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    Amos – Legacy Edition

    From the Greek Septuagint text as used by First Century Christians.
    A prophecy that was given to the Prophet Amos while he was living in the ten-tribe Kingdom of IsraEl, concerning the future destruction of many nations
    that lived around and/or had dealings with his nation, as well as what would happen to both Judah and IsraEl.
    According to archaeologists, it was written in 758-BCE. However, our Bible-based estimates place this closer to 800-BCE.

    Is it poetry or isn’t it poetry?
    Something that only a Bible translator would notice is that whenever God or His spokesperson are quoted, the words were in the form of Hebrew poetry,
    since there is a definite cadence that can be noted in the original language. Therefore, because this is the chosen style of God, we have rendered it as it should be, in poetic verse.
    Why did God and His spokesperson communicate through poetry?
    Because poetic words provide memory aids that can be easily recalled to mind, so that the messages could be spread throughout the population via the most common medium of communication at the time, song.

    The curious case of the changing personal pronouns:
    Another thing that all translators notice when translating the words of the Prophets is the constant changing of the personal pronouns from the first to the third person in many of the pronouncements.
    And what we have come to realize is that God didn’t personally speak to the Prophets. Rather, He sent His messages through a mediator, who appears to have been referred to as ‘The Word’ throughout the text.

    Who Was Actually Talking?
    You will notice herein that the text often changes to a quotation and then even to italics. WHY?
    Understand that there are actually THREE voices being represented here… that of the Prophet, that of the angel that is bring the message from God, and the words of God Himself (which is usually overlooked in other Bibles).
    How can we tell the difference? From the TENSES in which each verse is written.
    If it is the Prophet speaking, he is talking about what was happing or what will be happening to his people.
    If it is the angel (the Word) speaking, he is speaking of God in the third person.
    And if it is God speaking, He is talking in the first person about what He will do.
    Did we get it all right? Probably not, but it has been an honest attempt at doing so.

    Chapter 1

    1 These are the words of Amos [which tell] of things that took place [while he was at] Kiriath JaiRim in Tekoa and of the things that he saw concerning JeruSalem in the days of UzziAh the king of Judah, and in the days of JeroBoam (son of JoAsh) the king of IsraEl, two years before the earthquake.

    2 From Zion, Jehovah spoke out…
    From JeruSalem, He spoke and said this:
    ‘Over their pastures, the shepherds will mourn
    About the drought on [Mount] Carmel.’

    3 And Jehovah said:
    ‘Because of these three godless deeds of Damascus (and even four),
    I won’t turn [My] attention from them.
    For they used iron saws to saw open
    Those in GileAd with [babies] in their wombs.

    4 ‘So, to the house of HazaEl, I’ll send fire
    And burn the foundations of the sons of Hadad.
    Damascus and those in On’s plains, I’ll destroy;
    I’ll cut the men of Edem to bits;
    And Assyria’s best men will be captured,’ says Jehovah.

    6 Then Jehovah said:
    ‘For Gaza’s three godless deeds (and even four),
    I won’t turn [my] attention from them.
    For they captured Solomon’s captives,
    And handed them over to Edom.

    7 ‘So, to Gaza’s walls, I’ll send fire,
    Which will eat her to her foundations.
    8 I’ll also destroy those in AshDod;
    And from AshKelon I’ll remove a whole tribe.
    Then I’ll bring My hand against EkRon
    And destroy the remaining Philistines,’ says Jehovah.

    9 And then Jehovah said:
    ‘Because of Tyre’s three godless deeds (and even four),
    I won’t turn [my] attention from them.
    For they handed captives to Edom…
    Forgetting their treaty of brothers.
    10 So, to the walls of Tyre, I’ll send fire,
    Which will eat her to her foundations.’

    11 And Jehovah said:
    ‘Because of Edom’s three godless deeds (and even four),
    I won’t turn [my] attention from them.
    For they chased their brothers with swords,
    And [cut down] the mothers throughout the land…
    They seized [the mothers] by force
    As proof of their awesome terror,
    And they continued to do this until they had won.
    12 So, I will send fire against Teman
    Which will eat her to her foundations.’

    13 And Jehovah said:
    ‘Because of the three godless deeds
    Of the sons of AmMon (and even four),
    I won’t turn [my] attention from them.
    For in GileAd they went and ripped open
    [Women] with [babies] in their wombs,
    Just to widen their borders.

