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    1 Timothy 1:8 – ‘soldier in a good war’

    Many Bible translators seem to have missed the point of Paul’s words to Timothy, which are found at 1 Timothy 1:18. Here he mentioned a prophecy (or prediction) concerning Timothy.

    For example, one translation says that he will ‘wage the fine warfare,’ while another says that he will ‘fight the good fight,’ and other Bibles read similarly

    However, the Greek words, hina strateun en autais ten kalen strateian, seem to indicate a prediction that Timothy would be a soldier or warrior (strateun) in a good (kalen) war (strateian). This appears to be the logical way to translate those words, because both letters to Timothy follow the theme of a soldier in battle.

    For example, Paul refers to him as a ‘fine soldier’ (kalos strateotes) at 2 Timothy 2:3-4.