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    Installation instructions

    Step 1. Connect your Kindle to your computer using a USB cable

    Use the USB charging cable that came with your Kindle to connect it your PC or Mac. If you can’t do this, you can e-mail our translation to your Kindle instead.

    Your Kindle will then appear in the filesystem of your computer as an external drive, in exactly the same way a thumb-drive or an external storage disk appears. You can then open up your Kindle and look inside its folders.

    Find the “Documents” folder on your Kindle.

    Step 2. Download our Bible in Kindle format

    Step 3. Transfer the file

    Take the file you just downloaded and move it into the Kindle’s Documents folder.

    Either click-and-drag it into the Kindle folder, or right click it to select “Copy”, then go to the Kindle folder, and right-click and select “Paste”. This will copy the file on to your Kindle. It may take a few moments to transfer.

    Step 4. Eject your Kindle

    Once the file has finished transferring, eject your Kindle.

    Don’t unplug your Kindle without ejecting it, or it’s contents may be corrupted!

    Now you can safely disconnect your Kindle from the USB cable. After a few moments, the 2001 Translation should appear in your Kindle home screen.

    Alternatively, e-mail it to your Kindle

    Every Kindle has its own e-mail address, so you can send the 2001 Translation to your device.

    However, you’ll need to set up this feature in your Amazon account.

    Note that e-mailing will not enable “Enhanced Typesetting”, a feature that makes the text look nicer and gives you more customization, such as text justification and line-spacing options. This limitation is imposed by Amazon. The only way to enjoy Enhanced Typesetting is to transfer it using a USB cable (as described above).


    1. First, follow the instructions at Amazon to find your Kindle’s e-mail address. You can even change it to something more memorable, if you like. Make a note of it. Follow the instructions exactly, including adding your personal e-mail address to the Kindle’s Approved Personal Document E-mail List. Otherwise, your e-mails will be blocked.
    2. Once done, download our Bible as a MOBI format file, then e-mail it to your Kindle’s e-mail address.

    Assuming that your Kindle is connected to the Internet, after a few minutes, it should appear in your Kindle’s home screen.

    Need help?

    Please contact Amazon’s customer services who will be happy to help you. There are also some good instructions over at Dummies.com. Or ask a friend for help.

    Don’t have an Amazon Kindle?

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