    14 ‘So I’ll light a fire upon RabBah’s walls,
    Which will eat her to her foundations.
    Then I’ll raise cries of war in that day…
    And they’ll shake in the day she’s consumed.
    15 Into captivity, I’ll then send her king,
    Along with her rulers and priests,’ says Jehovah.

    Chapter 2

    1 And Jehovah said:
    ‘Because of Moab’s three godless deeds (and even four),
    I won’t turn [my] attention from them.
    For, the king of Edom’s bones, they burned into dust.

    2 ‘So, I will send fire upon Moab,
    And it will devour their cities’ foundations.
    Then Moab will be left without strength…
    She’ll hear cries and the blowing of trumpets.
    3 I’ll destroy all her judges and rulers…
    Yes, I’ll kill them all,’ says Jehovah.

    4 And Jehovah said:
    ‘Because of the three [lawless] deeds
    Of the sons of Judah (and even four),
    I won’t turn [my] attention from them.
    For they pushed [aside all My] Laws,
    And refused to follow My orders.

    ‘So, I will cause them to wander
    And follow the foolish idols they’ve made,
    Which they’ve followed [since the time of] their fathers.
    5 Then, I will send fire upon Judah,
    And wipe JeruSalem to her foundations.’

    6 And Jehovah said:
    ‘Because of IsraEl’s three godless deeds (and even four),
    I won’t turn [My] attention from them.
    For, from the righteous and needy
    They demanded silver for sandals…
    7 [Things they need] to walk on the dust of the ground.

    ‘They also trampled the heads of the poor,
    And turned the humble away.
    Then, with the very same slaves,
    Fathers and sons both had sex,
    So that they could profane the Name of their God.

    8 ‘Then, with their old clothes and rough cords,
    They erected booths next to My Altar,
    Where they drank the wine that they had extorted
    There at the [Temple] of God!

    9 ‘Yet for them, I had wiped out the Amorites,
    Though they’d become as strong as the oaks
    And as tall as the cedars…
    I removed all the fruit from their boughs,
    As well as the roots underneath them.

    10 ‘Then from the land of Egypt, I took them,
    And through the desert I led them
    During the next forty years,
    So they could inherit the Amorite’s land.

    11 ‘I also took their sons as [My] Prophets,
    And their young men to serve as My [Nazarites].
    O Sons of IsraEl;
    Aren’t these the things that I did,’ asks Jehovah?

    12 ‘But to those [Nazarites], you then offered wine,
    And you told the Prophets not to foretell!
    13 So, because of this, I’ll roll over you
    Like a wagon loaded with stubble.

    14 ‘Then all hope of flight into exile
    By those who can run, will be lost;
    For the strong won’t be able to maintain their strength,
    And no way will the soldiers save their own lives.

    15 ‘Then you’ll find your bowmen unable to stand;
    Those fleet of foot will not escape;
    Horseman won’t save their own lives;
    16 The strong won’t have mighty hearts;
    And in that day, they’ll flee naked,’ says Jehovah.

    Chapter 3

    1 O house of IsraEl;
    Listen to these words of Jehovah
    That He is pronouncing against you…
    To those tribes that He led out of Egypt.
    For, this is what He’s declared:

    2 ‘I have known only you
    Among all the tribes of earth;
    And because of this (because of your sins),
    I will take vengeance upon you!’

    3 ‘Can two walk together unless they’ve agreed? No!
    4 Will a lion roar from the woods
    If he hasn’t [caught] any game? No!
    Will a cub call out from his lair
    If he hasn’t captured his prey? No!
    5 Will a bird fall to the ground
    If it hasn’t [been shot by] a hunter? No!
    Will a snare snap shut without catching? No!
    6 Will the sound of the trumpet be heard in a town
    Without terrorizing its people? No!
    Will harm ever come to a city
    Unless it’s been sent by Jehovah? No!

    7 ‘There’s nothing that God Jehovah will do,
    Unless it’s revealed to His servants, the Prophets.
    8 So as when a lion lets out a roar
    And all that hear it are fearful;
    When Jehovah God has something to say,
    What [Prophet] will not prophesy?

    9 ‘So, you must make this pronouncement
    To Assyria and those down in Egypt!
    Tell them to gather on Samaria’s hills,
    And as they gaze at her wonders,
    They should notice the tyranny within her.
    10 Then, those that so treasure misery and injustice
    Will never see what is coming,’ said Jehovah.

    11 So Jehovah, The God, sends them this message:
    ‘Tyre and all that’s around it
    Will soon become desolation.
    For, I will remove all their strength,
    And then rip their regions to pieces!

