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    1 Kings 6:1 – How many years?

    There is a disagreement here between the different Bible source texts. The Greek Septuagint says:

    ‘It was in the four hundred and fortieth year after the sons IsraEl left Egypt ... that the foundation of the Temple of Jehovah was laid.’

    However, the Hebrew text says the foundation of the Temple was laid four hundred and eighty years after the exodus from Egypt.

    So, which is correct?

    Well, the period from IsraEl’s entry into the promised land – from the period of the Judges to the start of the reign of King Saul (as shown in the books of Judges and 1 Samuel) – seems to have been about 400 years. Then if we add the 40 years of Saul’s rule and the 40 years of David’s rule, you can see that there had to be at least 480 years between the time of the Exodus and the laying of the Temple foundation by David’s son Solomon.

    So the Greek Septuagint text is probably is error here, and the Hebrew Masoretic text is most likely correct.

    It can be argued that this 480-year period may not have actually started with the Exodus, but with IsraEl’s entry into the Promised Land. To learn more, see the commentary, Who was Pharaoh during the Exodus?.