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    Amos 7:1 – ‘Gog the Grasshopper King’

    At Amos 7:1 in the Greek Septuagint, we read about Gog the Grasshopper King, which is mentioned apparently in reference to the king of Assyria (who would thereafter attack the northern 10-tribe Kingdom of Israel). Or it could possibly be in reference to the unseen force behind that great world power.

    For it says there:

    ‘Then {Look!} the Lord showed me a breed of locusts that arrived early in the morning, being led by Gog the grasshopper king.’ —Amos 7:1

    Note that in Greek, he is described as:

    βρουχος εις γωγ ο βασιλευς
    grasshoppers they/are of gog the king

    However, this term isn’t found in the Hebrew Masoretic text, which says:

    ‘This is what the Almighty lord showed me:
    He was preparing swarms of locusts when the second crop was being harvested.
    It was the harvest that followed the harvest for the king.’

    Which is correct? While it’s impossible to know for sure, the Greek Septuagint text is so much older than the Hebrew Masoretic. So the Greek version should be taken seriously.