    12 Jehovah says:
    ‘As a shepherd will pull from the mouth of a lion
    Two legs or part of an ear;
    That’s how IsraEl’s sons will be ripped
    (Those dwelling in Samaria and Damascus)
    By a tribe that they haven’t known.

    13 ‘And listen to this, O you Priests…
    Then to the house of Jacob, you must proclaim it,’
    Says Jehovah, the Almighty God!

    14 ‘In the day of My vengeance upon IsraEl,
    I’ll destroy your altar at BethEl.
    And because of the godless things that you’ve done,
    They’ll cut off the horns of your altar
    Then knock it down to the ground!

    15 ‘I will also send you confusion,
    And I’ll strike the bins in your barns
    Where [the fruits of] your harvests are stored.
    Your ivory houses, I’ll also destroy,
    As well as the homes roundabout them,’ says Jehovah.

    Chapter 4

    1 So, hear these words, O heifers of BaShan…
    Yes, you in Samaria’s mountains…
    You who are tyrants to the needy,
    And you who trample the poor...
    Those poor that must now beg their masters
    To give them something to drink!

    2 For by all that He deems to be holy,
    Against them, God swore this oath:
    ‘Look, the days will soon come
    When they’ll gather you and your families
    And throw you into hot cauldrons.
    3 You’ll be led away naked in lines,
    And they’ll scatter [your bones] on Mount Hermon,’ says Jehovah.

    4 ‘For, when you went up to BethEl
    You went there to do irreverent things.
    And at GilGal you did even worse…
    Though you brought sacrifices in the mornings,
    And on the third day, you brought in your tithes;
    5 Thereafter, you read outside of the Law,
    And demanded [special] offerings for confessions.

    ‘So against you, I’ve made this pronouncement,
    Because IsraEl’s sons have loved all these things:
    6 To your cities, I now will send toothaches,
    And I will send famines of bread…
    For you left Me and never returned,’ says Jehovah.

    7 ‘I’ll hold back the rain on your crops for three months;
    Then, I will [send] rain to one town,
    But I’ll not send rain on another…
    Yes, I will send rain to one portion,
    And not send rain to another,
    So some places will become very dry.

    8 ‘Then, those from two or three cities
    Will go to one city to drink…
    But no way will they be satisfied,
    Because they won’t turn back to Me,’ says Jehovah.

    9 ‘Then I’ll strike you with jaundice and fire;
    And the vineyards and gardens you’ve gained,
    As well as your groves of olives and figs,
    Will all be eaten by bugs…
    But you still won’t turn back [to Me],’ says Jehovah.

    10 ‘Then from Egypt, I’ll send you a plague,
    And your young men, I’ll kill by the sword.
    Thereafter, I’ll take all your horses…
    And because this will just make you angry,
    Into your camps, I’ll send fire…
    Yet to Me, you still won’t return,’ says Jehovah.

    11 ‘Like Sodom and GomorRah, I’ll wipe you away…
    I’ll make you like coals that are pulled from the flames…
    Yet to Me, you still won’t return,’ says Jehovah.

    12 ‘Because of such things, O IsraEl;
    Both this and that, I’ll then do to you
    Until you are ready to call to your God!

    13 ‘Look! I’m the One that sends thunder…
    I’m also the One that created the wind
    And the One who tells men about His concerns.

    ‘I’m the One that sends both the dawn and the fog,
    And I ride across the heights of the earth…
    Yes, I am Jehovah, the Almighty God!’

    Chapter 5

    1 So, hear the word of Jehovah;
    For against you, He sang this lament:
    ‘The house of IsraEl will fall,
    And thereafter, she will not be raised.
    2 IsraEl (the virgin) will trip in her land,
    And there will be no one to lift her.’

    3 And thus says Jehovah, [her] God:
    ‘From a city that a thousand had left,
    Only a hundred will return;
    And from a town that a hundred had left,
    Only ten from IsraEl’s house will return.’

    4 For, thus says Jehovah to the house of IsraEl:
    5 ‘Inquire of Me and you’ll live…
    Do not [travel to] BethEl
    And into GilGal don’t enter,
    Nor should you go to the Well of the Oath!
    For those going to GilGal will be captured,
    And BethEl will be wiped away.’

    6 So inquire of Jehovah and live,
    As the house of JoSeph has done…
    And then you won’t have to be burned!
    For, [fire] will come and consume,
    And no one will quench IsraEl’s flames.

