destroyed and they’ve perished.12‘So, you must now prophesy, And tell them that thus says Jehovah their Lord:‘{Look!} I’ll open your tombs and then lead you out… To IsraEl’s land, I’ll return you. 13Then you’ll know that I am Jehovah, When I lead you out of your graves.‘And, O my people… When I bring you up from your graves, 14I’ll Breathe upon you and bring you to life. Then I’ll lead you back to your land, And you’ll know that I am Jehovah… That I spoke and then I took action,’ says Jehovah!’15And the Word of Jehovah came to me and said:16‘And you, O son of man,‘Now, take a stick for yourself, And write upon it, these words:‘Judah and the sons of IsraEl.’‘Do this for those who’ll be sitting before you. Then, take a second stick for yourself, And write this before all those sitting there:‘JoSeph, Ephraim’s rod.’17‘You must then hold these sticks together, And they will be bonded as one. So, carry them out in your hands, 18And ask the sons of your people What they think that this signifies.19‘Then, tell them that thus says Jehovah, [their] God:‘{Look!} Through Ephraim’s hand, I’ll take JoSeph’s tribe And the tribes of IsraEl that are living next door; Then to the tribe of Judah, I’ll give them So that they will become just one stick… In the hands of Judah, they’ll all become one.’20‘Then, take the two sticks upon which you wrote And hold them towards them in your hands, 21And tell them that thus says Jehovah:‘{Look!} I’ll gather the house of IsraEl From the midst of those nations where they have been sent… I’ll gather them from the nations roundabout And return them to IsraEl’s land.22‘Yes, I will make them one nation again In My land among IsraEl’s hills, With one ruler who’ll be the king over all.‘They’ll be separate nations no longer… They won’t be a kingdom divided, 23And by idols, they won’t be defiled, Nor by their irreverence and failures.‘From their lawless ways, I will save them, Yes, from all those ways in which they have sinned, And thereafter, I will make them holy, So they’ll be My people and I’ll be their God.24‘My servant ‘David,’ will rule in their midst, And there’ll be one ‘shepherd’ for all. They will follow My orders… They’ll know My decisions and do them!25‘Then, they will live in the land That I gave to My servant Jacob… In this place where their fathers once settled.‘And throughout the age, both they and their sons Will all be living together, And be ruled by My servant ‘David.’26‘With them, I will make an Agreement of peace An Agreement [that will last] throughout the ages. I’ll resettle and multiply them, And throughout the ages thereafter, I’ll place My holy things in their midst.27‘I’ll put My shelter among them; Then they’ll be My people and I’ll be their God. 28And the nations will know that I am Jehovah When My holy things are found there again And I have declared them all holy.’


    1Then the Word of Jehovah came to me and said:2‘O son of man,‘Against Gog and the land of Magog, The ruler of Mosoch, Tubal, and Ros, You must now set your face, And against him, prophesy this! 3Tell him that thus says Jehovah:‘{Look!} You ruler of Mosoch, Tubal, and Ros; Because I’m the One whom you have opposed; 4I’ll be putting a bridle into your jaws, And thereafter, I will lead you around.‘I’ll gather you and your army, And all your horses and horsemen… Yes, all [your men] wearing chest plates, And bearing shields, helmets, and swords… 5Persians, Ethiopians, and Libyans, All those people with their helmets and shields… 6Gomer and all those around him… The house of TogarMah from the far north As well as those dwelling around him… Yes, all those nations that partner with you!7‘So [it’s time] for you to prepare… Yes, you should get yourselves read, You and those who have gathered with you; For, you will serve as [their leader].8‘Then, after many days, you’ll be ready; And towards the end of the years, You will come to this land With the swords that you have collected From among all the nations. Then, to the land of IsraEl, you’ll come… To a land that once was demolished.‘For by then, they’ll all have returned, And together, they’ll be living in peace. 9Then upon them, you’ll pour down like rain, And like clouds, you will cover their land. Yes, you’ll arrive with all those around you… The many nations that will join with you then.10‘Then the Lord Jehovah said:‘In that day, [bad] things will enter your heart… You’ll make wicked plans and you’ll say:11‘Against this land, I’ll arise, The land that once was rejected, I’ll come upon those who are resting And who are living in peace… Those in a land without walls And with no locks on their doors, 12In order to plunder and loot… To despoil and to take many spoils, And to turn my hand towards this place... This place, which was once desolation, And is now resettled by a nation That returned from among many nations... For now they have many possessions, And they dwell within the earth’s navel.’13‘Then SheBa, DeDan, and the merchants of Carthage, And those in their towns will be shouting That they have come to plunder and loot, And to take all they own as their spoils. They’ll gather to take all the silver And to carry off all of the gold… To take it all as their loot.’14‘Therefore, O son of man, Now, you must prophesy this… Tell Gog that thus says Jehovah:‘Against IsraEl, My people, you’ll come in that day… Against those who have settled in peace. 15You’ll come from your place in the north And bring along many nations… Horsemen all riding horses… A huge crowd and a great army.16‘Against IsraEl, My people, you’ll come Like a cloud that covers the land… In the last days, this is what you will do.‘Against My land, I will lead you, And then, all the nations will know Me When before them, I am made holy through you.’17‘Then Lord Jehovah said:‘You’re the Gog of whom I spoke long ago By the hands of My servants the Prophets Yes, the Prophets in past days and years, In order to lead you against them.18‘And it will be in that day,’ In whichever day that Gog will attack, Says Jehovah, the Lord, ‘That I will arise in My anger 19And I’ll speak in the fiery zeal of My rage.‘Surely, it’ll be in that day, From IsraEl, a shaking will come, 20And before My face, all will tremble… The fish of the seas, the birds in the skies, All the wild beasts in the fields, As well as the things that crawl on the ground, And all men on the face of the earth; For, mountains will rip into valleys, And all walls on the earth will then fall.21‘All sorts of fear, I will send upon them, And against their own brothers, I’ll turn each man’s sword. 22Then I’ll bring My judgments against them With plague, blood, rain, and great hailstones.‘Fire and sulfur, I’ll rain upon him, And upon all those who’ve come with him… Upon all the nations that joined him.23‘Then, I’ll be made holy and magnified… I’ll be known and glorified among all the nations, And they’ll know that I am Jehovah!’


