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    The God

    This translation consistently translates ho theos in the Greek (and it’s variants, such as ton theon) as The God, not just as God.

    Why? In Greek Bible sources, the term ‘the’ (‘ho’) usually appears before the Greek word for God (theos) when speaking of the Almighty. Like almost all Bible translators, we’ve deleted it in some places to make the reading flow better. However, there are places where adding ‘The’ before ‘God’ makes an important difference. So in many places, this Bible says The God where other translations just say God.

    For example, John 1:1 in the Greek makes a distinction between The God and God when describing ‘the Word,’ a reference to Jesus. While many people point to that verse as a proof-text for the Trinity, in the original language, Jesus is never called The God, (ho theos or ton theon) but only God (theos or theon), a word also used to describe some men (including Paul in Acts 28:6). Therefore you can see how important it is to convey this difference between The God and God to the modern English reader. Otherwise readers may be misled to believe that a verse says something that does not appear in the source texts.

    Other translations remove this difference and hide it from you. Our translation is one of the very few that preserve this difference in the English text. It allows you, the reader, to decide for yourself what the text means, instead of some translator deciding for you and hiding the differences that exist.