    7 From the heights, it’s Jehovah who says what is right
    And who sets the earth’s righteous [standards],
    8 For He’s the One that created it all,
    And who made everything different!

    He’s the One that turns shadows into morning
    And the day into the darkness of night;
    He’s the One that calls the water from the seas
    And pours it back on the face of the ground…
    He is Jehovah the Almighty God.

    9 He’s the One that divides the conflicts and strengths
    And sends misery into the strongholds
    10 Of those who shout at His Prophets
    When they arrive at their gates…
    Because they hate those that speak holy words.
    11 They’re the ones that strike the poor with their fists,
    And steal their choicest of treasures.

    ‘Yes, I can see the paneled houses you’ve built…
    Homes in which you won’t live.
    I can also see the vineyards you’ve planted…
    From which you won’t drink the wine.

    12 ‘For I know all the [bad] things you’re doing
    And of how you’ve trampled the righteous…
    How you’ve inflated your prices,
    And turned the needy away from your gates.
    13 For during that time, I silently watched
    As [you were becoming] more evil.’

    14 ‘Now, ask for the good (not the bad)
    So that you can continue to live.
    If you’ll ask the Almighty to stay among you,
    He will provide the things that you need
    Whenever you are willing to say,
    15 We hate what is bad and love what is good!

    If you’ll return justice to your [city] gates;
    Jehovah the Almighty God
    Will show mercy on the remnants of JoSeph.

    16 ‘For, it’s because of such things,’
    Says Jehovah, the Almighty God,
    ‘That you’ll beat your chests in your squares,
    And cry, Woe [is me], in your streets!

    ‘Then the farmers will be called to do mourning…
    They’ll be wailing and beating their chests.
    17 Yes they’ll know all the ways to beat on their chests,
    Because I will go through their midst,’ says Jehovah.

    18 ‘Woe to those who wish for the Day of the Lord;
    For, after they ask what the Lord’s Day will bring,
    They’ll find that it only brings darkness, not light!

    19 ‘It’s as when a man is fleeing a lion
    Or being attacked by a bear,
    And he rushes to his house and grabs hold of its walls…
    Just to be bitten by snakes.
    20 For the Day of the Lord will bring darkness, not light…
    It will bring dimness, not brightness!

    21 ‘So, I have detested and I’ve pushed away
    All of your holiday feasts…
    For, in such things, I [find no delight].
    22 Therefore, should you bring whole burnt-offerings to Me
    Along with other sacrifices;
    I won’t receive them in favor
    Or approve of your gifts for salvation.

    23 ‘So remove the sounds of your hymns…
    No I don’t want to hear the tunes of your psalms!
    24 For the waters of judgment will pour down on you,
    And the river of righteousness, you will not cross.

    25 ‘O house of IsraEl;
    You brought victims to Me to be sacrificed
    During the forty years in the desert.
    26 But then, you chose Moloch’s tent
    And the star of Raiphan to serve as your gods…
    You molded idols of them for yourselves!
    27 So beyond Damascus, I’ll move you,’
    Says Jehovah, the Almighty God.

    Chapter 6

    1 ‘Woe to those that are treating Zion with contempt,
    And those putting trust in Samaria’s hills…
    Those who’ve harvested heads from the nations,
    And to whom the house of IsraEl has turned.

    2 ‘Now, pass through them all and take a good look;
    Travel to Hamath of RabBah
    And to Gath of the Philistines.
    Is yours any better than these kingdoms?
    Are your borders any larger than theirs?

    3 ‘So an evil day will soon come,
    To those hanging onto false Sabbaths…
    4 Those who sleep in ivory beds
    And waste their lives on divans.

    ‘They eat the kids of the flocks
    And the suckling young calves from the midst of the herds.
    5 They clap along as [music] is played,
    And think of themselves as [eternal]
    (Not as something that’s passing away).

    6 ‘They drink [the best] filtered wine;
    They wear the best of colognes;
    And about the destruction of JoSeph,
    They still remain unconcerned.
    7 But soon, they’ll be led into exile,
    And their feasting and lounging will end.’

    8 Then Jehovah swore this oath by Himself:
    ‘Because I abhor the insults of Jacob
    And detest their fortified cities;
    I will now lift them away
    Along with all those that live there.

    9 ‘So if ten should survive in a house,
    They will all die after that.
    10 Yes, they’ll walk away from their [loved ones],
    And not retrieve their bones from their homes.