    1‘O son of man,‘Against Gog, you must prophesy this … Tell him that thus says Jehovah the Lord:‘{Look!} I am against you, O Gog, Ruler of Mosoch, Tubal, and Ros! 2I’ll collect you and then lead you down… I’ll haul you down from the far north, And to the mountains of IsraEl, I’ll lead you.3‘Then I’ll break the bow in your left hand, And the arrows that you hold in your right. 4On IsraEl’s hills, I’ll then throw you down… And you and those who come with you will fall.‘Then, all the nations that joined you Will be given to flocks of winged creatures… To all the birds in the skies And to all the wild beasts in the plains… I’ll give you to them as their food.5‘On the face of the plains you will fall… Yes, this is what I’ve declared,’ says Jehovah.6‘I’ll also throw fire down Magog, And the islands will then live in peace. For they’ll know that I am Jehovah… 7And My Holy Name will also be known Among those in IsraEl, My people.‘No more will My Name be profaned. For the nations will know that I am Jehovah… I am IsraEl’s Most Holy One.8‘Look, it’s coming… It will surely take place, Says Jehovah, the Lord! And this is the day that I said it!9‘Then those who live in IsraEl’s cities Will thereafter light fires with their weapons, Yes, all their small shields and spears; All their bows and their arrows; All the lances and sticks in their hands… For the next 7 years, They will be used to light fires.10‘No they won’t cut shrubs in the plains, Nor chop trees in the woods for their fires… They will just be using those weapons. For they’ll loot all those who once looted them And despoil all those who despoiled them,’ says Jehovah.11‘And in that day; I will make Gog a place of renown… A remembrance in IsraEl’s graveyards For those who come here by sea. They’ll bury Gog and his hordes in a valley, And call it, ‘The Graveyard of Gog.’12‘By IsraEl’s house, they’ll be buried… For 7 months, they will clean up the land. 13They’ll be buried by the people who live in the land, And among them, that place will be famous, As will be the day when I’m glorified,’ Says Jehovah, the Lord.14‘Then they will give orders to the people To bury [all of the bodies] That are lying upon the face of the ground.‘For 7 months, they will search, 15And when those going there find a man’s bones; Next to them, they’ll put up a sign For those in charge of digging the graves Within the Graveyard of Gog. 16For, Graveyard will be the name of that town, And it will be cleansed from the land.17‘And you, O son of man,’ Said Jehovah, the Lord, ‘Must speak to all the winged creatures, And to the wild beasts of the plains. You must tell them to gather and come… They must gather there from all places [To consume] this great sacrifice That I will offer to them… A great sacrifice on IsraEl’s hills.‘Come eat all the meat and drink all the blood! 18For the meat of giants, you will consume, And you’ll drink the blood of earth’s kings.‘Then all the rams, calves, and goats will grow fat, 19Since they will eat fat ‘til they’re full And they will drink blood ‘til they’re drunk From this sacrifice that I’m giving to them.20‘They will be filled from My table That is covered with horses and horsemen, As well as with warriors and giants,’ Says Jehovah, the Lord.21‘Then I’ll put My glory among them, And the nations will see all My judgments… The things that I’ll do with My hand, And the things that I have brought upon them.22‘And then every day after that, The house of IsraEl will learn That I am Jehovah their God. 23Also, all the nations will know That I let them take their houses away Because of IsraEl’s sins… Because they’d annulled their Agreement with Me.‘Yes, this is the reason why I turned My face And gave them into their enemies’ hands… To let them be cut down by swords. 24It’s because of all their uncleanness And because they had broken [My] Laws That I turned My face and did this to them.25‘Yet, after that,’ says Jehovah the Lord, ‘I’ll return all the captives of Jacob, And to the house of IsraEl, I’ll show My mercy… I’ll also show them My zeal for My Name!26‘In peace, I’ll bring them back to their land, And they will accept their dishonor For the unrighteous things that they’ve done.‘Then, no one will make them afraid anymore 27When I bring them back from the nations. And then, before all those nations, I will be holy among them.28‘For then, all the nations will know That I am Jehovah their God… When they see that I am among them.‘Yes, I’ll gather them back to their land And never leave them again… 29From them, I’ll not turn My face, For I will have [ended] My rage,’ Says Jehovah, the Lord.’


