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    The Lord’s Prayer

    This translation’s version of the Lord’s (Our Father) Prayer is quite different to that found in other Bibles. Why?

    1. In the ancient Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic languages, there was no special word for heaven.

    Rather, the word that appears in all the texts simply means sky. So, wherever the Greek word ouranou is found in the singular, this translation usually says sky. However, where the word is found in the plural, ouranon (indicating something greater than just the sky), then it usually says heavens.

    2. The words, ‘For thine is the Kingdom, and the power, and the glory forever, Amen’ aren’t found in the oldest available texts of Matthew; they are likely spurious, and we have crossed them out.

    They appear to have been some person’s later attempt at completing Jesus’ words to his Apostles about what subjects they should mention in their prayers. Indeed, when the same prayer is recorded in the Gospel of Luke, those words are absent.