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Tent of Proofs

We are sure that many will object to our calling God’s place of worship in the desert a ‘tent’ rather than a ‘tabernacle.’ However, tabernacle is an obsolete English word, the true meaning of which is misunderstood by most people.
So for clarification;
We have opted to use the modern word ‘tent,’ because it was in fact a portable structure made of cloth and beams.

Notice that this tent is often referred to in Greek as the skenes tou marturion, which means, Tent of Testimony or, Tent of Proofs. And the reason why they called it that, was because it housed the kiboton martyrion (Box [of] Testimony or Chest of Proofs), which is referred to in other Bibles as Ark of the Covenant. However, we have more closely translated skenes tou marturion as Tent of Proofs wherever these particular Greek words are found.

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