    1It was in the 25th year of our captivity, in the 1st month and on the 10th [day] of the month (14 years after the city had been captured) that the hand of Jehovah came upon me 2and I was led back into the land of IsraEl in a vision from God.There he put me on a very high mountain, where there was a city that was being built right in front of me. 3So He took me [into the city], and I saw a man who looked like shining brass carrying a builder’s string in his hand and a measuring reed.Then he laid them down in front of the city gate, 4and the man said to me:‘O son of man,‘Now, look with your eyes and behold… Listen with your ears and pay close attention, Then prepare your heart for the things that you’ll see, Since this is why you were brought here.‘And all the things that you’ll see Have to do with the house of IsraEl.’5Well, {Look!} there was this outer wall that went all the way around the city. And in the man’s hand was a reed that measured 6 cubits (the length of each was a forearm and a palm). Then he measured the area around the wall, and he found that its width was the same as its height [as measured] by the reed.6Thereafter, he went to the gate that could be seen in the east and measured it’s [threshold]… Which was about the same depth as the length of the reed.


    [Message from the editor: This part of Ezekiel is a vision containing a highly detailed measurements of a new Temple to Jehovah. However, for the time being, we’ve decided against translating 40:7 through to 42:13. Why? Many of the meanings of the descriptions in Alexandrian Greek have been lost. The Hebrew text has much the same problem. The truth is that translators do not completely agree on the meanings of these descriptions, and even the measurements vary between manuscripts.Here’s an example of the problem. Below is a word-for-word rendering of 40:7-10 (from Greek) into English. Can you make sense of it?‘And the breadth of the higher of the sides was according to the appendage protruding out of the wall, to the higher one round about the house, so as to flatten out wider above; so that from out of the parts below they should ascend unto the upper rooms, and from out of the middles unto the 3rd stories. And the thraels(?) of the house height round about was a space of the sides equal to the reed cubits of 6 intervals. And the breadth of the wall of the side from outside cubits 5; and the spaces left over between the sides of the house. And between the inner chambers a breadth cubits of 20, the circumference of the house round about.’Correctly understanding these words and translating them would be difficult at best, and the results would always be questionable. So, although other translations translate it anyway, we would rather write nothing than make wild guesses about the true meanings of entire passages – as the reader could be seriously misled!If you’d like to see the words in an interlinear translation, see the Apostolic Bible. You can read one attempt at translating it in Brenton’s Septuagint. But for the time being, we’re leaving this part out of our translation.]


    13And he said to me:‘The inner chambers facing the north And the inner chambers facing the south, Those in front of the spaces... Are the Holy-Place rooms where the Priests will eat… And it’s where they will come to Jehovah With the holiest of all holy things.‘There, they must carry the holiest things – Sin offerings and the holiest things – As well as their offerings for errors; For, this is a most holy place.14‘No one may enter [this place] but the Priests, And from the Holy Place, they can’t leave To go to the outer courtyard, So that those who are leading will always be clean. Nor may people touch the garments they wear, For they are also most holy. So when touching the people, they must wear other clothes.’15Now, after he had finished measuring the inside of the Temple, he led me outside along the path to the gate that faces east, where he then measured the area that surrounded the Temple.16 He stood facing the east with his back to the gate, and he measured 500 cubits in reed lengths.17 Then he turned towards the north and measured northward 500 cubits in reed lengths.18 Then he turned towards the west and measured westward 500 cubits in reed lengths.19 And he turned towards the south and measured southward 500 cubits in reed lengths.20So he established the [size of] the perimeter [around the Temple] as being 500 cubits towards the east and 500 cubits roundabout, which is to serve as the separation between the Holy Place and its outer walls.


