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    House, Temple, or Palace?

    Throughout the Bible, the Greek word used in most places to describe the Temple of Jehovah/Yahweh is oikos (pronounced oy-koss), or house. That’s also true when it comes to describing the building where the king lived (the texts just say ‘house’). However, for clarification, we have usually chosen to translate oikos as Temple when it is speaking of the place of worship of Jehovah, and as palace when speaking of the king’s house.

    This is because neither of these buildings were just regular houses (as implied in the English word house), and the words Temple and palace better describe their appearance and use in contemporary American English.

    There is a Greek word that actually means Temple, which is also used many times in the Bible; it is hiero. Another Greek word that is frequently (incorrectly) translated as Temple, is naos (pronounced nah-oss), but this refers the Temple’s inner sanctuary composed of the Holy and Most Holy compartments.