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    Hosea – Legacy Edition

    From the Greek Septuagint text as used by First Century Christians.
    A prophecy primarily against the 10-tribe Kingdom of IsraEl, which was written sometime between 790-BCE and 830-BCE.
    Is it poetry or isn’t it poetry?
    Something that only a Bible translator would notice is that whenever God or His spokesperson are quoted, the words were in the form of Hebrew poetry,
    since there is a definite cadence that can be noted in the original language. Therefore, because this is the chosen style of God, we have rendered it as it should be, in poetic verse.
    Why did God and His spokesperson communicate through poetry?
    Because poetic words provide memory aids that can be easily recalled to mind, so that the messages could be spread throughout the population via the most common medium of communication at the time, song.

    The curious case of the changing personal pronouns:
    Another thing that all translators notice when translating the words of the Prophets is the constant changing of the personal pronouns from the first to the third person in many of the pronouncements.
    And what we have come to realize is that God didn’t personally speak to the Prophets. Rather, He sent His messages through a mediator, who appears to have been referred to as ‘The Word’ throughout the text.

    Who Was Actually Talking?
    You will notice herein that the text often changes to a quotation and then even to italics. WHY?
    Understand that there are actually THREE voices being represented here… that of the Prophet, that of the angel who is bring the message from God, and the words of God Himself (which is usually overlooked in other Bibles).
    How can we tell the difference? From the TENSES in which each verse is written.
    If it is the Prophet speaking, he is talking about what was happing or what will be happening to his people.
    If it is the angel (the Word) speaking, he is speaking of God in the third person.
    And if it is God speaking, He is talking in the first person about what He will do.
    Did we get it all right? Probably not, but it has been an honest attempt at doing so.

    Chapter 1

    1 The Word of Jehovah came to Hosea (the son of BeEri) in the days of UzziAh, JoTham Ahaz, and HezekiAh the kings of Judah, and in the days of JeroBoam (the son of JoAsh) the king of IsraEl.

    2 This is the beginning of the Word of Jehovah by Hosea.

    The Lord spoke to Hosea and said this:
    ‘Take a woman for yourself from the whores
    So that children [can be born] from her whoring;
    Because, by chasing after immoral sex,
    The land has strayed from Jehovah.’

    3 So [Hosea] went and took Gomer, the daughter of DiBlaim and she got pregnant and bore a son to him.

    4 Then The Lord said to him:
    ‘Call his name JezreEl;
    For, in a short while, I will bring vengeance
    On the house of Judah for JezreEl’s blood,
    And to the Kingdom of IsraEl,
    I am also bringing an end.
    5 In that day, I’ll break IsraEl’s bow
    There in the valley of JezreEl.’

    6 Then she got pregnant again and gave birth to a daughter. And [the Lord] said to him:
    ‘Call her name, Show No Mercy;
    For on IsraEl’s house, I’ll show no mercy…
    Yes I’ll stand against and oppose them.

    7 ‘Yet, by the power of Jehovah their God,
    I will show mercy upon Judah’s sons
    And I will bring them salvation.
    But, I will not save by the bow or the sword,
    Nor by battles of horses and horsemen.’

    8 Well, after she weaned Show No Mercy, she got pregnant again and bore another son to him. 9 And [the Lord] said:
    ‘Call his name, Not My People;
    For, you are no longer my people,
    And I am no part of you.

    10 ‘Yet the number of IsraEl’s sons
    Will become as great as the sands of the seas,
    So that no one can measure or count them.

    ‘And it will be in that place
    Where I told them that they are no longer my people;
    They will be called, The Living God’s Sons.

    11 ‘Then they’ll gather the sons of IsraEl and Judah
    And appoint someone to rule over them.
    But, from this land,
    They will [now be taken away];
    For, JezreEl’s day will be great.’

    Chapter 2

    1Now the brother, Not My People, should speak,
    As should his sister,
    Show No Mercy.
    2 They should plead with their mother,
    Though she’s not really My woman
    And I’m not really her man.

    ‘For I’ll bring an end to her whoring
    And the adultery she commits between her two breasts.
    3 Then I’ll strip her down ‘til she’s naked
    And make her like the day she was born.

    ‘To be wiped away, I’ll appoint her,
    And I’ll make her a waterless land…
    Then I will destroy her with thirst.

    4 ‘And on her children, I will not show mercy,
    For, they’re the result of her whoring…
    5 Because their mother was immoral,
    The one that bore them, disgraced them.

    ‘For she said: I will follow my lovers…
    Those that provided my water and bread,
    As well as my clothes and fine linen robes,
    Along with my olive oil,
    And the rest of the things that I truly deserve.

    6 ‘For this, {Look!} with barbs, I’ll close up her way…
    I’ll block her ways and her roads
    So she’ll not be easily found.

    7 ‘Then, when she chases her lovers,
    She’ll not be able catch them…
    She’ll search for them, but not find them.

    ‘Then she’ll say, I’ll return to my man,
    For with him, things had always been better.
    8 But she doesn’t know that I am the one
    That provided her grain and her wine,
    As well as her oil and her silver.

    ‘But then she took My silver and gold
    And used it to make things for BaAl.
    9 And for doing this, I will return
    And remove my grain in its season,
    As well as my wine in its time.

    ‘Then I’ll take away all of her clothes,
    As well as My linen robes,
    And leave her with nothing to cover her shame.

    10 ‘I’ll expose her filth to her lovers,
    And from My hand, she will not be saved.
    11 I’ll remove the joy of her feasts,
    And her holidays, New Moons, and Sabbaths.
    12 I’ll also take all the grapes and the figs
    That she thought were the pay from her lovers.