    1Then he took me to the east gate to lead me out. 2But then {Look!} the glory of the God of IsraEl appeared, coming along the road from the east, and around me there were many voices that were chanting, while the ground all around me was bright and glorious.3And after that, I had a vision that was like the vision that I had when I first entered the city to anoint it… I saw a [celestial] chariot like the one that I saw at the Chobar river. So I fell with my face [to the] ground.4Then the glory of Jehovah entered the Temple by way of the east gate, 5and [God’s] Breath picked me up and carried me into the inner courtyard, as {Look!} the glory of Jehovah filled the Temple.6Well, as I was standing there watching, a voice started speaking to me from the Temple… And then I saw a person standing next to me, 7who said:‘O son of man,‘Now you can see the place of His throne As well as the tracks of His feet. This is the place where His Name will encamp In the house of IsraEl throughout the ages.‘But, IsraEl will no longer profane His Name As they did when they and their rulers went whoring And murdered the leaders among them.8‘They won’t build their thresholds next to His threshold Nor set their doors by His doors As they did when they claimed that His wall Was the thing that bound them to Him… Or when they profaned His Most Holy Name By the lawless things that they did. For, this is what brought His rage upon them When He wiped them away in great carnage.9‘Now, they must reject all their whoring And the murders of those who would lead them to Him! Then, throughout the ages, He’ll camp in their midst.10‘And you, O son of man, Must give this description to IsraEl’s house, So they’ll be able to see it And understand its [dimensions]. 11For, they must turn from their sins And accept the punishment [they’re due] For all of the [bad] things that they’ve done.‘You must draw out the plans for this Temple And show them how it must be built… Show them its entrances and exits, As well as how its foundations are set.‘Then, speak of its orders and laws, And explain to them all its rules. You must draw out the plans there before them, Then they must keep [God’s] commandments And they must follow His laws!12‘Describe the Temple on top of the mount, And set limits for the Holy of Holies… For, these are the rules for His Temple.13‘And these are the measurements for the Altar:‘Its width is 2 cubits and a palm… Its recess is to be 2 cubits deep, And the molding that goes ‘round its lip Must be 1 forearm wide.‘The height of the Altar 14from the bottom of its hollow Up to the [top of its edge], Must stand 2 cubits high, And its width is to be just 1 forearm. From the small to the large, is 4 cubits, And it must be 1 forearm wide.15‘The hearth of the Altar is 4 cubits deep, And from the hearth to the horns, is just 1. 16The hearth is to measure 12 cubits [square], And it must [be built with] four corners.17‘Its ledge must be 14 by 14, And the molding around it, half a forearm. Its encircling base is a forearm across, And its steps must face towards the east.’18Then he said to me:‘O son of man,Jehovah [your] God now says this:‘These are My orders for the Altar In the day that it will be made To sacrifice whole burnt-offerings, And to pour the blood out upon it.19‘Appoint Levite Priests from the offspring of ZaDok, And only they may approach Me,’ Says Jehovah, [your] God. ‘Then, before they can come before Me to serve, [They must sacrifice] a calf from the oxen As an offering [to cover] their sins.20‘They must then take some of its blood And place it on the Altar’s four horns, Upon the four corners of its ledge, And upon its base roundabout To cleanse it and [to make it holy].21‘They must choose a calf as an offering for sins And burn it in the place that is set apart… Somewhere outside of this [most holy place].22‘And then, on the very next day, They must choose a perfect kid from the goats To serve as an offering for sins, Then [use it to] cleanse the Altar once more, As they had done with the calf.23‘And after [this cleansing] is done, They must choose a perfect calf from the oxen And a perfect ram from the sheep; 24Then, offer them there to Jehovah, And they must add salt when they’re sacrificed As [holy] burnt offerings to the Lord.25‘And for 7 days, they must offer a kid So as to pay for [their] sins, As well as a calf from the oxen each day, Plus a perfect ram from the sheep.26‘[They must offer them] all 7 days To atone for the Altar and cleanse it, And [to empower] the hands [of the Priests].27‘Then, after these days are completed; On the 8th day, the Priests must then place The whole-burnt-offerings on the Altar Along with the offerings for their salvation… And only then may they enter the Temple,’ Says Jehovah, [your] God.’