    ‘They’ll just ask those in charge of their homes
    If any are still left within them;
    And these will answer, No longer.
    Then another will say, Just be quiet…
    Don’t mention the Name of the Lord.
    11 For, {Look!) He’s the One who gave them the order
    To strike our mansions with fractures,
    And to shred our small homes!

    12 ‘Will horses run in the rocks? No!
    Will stallions stay silent near mares? No!
    But, you’ve replaced true justice with rage
    And turned righteous fruit into bitter.
    13 You are also glad to hear bad reports,
    And you say, We’re so mighty that we have grown horns!

    14 ‘So; O house of IsraEl, Be careful.
    For I’m arousing a nation against you
    That will [surround you] and then hem you in
    To keep you from running to HamAth
    Or from fleeing to the river in the west.

    Chapter 7

    1 Then {Look!} the Lord showed me a breed of locusts that arrived early in the morning, being led by Gog the grasshopper king. 2 These [locusts] came to devour all the grass in the land. So I shouted:
    ‘O Lord, please be kind; for, who will raise Jacob again, since so few now remain? 3 O Lord, please change Your mind about this thing that You’re doing!’

    But the Lord replied:
    ‘That won’t happen.’

    4 Then {Look!} the Lord took me and showed me that he’d also called fire down upon them as their punishment… and [this fire] devoured everything to the depths [of the great sea], as well as a portion [of the land]. 5 And I said:
    ‘O Lord God, please stop! Who will raise Jacob again now that so few are left? O Lord, please change your mind about doing this!

    6 But the Lord replied:
    ‘That won’t happen.’

    7 Then the Lord [took me] and showed me something… {Look!} he was standing on a straight wall with a plumb line in His hand. 8 And the Lord asked me:
    ‘What do you see, Amos?’

    And I replied:
    ‘A plumb line.’

    Then the Lord said to me:
    ‘{Look!} In the midst of IsraEl, my people,
    I have now set a plumb line,
    And beyond it, I will no longer pass.

    9 ‘I’ll wipe their shrines to laughter away,
    And their sites of mystic rites will lie ruined;
    For against the house of [King] JeroBoam,
    I am now sending the broadsword.’

    10 Well after that, AmaziAh (the priest of BethEl) sent [a message] to JeroBoam (the king of IsraEl) that said:
    ‘Amos is hatching a plot against you there in the midst of the house of IsraEl, and there’s no way that the land will be able to endure the things that he’s saying. 11 For Amos is [telling the people] that JeroBoam will be destroyed by the broadsword, and that IsraEl will be led away from this land as captives.’

    12 And later, AmaziAh said this to Amos (there in front of everyone):
    ‘Get out of here and go to the land of Judah! Spend the rest of your life there and do all your prophesying there! 13 You may no longer prophesy here in BethEl, for this is the sanctuary of the king and the place of his royal palace!’

    14 But I (Amos) replied to AmaziAh:
    ‘I wasn’t a Prophet or the son of a Prophet, I was just a herder of sheep and someone who picked the fruit of mulberry trees. 15 But then Jehovah took me away from my sheep and said to me,
    Go and prophesy over My people IsraEl!

    16 ‘So now, listen to what the Lord told me:
    Because you’ve warned me not to prophesy over IsraEl, and you’ve said,
    There’s no way that armies will be led against the house of Jacob, 17 this is what was said by Jehovah:
    Your wife will become a city prostitute,
    And your sons and daughters will fall by the sword.
    Then they’ll measure your land with a plumb line,
    And you’ll come to your end in a place that’s unclean.
    For, IsraEl will in fact be led from this land…
    They’ll be carried away as captives.’

    Chapter 8

    1 Then {Look!} the Lord came and showed me the cage of a bird hunter, 2 and he asked,
    ‘What do you see, Amos?’

    And I replied,
    ‘A bird cage.’

    Then the Lord said:
    ‘These things were said by Jehovah:
    My people, IsraEl, have now reached their end,
    For I’ll overlook what they’re doing no longer.
    3 So in that day;
    There’ll be screams from their temples and stock pens…
    For there’ll be many [people] that fall there,
    As I bring silence to this place.

    4 ‘So listen, O you who’re destroying the needy,
    And those tyrannizing the poor…
    5 Yes, all of you who keep asking
    When the [New Moons] will be over
    So that you can go back to your trading…
    And you who look for the Sabbaths to end
    So that you can open your [cash drawers],
    Then measure out small and [unfairly]
    By adding weights to the things that you weigh,
    And by using unbalanced scales.
    6 Then, from the needy and poor,
    You take all of their silver
    In return for sandals and [clothes].’

