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    Matthew 27:9 – JeremiAh or ZechariAh?

    At Matthew 27:9, the Greek text says that JeremiAh wrote the prophecy that foretold Jesus’ betrayal for thirty pieces of silver and of his betrayer being buried in the potter’s field.

    However, JeremiAh didn’t really write that!

    Rather, the prophecy was actually written by ZechariAh (see Zechariah 11:12-13). So it is clear that this is another of several corruptions in the Greek text of Matthew.

    On the other hand, the Aramaic text of Matthew (which we have come to trust more only when it comes to the book of Matthew) doesn’t give us the name of the Prophet that wrote those words. It just says ‘the Prophet.’

    Therefore, we have gone with the Aramaic wording of this verse. Perhaps someone before the 4th century tried to be ‘helpful’ and added a ‘clarification’ to the Greek text, but got it wrong!