    1Then he took me back to the outer gate of the Holies (the one facing east). However, it was locked.2So the Lord said to me:‘After this gate has been locked It may not be opened and no one may enter… Only IsraEl’s God, Jehovah, may enter, And until He does, it must remain locked.3‘And only those guiding may sit here To eat their bread before God. They must enter by way of the columned-porch gate, And that’s the way they must leave.’4Then he took me in the direction of the north gate, over against the Temple, and I looked and saw that the Temple of Jehovah had become filled with His glory… So I fell to my face!5And the Lord said to me:‘O son of man,‘Now, prepare your heart and your eyes, And ready your ears, so you’ll hear All the things that I will now say Concerning the instructions that I’ll give you For the Temple of Jehovah and all of its laws.‘Arrange your heart [so you’ll understand] The ways they must enter and leave From this Most Holy Place!6‘Then, speak to those who’ve rebelled Yes, to those of the house of IsraEl, And say that the Lord Jehovah said this:‘O house of IsraEl,‘You must bring an end to your lawless ways! 7For, into My Most Holy Place You have brought foreigner’s sons… Those with uncircumcised hearts And flesh that is uncircumcised.‘And you have even profaned Your offerings of bread, fat, and blood. Yes, you’ve broken [your] Sacred Agreement with Me By all the lawless things that you’ve done.8‘You’ve not followed the rules of My Temple, And you’ve put other people in charge. 9So, no more may foreigner’s sons Whose hearts and flesh are uncircumcised Be allowed to enter My Most Holy Place. For, foreign peoples may never become Part of the house of IsraEl… 10And only My faithful Levites may enter!‘Now, IsraEl has strayed far from Me And followed their own [thoughts and] ideas. So, they will now [pay for] their unrighteous ways.11‘But the Levites are [to be treated] as holy, For they serve as the keepers of My [Temple’s] gates, And that is the place where they’ll work. There the whole burnt-offerings will be slaughtered, And they’ll offer the things that the people will bring… For, before the people, they’ll stand.12‘But, because they have served before faces of idols [On behalf of] the house of IsraEl, They’ll be punished for their unrighteous ways… That’s why I’ve raised My hand against them,’ Says Jehovah, the Lord.13‘Yes, they’ll bear the blame for their lawless ways, And they can no longer serve as My Priests, Or [touch] the holy things inside of the Holies.‘Indeed, they must bear their dishonor For the delusions in which they have strayed. 14But I’ll order them to be watchmen, And to perform other tasks.15‘The Priests of the Levites, the sons of ZaDok, Were the only ones who truly kept watch As IsraEl was straying from Me. So, only they may approach Me, And only they can serve before Me… Before My face they will stand To offer the blood and the fat,’ Says Jehovah, the Lord.16‘Only these may enter My Most Holy Place Or approach My table to serve Me, And stand guard in My Temple watches.17‘So, when entering the gates of the inner courtyard, They must wear their [official] linen clothes… They may not wear wool when they enter these gates. 18On their heads, they must wear linen turbans, And beltless linen pants on their loins.19‘And when they enter the people’s outer courtyard, They can’t wear the clothes in which they must serve… They must leave them inside the Holy’s inner chambers And wear other clothes when they go there. But no way can they make people holy When they are wearing such clothes.20‘They may not shave the hair from their heads, Nor may they leave their heads bare… All of their heads must be covered. 21And no way may the Priests drink any wine Before entering the [Temple’s] inner courtyard.22‘They may not marry a divorcee or a widow… Only a virgin from the house of IsraEl… However, they may wed the widow of a Priest.23‘Then they must teach all My people The difference between the holy and profane, And the difference between what’s clean and unclean.24‘They must handle the cases of judgments of blood, And attend to decide righteous matters. They must be fair when judging for Me According to My Laws and My orders. They must also observe My holiday feasts, And My Sabbaths, they must always keep holy.25‘They may not approach a dead person So that they will not be unclean. But they may approach their fathers, mothers, or sons, Or their daughters, brothers, sisters, or wives, Without becoming defiled. 26But even then, they must count 7 days Before they’ll be clean once again.27‘On the day that they enter the inner courtyard To serve in My Most Holy Place; They must bring an atonement [for sins],’ Says Jehovah, [your] God.28‘And since I am what they’ll inherit; They will be given no land As their possession among IsraEl’s sons… For, I am to be their posession!29‘The sacrifices are what they’ll eat… The offerings for sins and for errors, And the separation offerings will also be theirs. 30All the first-fruits are theirs, As well as the first-born [of cattle].‘Then, for the Priests, they must set aside Some of the first-fruits [they’re given]. For, if they give part of the first-fruits Of all that is brought, to the Priests, This will bring [God’s] blessings upon all their homes.31‘And the Priests may not eat rotting flesh, Or cattle that are taken by wild beasts or birds.’


