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    Fear and Respect

    The Greek word for respect (or value) is temer, while the Greek word for fear is phobou (as in phobia). Yet at Ephesians 5:33 (for example), phobou is often incorrectly translated as respect in some Bibles, where the text is talking about the feelings that Christian wives should have for their husbands.

    This is likely an effort on the part of some to make the Bible more ‘politically correct,’ because, the same word, when speaking to slaves in the text that follows, is usually translated as fear.

    What type of fear does the Bible mean?

    Well, phobou is used in other places to describe our relationships with God and Jesus, and we are to love them. So, phobou must imply a fear of creating displeasure, much in the same way that husbands, wives, or slaves should fear (but love) God and Jesus.

    Therefore, for clarification: in several places throughout this Bible where the word phobou is found, you will see that we have translated it as ‘[Godly] fear’ or ‘reverential fear.’