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    Psalm 110:3 – ‘morning star’ or ‘womb of the dawn’?

    We freely admit that our translation of Psalm 110:3, which says: ‘For, since the time that you came from the womb, I made you the [bright] morning star,’ could be wrong. It differs from the Hebrew Masoretic text and even other versions of the Greek Septuagint.

    The Greek word in question here is eosphorou, which some have translated as dawn. However, others argue that the word should be translated as morning star.

    We have chosen morning star because that’s the -phorou part literally means star. Also, Jesus referred to himself as ‘the bright morning star’ at Revelation 22:16. So Jesus may have been quoting this verse when he used the term ‘morning star’ in Revelation.

    This rendering also makes more sense than the Hebrew words, which read:

    ‘In the splendors of holiness from the womb of the dawn,’

    What is the womb of the dawn? These words don’t appear to mean very much, they are not used elsewhere or quoted, and they don’t tie into other prophesies.