    1‘Then, as you’re measuring the inheritances of land; A place must be set aside As the first-fruits to Jehovah. 25,000 long, it must be, As well as 10,000 wide… And the area around it is holy.2‘There, the Holy Place’s four corners will be set; It will measure 500 by 500, Plus 50 cubits of space roundabout.3‘And from this place, you must also measure out 25,000, plus 10,000 wide Between it and the Holy of Holies.4‘And since all this land will be holy; A portion must be assigned to the Priests That will serve in My Most Holy Place. And then, for all that approach To serve in front of Jehovah; This will be the place where they’ll live, Since they must be separate and holy.5‘[Then a portion must be set aside] That’s 25,000 in length And 20,000 in width For the Levites who’ll serve at the Temple… To be theirs as the city in which they will dwell.6‘And for this city that they will own, You must set aside 25,000, Plus a width of 5,000, On behalf of the house of IsraEl; And this will serve in the same way As the Holy Place’s first-fruits.7‘Then a portion of this must be set aside As the place [where the Chief Priest will dwell], And as the Holy Place’s first-fruits. It will be his possession in the city Before the Holy Place of the first-fruits, And in front of the part of the city That runs from the east to the west.‘It will be as long as the city, And will run from the east to the west in the land. 8In IsraEl, this will be his possession. For, I will no longer treat harshly Those who are leading My people.’And the rest of the land will then be What the house of IsraEl will inherit According to each of their tribes.’9‘Then Jehovah God said:‘Let this be enough for IsraEl’s guides… Let their misery and unrighteous ways be removed… They must start being righteous and fair, And lift tyranny away from My people,’ Says Jehovah, your God!10‘They must use proper scales and right measures… [Honesty] must be their guide! 11So if one should get a tenth measure, He must also receive a tenth measure. If someone should get a tenth weight, He should receive his tenth weight. 12And if he’s owed the weight of 25 coins, The full weight of the coins is what he should get!‘Your bread must weigh 15 shekels. 13And the first-fruits that you set aside Should be a 1/6 of 10 bushels, Or 1/6 of 62 bushels for wheat, Or 40 quarts [38 litres], if it’s barley.14‘Olive oil is a cup from 10 cups… For 10 cups equals a homer.15‘And 1 sheep must be set aside Out of every 200 Among each of IsraEl’s families, As a whole burnt-offering sacrifice, And as an offering of salvation from sin,’ says Jehovah.16‘Everyone must offer their first-fruits To the man who is IsraEl’s guide. 17And to this one who serves as your guide, Whole-burnt offerings must also be brought, As well as drink offerings and other sacrifices.‘They must bring them on each holiday, As well as on New Moons and Sabbaths. And on each of IsraEl’s holidays, All must bring sacrifices to cover their sins, As well as one whole-burnt offering, And offerings for IsraEl’s salvation.’18‘Then Jehovah God said:‘On the 1st day of the 1st month, A perfect calf from the oxen must be offered To atone for the Most Holy Place.19‘Then the Priest must take some of its blood And put it on the Temple’s four corners, And upon each of its doorposts, As well as on the [horns of] the Altar, And on the posts of the gate to the inner courtyard.20‘And each 7th month, they must do the same thing… They must atone for the Temple On behalf of the senseless and simple On the 1st day of that month.21‘Then the 14th day of the 1st month Will be the [start] of your Passover feasts. Unfermented bread will be eaten For the next 7 days. 22And on that day, the one who’s your guide Must offer a calf for himself, And one for the sins of the people.23‘And during that 7-day feast, They must bring as whole burnt-offerings to God 7 perfect calves, and 7 perfect rams on each day. Then for sins, he must also sacrifice A kid of the goats on each day. 24He must prepare a cake for each calf and each ram, And bring olive oil for each cake.25‘And from the 7th day to the 15th, He must offer the same things each day… Whole burnt-offerings and sin sacrifices, As well as gift offerings and oil.’


    1‘Then Jehovah the God said this:‘The gate to the inner courtyard, The one that faces the east, Must stay locked for 6 days each [week]… It’s just to be opened on Sabbaths, As well as on every New Moon.2‘And the one who is guiding will enter Through the columned-porch gate. Then, he will stand at its threshold As whole burnt-offerings are made by the Priests, Along with an offering for him, And one for IsraEl’s salvation. Then he’ll bow as he leaves the gate’s threshold; And the gate won’t be locked until evening.3‘Then, on the Sabbaths and on the New Moons The people of the land must all come, And on that threshold, they’ll bow to Jehovah.4‘Whole burnt-offerings must be brought on the Sabbaths By the one who is IsraEl’s guide, Of 6 perfect lambs and 1 perfect ram, 5As well as a gift of cakes for the ram And a hand-made gift sacrifice for each lamb, Plus a quart of olive oil for each offering of cakes.6‘And on the days of the New Moons, [He must offer] 1 perfect calf, Plus 6 lambs and a ram (All of which must be perfect), 7And an offering of cake for each ram, An offering of cake for each calf, A gift offering for each of the lambs (Whatever your hands might have made), And a quart of olive oil for each cake.8‘Then, whenever the one who is guiding comes in, He must do it through the columned-porch gate; And that’s also the way he must leave.9‘And when, on holidays, the people of the land Come [to bow] to Jehovah... They should enter through the north gate, Then bow and leave through the south gate. But, if they come through the south gate, They must then leave through the north gate… They may not return through the same gate, And they must leave straight away.10‘And the one who serves as the guide in their midst Must enter as they start to arrive, And leave after they are all gone.11‘And during the festivals and holidays, An offering of cake must be brought for each calf, As well as one for each ram, With whatever his hand should provide for the lambs, Plus a quart of olive oil with each cake.12‘And if the one who is guiding