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    Zechariah 13:6 – Wounds in hands

    The verse says (in the International Standard Version):

    Someone will say to him, ‘What are these injuries to your hands?’ He will reply, ‘…what I received at my friend's house.’

    Some Christians view this as a prophetic reference to Jesus’ death when he was nailed up. However, it’s probably not a reference to that, but back to verse 3 where the man is supposed to be bound, which could easily refer to having his hands tied up. Understand that the man being talked about is a false prophet, and regarding his parents, it is said:

    ...his father and the mother who bore him, must bind him, because of his prophecies.

    And then later in the passage, someone suspects that he’s a former false prophet from the injuries to his hands. Since you can bind someone by tying a rope tightly around their hands, it seems to add up.

    So this is likely not a prophetic reference to Jesus, but simply back to verse 3. That’s why in our translation we try to defer this misunderstanding with a [translator insertion] saying:

    ‘Then what are these wounds in your hands [from being bound]?’

    Please also see the note about Zechariah 13:7 being quoted by Jesus.