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    Consecrated = Perfect

    Leviticus 4:5 describes the Priest who was directed to offer the blood of a sacrificial animal to God. In the Greek Septuagint text, he’s described as ho teteliomenos.

    Other Bibles translate that as consecrated. However, these days, nobody knows what consecrated means, especially not non-Christians and young people. So we need a better word.

    Also, is consecrated even a correct translation? Perhaps, but perhaps not. The root portion of teteliomenos is telios, which means perfect, end, or finish. So we decited to use perfect.

    Perhaps God considered such Priests to be perfect when they were performing their sacred duties within the Most Holy. The same term (Perfect Priest) seems to describe specific Priests among those in the lines of Moses and Aaron. In fact, Leviticus chapter 16 indicates that it was those Priests who were later called the ‘High Priests’. Later, the same term applied to those who were chosen from among the Priests to offer sacrifices on ‘The Day of Atonement’ (‘Yom Kippur’).