should offer A whole burnt-offering of salvation; The gate facing the east must be opened for him. So his whole burnt-offering must be given Along with his things for salvation In the same ways as he does on the Sabbaths. And after he leaves, they must lock all the gates.13‘He must offer a perfect 1-year-old lamb As a whole burnt-offering to Jehovah, Which he must prepare every morning, 14Along with an offering as a gift Of 1/6 of a measure of olive oil, Mixed into 1/3 measure of finest flour As a continuous gift-offering to [God].15‘The lamb, the gift offering, and olive oil, Must be prepared and offered at dawn, As whole-burnt-offerings, each day.16‘Then Jehovah God said:‘If the one who is guiding should choose to leave His inheritance as a gift to his sons, It will become the possession of his sons. 17But if he leaves a gift to his servant, It will only be his ‘til The Year of Release, And then it must be returned To the one who’ll be serving as [IsraEl’s] guide… But the inheritance of his sons, will be theirs.18‘There’s no way that the one who is guiding May leave them an inheritance that he took from the people, So as to tyrannize them. He may only leave the things that he owns As an inheritance to his own sons, So the possessions of My people won’t be scattered.’19Then he took me out the back gate to the inner chamber of the Priests in the Holy Place (the one which faces north), and {Look!} within it I noticed a place that was off to the side, 20and he said to me:‘This is where the Priests are to boil The offerings for all of their errors, As well as sacrifices for their sins. It’s where they’ll bake the gift offerings, So that nothing will be carried through the outer courtyard, And the people may always be holy.’21Then he took me to the outer courtyard and led me around its four quarters. And {Look!} on each side of the courtyard was another courtyard… 22On each of the four sides of the courtyards were smaller courtyards that measured 40 cubits long and 30 cubits wide. 23And there were inner chambers around each of the four courtyards, and cooking pits were located beneath and around the chambers.24And he said to me:‘These are the homes of the cooks, And it’s where the sacrifices will be boiled That the people will bring as their offerings For those who serve at the Temple.’


    1Then he brought me to the threshold of the Temple, and look… There was water pouring from an opening that was under its east side (because its front faced the east). And the water poured down to the right side of the Temple towards the south, and then on south past the Altar.2So he led me through the north gate and took me around to the courtyard gate (the one which faces east), and {Look!} the water was flowing down along its right side.3There I saw a man who came out from across that place that was carrying a ruler in his hand. He then went to the source of the water and measured out 1,000 [cubits]… 4He walked into the water and measured out 1,000, and it came up to his knees. Then he measured another 1,000, and the water came up to his hips. 5And after that, he measured out another 1,000, and he wasn’t able to walk through it anymore, because the water was flooding with such force that it became a [river] that couldn’t be crossed.6Then he asked me:‘O son of man,‘What do you see?’7So he led me over to the bank of the river; and when I turned around, I saw that all along the banks of the river there were huge numbers of trees growing on each side.8And he said to me:‘This water flows east towards Galilee, Then to Arabia and on to the sea. And where it exits, the waters bring healing.9‘To all the herds, it brings life, For all that come to this river will live! And huge numbers of fish will also be there, Because they’ll all come to this water That heals and gives life to all things… Yes, all that come to this river will live!10‘Then, fishermen from EnGedi to EnEglaim Will come here to dry out their nets; For there’ll be no other place like it, Because there’ll be so many fish… It’ll be like the fish in the Great Sea.11‘But, where it turns and then flows away, There’s no way that it can heal [anymore]; For [those places] have been given to the salt.12‘And on each side of the banks of that river Will grow fruit-bearing trees that will never grow old And will never fail to bear fruit.‘From the beginning, they’ll start doing this; For these waters have flowed from the Most Holy. And as these waters flow past them, They’ll produce fruit [to be eaten], And their leaves will bring healing to all.13‘Then Jehovah God said:‘These are to be your land’s borders… The inheritance of the sons of IsraEl’s 12 tribes; For they’ll each be given a measured piece of ground, 14And as brothers, they’ll each inherit [their portion], The same as they did when I lifted My hand To divide it among their ancestors… As an inheritance, this land is what they’ll pass on.15‘The northern borders of this land Will run from the Great Sea by HethLon… Then from the gates of 16HaMath, BerOthah, and Sibraim To the limits of HaMath and Damascus, Then on to HatTicon’s courtyards, Which are at the limits of the land of Haran.17‘The borders will run from the sea in the north… From the courtyards of Enan to the limits of Damascus And all places north to the borders of HaMath.18‘They’ll run east between Haran and Damascus, To GileAd, through IsraEl, and on to the JorDan, Where [the JorDan] flows from the east to the sea And through the palm groves in the east.19‘And these are the borders to the south and southwest:‘They run from TeMan and the palm groves To the waters of MaribOth KaDesh; And from there, they flow to the Great Sea… These are the borders to the south and southwest.20‘The Great Sea is the border from the gates of HaMath, And it is the border to the west.21‘Among the tribes of IsraEl This land must be subdivided; 22You must throw lots for yourselves, And for the gentiles who will live in your midst… Those who will bear sons among you. For, they will be yours as native-born sons Among all the sons of IsraEl. Along with you, they will eat, And they’ll receive an inheritance among all your tribes.23‘Among the tribes that they came to, they’ll live, Along with others who’ve also been joined And will inherit [the land],’ Says Jehovah, your God.’


