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    Worshiped, did obeisance, or bowed down?

    A popular argument is this:

    The Bible say that various people “worshiped” Jesus, and since Jews and Christians were commanded to only worship God (Revelation 22:9), then Jesus must be God Almighty, and these verses prove the Trinity.

    We hate to disappoint people, but the word often translated as worshiped is merely a choice of the English-speaking translator. The original Greek and Aramaic words do not automatically mean worshiped, although they can do.

    They simply describe the physical action of bowing down, or kissing the hand. Whether that person is bowing down or kissing as part of a greeting, as a sign of respect, or as an act of religious worship, well, that depends on the context, and is up to the reader to decide.

    The term was commonly used in the ancient world to describe the homage given to people of greater rank, such as human rulers, the High Priest, and of course, God.

    When modern Bible translators have chosen to translate the term as worshiped, this is based upon their own beliefs and understanding. Some people have then drawn conclusions from that, mistakenly thinking that it’s from the Bible. However, the original language just says bowed/kissed.