The 2001 Translation Translator NotesNote

Bible Measurements

The most common unit for measuring length, height, and depth in the Bible is a cubit, which is described at Ezekiel 40:5 as being ‘a forearm and a palm.’
And of course, these lengths vary depending on the size of the person.
But a cubit is roughly about eighteen inches.

However, to give you a better idea of the size and proportions of things in the Bible, we have converted the units of measure to more familiar terms, such as feet and inches (with metric conversions).
And because they aren’t exact measurements, we have roughly averaged the sizes or lengths.
Also, some units of measure such as a cor (about 32 bushels), hin, or bath (about 6 gallons), have been roughly estimated.

In addition, we have dropped the obscure names of coins, since most readers have no idea of their modern value (which continues to grow). Rather, we have simply inserted the types of coins that they are (whether gold, silver, or copper), and sometimes the size of the coin, to provide you some frame of reference.

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