    1‘This is what each tribe [will inherit], by name:‘Starting at the top in the north To where it splits at the gates of HaMath And to the courtyard of Enan, Then to the borders of Damascus in the north, Along part of the borders of HaMath, And from there to the east and the west Is the portion of Dan.2‘And from the borders of Dan, From the east to the west, Is the portion of Asher.3‘And from the borders of Asher, From the east to the west, Is NaphTali’s portion.4‘And from NaphTali’s borders, From the east to the west, Is the portion of ManasSeh.5‘And from the borders of ManasSeh, From the east to the west, Is to be Ephraim’s portion.6‘And from Ephraim’s borders, From the east to the west) Is the portion of ReuBen.7‘And from the borders of ReuBen, From the east to the west, Is the portion of Judah.8‘And from the borders of Judah in the east, Is the place where they’ll offer the first-fruits. 25,000 will be its length, And 1 measured portion will be its width From the east to the west… And the Holy Place will be in its midst.9‘There they’ll set first-fruits aside for the Lord… Its width is to be 20,000 And 10,000 long, is its length. 10Within it, they will store all the first-fruits Of the holy things for the Priests. It runs north for 25,000, And towards the west for 10,000, Then towards the east for 10,000, And to the south for 25,000… And the Holy Mountain and Most Holy Place Will be located in its midst.11‘This is to be set aside for the Priests… ZaDok’s sons that have been made holy… Those who’ve kept watch at My Temple And not followed the delusions of IsraEl’s sons, Or strayed in the ways of the Levites.12‘This must be given to them as their first-fruits From all the first-fruits that come from the land… A Holy of Holies from the borders of the Levites.13‘And the Levites will also be given their portions Next to the borders of the Priests. Its length is to be 25,000, And it will be 10,000 wide. The whole length is 25,000, And 10,000 will be its full width.14‘No part [of this land] may be purchased Or measured out to be sold, Nor may its first fruits be taken away; For it is all holy to Jehovah.15But, concerning the extra 5,000 Amid that 25,000; There’ll be a place around the city wall Where they will [then build their] homes… And the city will be there in its midst.16‘And this is how it is measured: From the borders towards the north: 4,500. From the borders towards the south: 4,500. From the borders towards the east: 4,500. From the borders towards the west: 4,500.17‘Then to the north of the city, there also will be: A space that measures 250, Then towards the south, 250, Towards the east, 250, And towards the west, 250.18‘And there’ll be an additional length Next to the first-fruits of the Holy Place, Which will measure 10,000 towards the east, Plus 10,000 more towards the west. This is for the Holy Place of the first-fruits, Which is where the bread will also be [baked] For those who will work in the city. 19And those who will work in this city Will come from each of IsraEl’s tribes.20‘The first-fruits is 25,000 And squared by 25,000. You must place it next to the city As the first-fruits of the Holy Place.21‘And an extra space must be set aside On behalf of the one who serves as the guide. It must run from this side to that side, Between the Holy Place’s first-fruits.‘The part that is his in the city Will be 25,000 from east to west And 25,000 along the west side… It’s the portion of the one who serves as the guide, And for the Holy-Place’s First Fruits… And the Holy of Holies will be in its midst.22‘And by the borders of the Levites, In the mist of their part of the city... Will be the place for the one who’s the guide… Between Judah and BenJamin’s borders Will belong to the one who’s the guide.23‘And what’s left of that which belongs to the tribes, From the eastern borders to those in the west... Will be BenJamin’s portion.24‘And from BenJamin’s borders, From the east to the west, Will be SimeOn’s portion.25‘And from SimeOn’s borders, From the east to the west, Will be IsSachar’s portion.26‘And from IsSachar’s borders, From the east to the west, Is to be ZebuLun’s portion.27‘And from the ZebuLun’s borders, From the east to the west, Will be the portion of Gad.28‘And from the borders of Gad, The borders southwest will be his From TeMan and the waters of MaribOth KaDesh, And from there, on to the Great Sea… This is what he’ll inherit.29‘These are the lands in which you’ll throw lots For those among IsraEl’s tribes; And these are to be their tribes’ borders,’ Says Jehovah, your God.30‘The northern access to the city Must be 4,500; 31And the city gates must carry the names Of each of IsraEl’s 12 tribes.‘The three gates towards the north will include The Gates of ReuBen, Judah, and Levi.32And the three gates towards the east, 4,500, Are the Gates of BenJamin, JoSeph, and Dan.33And the three gates towards the south 4,500, Are the Gates of SimeOn, IsSachar, and ZebuLun.34And the three gates towards the west 4,500, Are the Gates of Asher, NaphTali, and Gad.35‘The circumference must be 18,000, And whatever the city is named Will be its name from that day.’



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