    7 And after that, Jehovah swore this oath against Jacob’s pride:
    ‘Do you think that I’ll forget about this
    And I will allow you to win? Well, I won’t!’

    8 Then [He said]:
    ‘Won’t this bring disturbance to the land,
    And won’t all who live there start mourning?
    For destruction will rise like a river,
    And in its deep waters they will sink.

    9 Jehovah said:
    ‘Then the sun will set at midday,
    And the land will get dark in the daytime.
    10 So their holiday feasts will turn into mourning,
    And all of their songs into wailing.

    ‘Then, upon every loin, I’ll bring sackcloth,
    And baldness, I’ll bring upon every head.
    I’ll appoint them as those who mourn loved ones,
    And their happy days, I’ll turn into grief.

    11 ‘Look, the days are coming,’ says Jehovah,
    ‘When to this land, I’ll send famine…
    But it won’t be a famine of bread
    Nor a famine of water,
    But a famine of hearing the Word of Jehovah.

    12 ‘Then from sea to sea, the waters will shake,
    And [people] will run from the north to the east
    Seeking the Word of Jehovah.
    But then, no way will they find it.

    13 ‘In that day, all of your pretty virgins
    And all of your [handsome] young men
    Will be wilting from thirst.

    14 ‘And those that swear oaths by Samaria’s Redeemer,
    And say, O Dan, as your god lives,
    Or, As your god lives, O BeerSheba…
    These will fall and not rise again.’

    Chapter 9

    1 Well after that, I saw the Lord standing at the Altar, and he said:
    ‘Strike the Propitiatory and shake all its gates,
    Then cut off all of their heads,
    And kill the rest with the broadsword!
    There’s no way that they can escape,
    And no way that they will be saved!

    2 ‘So if they should [hide] in the place of the dead;
    My hand will [reach down and] grab them.
    And if they should [fly] into the sky;
    From there, I will drag them back down.

    3 ‘If they should hide on [Mount] Carmel,
    I’ll search for them there and I’ll grab them.
    And if they hide from my eyes in the depths of the seas,
    I’ll send a wild beast to bite them.

    4 ‘If their enemies should take them as captives,
    I’ll instruct their broadswords to kill them…
    Yes, it’s for the bad, not for the good
    That I have set my eyes on them.

    5 ‘For Jehovah, the Lord God Almighty
    Has grabbed the land and ordered a shaking.
    Then, all who dwell there will mourn…
    It will rise and fall like the Nile.

    6 ‘And the One who built His [home] in the skies…
    The One who founded the earth…
    The One who calls water out of the seas
    And pours it back on the land…
    The One whose Name is Jehovah, says this:

    7O sons of IsraEl;
    To Me, you aren’t like the descendents of Kush,
    For I’m the One who led you from Egypt,
    And from the Cappadocian Philistines,
    Then from the Syrians of Kir.

    8 ‘{Look!} For My eyes watch the kingdoms of sinners
    Whom I then remove from the face of the earth.
    But the one that I won’t completely remove
    Is the house of [My servant] Jacob,
    says Jehovah.

    9But, {Look!} I will issue My orders
    And cause IsraEl’s house to be threshed
    [Along with] the rest of the nations
    In the same way that you’d winnow with a shovel…
    And no broken pieces will [be overlooked].

    10 ‘Then, it will be by the broadsword
    That the sinners among My people will end…
    Yes, all of those who now say:

    Such bad things will never approach us…
    These things won’t happen to us!

    11And in that day, the tent of David that has fallen
    Will thereafter stand once again
    And its [broken] things, I’ll rebuild…
    The things I cut down, I will raise…
    I’ll rebuild it as it had been before.

    12 ‘Then, those that are left of the nations
    May inquire of those that have called on My Name,

    Says Jehovah (the One that will do all these things).

    13 ‘For the days are coming, says Jehovah,
    When the harvests will last to the threshing
    And grapes will stay ripe until planting.
    The mountains will trickle down sweetness,
    And [there will be] crops upon all the hills.

    14 ‘Then, I will bring back My people
    (Those that were carried away…
    The IsraElites that had been captured)
    And they will rebuild their cities
    (Yes, they will live in them again).
    Then, they will plant vineyards and drink their own wine…
    They will plant gardens and eat their own fruit!

    15 ‘Upon their own ground, I will plant them,
    And from this land that I gave them,
    They won’t be plucked up thereafter,

    Says Jehovah, The God.’

    Note that this is the legacy version of the translation last updated in December 2020. You can also see the latest version.