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    Acts 3:20 – ‘proclaimed’ or ‘appointed’?

    There are two variants of this verse. Some say proclaimed, others say appointed.

    The two Greek words look and sound similar:

    προκεχειρισμένον / prokecheirismenon (appointed)
    προκεκηρυγμένον / prokekerygmenon (proclaimed)

    Perhaps when scribes made copies of the scroll, the original scroll was said aloud, and someone misheard! Alternatively, someone may have seen the wrong word with their eyes. This is very understandable. Both words would fit the passage, and both look and sound similar.

    So we ended up with some copies saying ‘appointed’ and others saying ‘proclaimed’. Since both words can fit the context, and both say something right, it didn’t matter so much.

    So which is correct?

    Well, the Aramaic says appointed, but since our translation’s position is that Acts was probably penned in Greek, this carries less weight.

    So again, which is correct? We don’t know for sure. However, it seems more likely that the Apostle would speak of Jesus who was proclaimed to you, because the idea of Jesus being ‘appointed to you’ is an unfamiliar phrase that we don’t find anywhere else.