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    Jude – Legacy Edition

    A letter for general circulation purportedly written by Jude the brother of James and half-brother of Jesus through Mary.

    This is one of the last books to be included in the Bible canon and its authenticity is questioned by some Bible scholars,
    since the writer appears to quote from a non-Biblical document that many view as unauthentic, the Book of Enoch.
    Yet, we (as translators) have found nothing in the text that is contradictory to other Bible writings,
    and what we do find is an amazing similar to the wording and thoughts found in other Bible books.

    Chapter 1

    1 Jude, a slave of Jesus the Anointed One and a brother of James, to those that are in God the Father (and are loved) as they are in Jesus the Anointed…
    Yes, those that have been called and that are being watched over;
    2 May you grow in mercy, peace, and love.

    3 Loved ones;
    Although I really wanted to write to you about the salvation that we hold in common, I found it necessary to write instead so as to encourage you to keep on struggling for the faith that the Holy Ones have passed on to you.
    4 Because, some men have slipped in among you whose judgment was written about long ago.
    These are godless men that are turning the loving care of our God into something that’s immoral, and they’re denying our only owner and Lord, Jesus the Anointed One.

    5 Now, despite the fact that you already know everything, I want to remind you of this:
    Although Jehovah once delivered our people from the land of Egypt, He later destroyed the ones that didn’t show enough faith.

    6 He also locked up those [heavenly] messengers that didn’t keep the position to which they had [been assigned] long ago, and left the place where they lived.
    So He’s now keeping them in perpetual darkness where they’re awaiting their judgment on the Great Day.
    7 For, just as as [the people] once did in Sodom, GomorRah, and in the cities round about them; these [angels] also started chasing after strange flesh and for things that are sexually immoral.

    Yes, this is why such examples have been set before us:
    To show us that [those who do such things] will undergo the penalty of age-long fire.

    8 Yet, this is how some among you that are day-dreamers have also started polluting the flesh…
    And you aren't showing proper respect for those that have been put over you, for you’re even speaking disrespectfully of the Glorious Ones.

    9 Indeed, when MichaEl (the Highest Messenger [of God]) had an argument with the Slanderer over the body of Moses, he didn’t dare to bring a blasphemous judgment against him by speaking disrespectfully.
    All he said was,
    ‘May Jehovah give you what you deserve!’

    10 However, these men continue to speak disrespectfully about many things that they really don’t understand.
    And like senseless animals that everyone knows [dirty themselves] naturally, [these men] are really messing on themselves [when they’re doing] things like this.

    11 So, woe to them, because they’re going the way of Cain, they’ve rushed into the wrongs of BalaAm for a reward, and they’re bringing destruction upon themselves with rebellious words like those of KorAh!

    12 [Yet, these men are still] feasting among you at your loving [congregational] meals.
    And like rocks that are hidden [below water], they are fearless shepherds over just themselves, or dry clouds that are blown in every direction by the winds, or fruitless trees in late autumn that have died twice and been uprooted.
    13 [They are also] like wild waves of the sea that foam shameful things on themselves, or like wandering stars that have been reserved for the gloom of age-long darkness.

    14 Remember that the seventh man from Adam, Enoch, prophesied about them when he said:
    ‘{Look!} The Lord will arrive with tens of millions of His holy ones 15 to condemn them and to give all those godless ones what they deserve for the irreverent things that they’re doing in their worldly ways, as well as for all the shocking things that these godless sinners have said against Him.’

    16 For these men continue to grumble and complain about how things work out, as they keep on doing whatever they wish.
    Their mouths also do a lot of bragging, and they feign admiration of people in order to serve their own [evil] purposes.

    17 But as for you, loved ones;
    Remember what you were once told by the Apostles of our Lord Jesus the Anointed
    18 Yes, remember that they used to say this to you:
    ‘In the last days, there will be those that speak disrespectfully as they go their own way and do godless things.
    19 These are the ones that will create divisions, for they are carnal and they don’t have the Breath [of God]!’

    20 However, as for you, loved ones;
    Keep on building the Holy Faith within yourselves, continue to pray through the Holy Breath 21 and keep yourselves in God’s love, as you await the mercy of our Lord Jesus the Anointed One and age-long life.

    22 Also, be merciful to those that are unsure…
    23 Save [them] by snatching [them] from the fire!
    However, as you’re showing them mercy, do this in fear, because you must hate any dirty underwear that has been spotted by the flesh.

    24 Now, to the One that is able to protect you against stumbling and that can make you free from any defects;
    May you continue to joyfully shout aloud within the sight of His glory!
    25 Yes, to our only God (our Savior) and to Jesus the Anointed One (our Lord), may there be glory, majesty, might, and authority throughout all time, both now and through the ages…
    May it be so!

    Note that this is the legacy version of the translation last updated in December 2020. You can also see the latest version.