    ‘Then I’ll appoint [those men] to witness [against her],
    And she’ll be eaten by the beasts in the fields,
    As well as by the birds in the skies
    And the things that crawl on the ground.

    13 ‘Yes, I will take vengeance upon her
    For each day that she offered to BaAl…
    When she put on her necklace and earrings
    And forgot Me to chase after lovers,
    said Jehovah.

    14And for this, {Look!} I’ll cause her to wander,
    And I’ll order desolation upon her.
    But then, I will speak to her heart,
    And I will give back her things…
    I’ll turn that troublesome valley
    Into a valley of hope.
    15 I’ll make her as humble as she was in her youth…
    Like the day that she came up from Egypt.

    16 ‘And in that day, says Jehovah;
    She will call Me her husband…
    No more will she call out to BaAl!
    17 For the name of BaAl, I’ll lift from her mouth,
    And she won’t remember his name.

    18 ‘And in that day, I will conclude
    An agreement with the beasts of the fields,
    As well as with the birds in the skies,
    And with the things that crawl on the ground.

    ‘I’ll also break all the broadswords and bows…
    Yes, I’ll bring an end to the wars,
    And I will send hope to the land.

    19 ‘I’ll take her as My woman through the ages
    I’ll take her rightly and fairly…
    In mercy and compassion, [I’ll welcome her back].
    20 I’ll take her to Myself in full trust,
    And she’ll think of Me as her Lord.

    21 ‘And in that day, says Jehovah,
    To the skies, I’ll turn My attention.
    Then, they will tend to the land,
    22 And the land will tend to the grain
    As well as to the wine and the oil…
    To JezreEl they’ll pay attention once more.

    23 ‘I’ll plant her in the ground for Myself,
    And I’ll love the one that’s unloved.
    Then I will say,
    You’re My people
    To those that weren’t really Mine;
    And she will say,
    Jehovah’s My God!’

    Chapter 3

    1 And the Lord said to me:
    ‘Go again and love an adulteress
    Who wishes to do what is evil!
    For, though Jehovah loved IsraEl’s sons,
    They have looked to strange gods,
    And of raisin cakes, they’ve been fond!’

    2 So I hired [such a woman] for myself for fifteen silver coins, two hundred quarts of barley, and a skin flask of wine. 3 And I said to her,
    ‘You must now sit next to me and you may not be immoral or be with [another man] for many days… you must be mine alone! 4 For this is how the sons of IsraEl will sit for some time… without a king or a ruler, and with no altar, sacrifices, priesthood, or anything else to give them direction.

    5 ‘But after these things are completed, IsraEl’s sons will return to search for their God Jehovah and for David to serve as their king. So at the end of the days, they will find joy in Jehovah and with the good things that He provides.

    Chapter 4

    1 ‘O sons of IsraEl, hear the Word of Jehovah;
    For He has a case against all of you…
    Those that now live in this land,
    Because you have no mercy or truth,
    Or any knowledge of God.

    2 ‘Cursing, lying, murder, and fraud,
    As well as adultery, cover your land.
    You’ve also mingled blood with your blood…
    And for this, your land will now mourn.

    3 ‘So those living here will be fewer…
    And all the game in the fields,
    All the birds in the skies,
    And all the fish in the seas will now fail.

    4 ‘Then there’ll be no priests or judges to scold you;
    5 For each day, I’ll be making them weaker.
    And I’ll do the same to your prophets…
    So your mother will then be [the darkness of] night.

    6 ‘For, from my people, they’ve taken the knowledge…
    And because they have pushed higher knowledge away,
    I will push them away…
    They won’t be My priests anymore.

    ‘And because you’ve forgotten the laws of your God,
    I’ll be forgetting your children.
    7 So because of your sins against Me,
    Their glory, I’ll appoint to dishonor.
    8 Then My people will have to eat their own sins,
    As their lives will be claimed by their unrighteous ways.

    9 ‘And these things that will happen to the people
    Will also happen to the priests…
    Yes I’ll bring my vengeance upon them
    For all of their evil ways,
    And I’ll pay them back for their [unrighteous] thoughts.

    10 ‘Then they’ll eat and never be filled;
    For, they’ve become whores that can’t straighten their ways.
    They no longer look [to their God] anymore;
    Yes, they’ve abandoned Jehovah!
    11 For whoring, wine, and strong drink
    Have captured the hearts of My people.

    12 ‘They now look to omens for answers,
    And [wave magic] wands for replies.
    In a spirit of whoring, they’ve wandered,
    And to their God, they’re unfaithful.

    13 ‘They offer sacrifices upon the hill tops
    And beneath the oaks and white poplars,
    As well under the rest of the trees,
    [To ask] for good and protection.

    ‘For this, your daughters will all become whores
    And your brides will be filled with adultery.
    14 Then, I will not visit your daughters
    When they are found guilty of whoring!
    Nor [will I visit] your daughters-in-law
    When they are committing adultery!

    ‘Among prostitutes, they will all be mixed
    (Among those [that offer their bodies]).
    And since the men will not understand,
    They will just treat them like whores.

    15 ‘So IsraEl; stop being stupid!
    And Judah; stop going to GilGal
    And to the temple at BethEl!

    ‘Nor should you say, As Jehovah is living,
    When you are swearing your oaths!
    16 For since IsraEl is now like a heifer in heat,
    She’ll be fattened like a lamb in a feed lot.

    17 ‘And because Ephraim has partnered with idols,
    He has set his own snares.
    18 For with CanaAnite whores he’s had sex,
    And he’s loved the dishonor of their neighing.
    19 So a mighty wind will now sweep him away,
    And his altars will bring him disgrace.

    Chapter 5

    1Hear these things, O you priests…
    And house of IsraEl, you should pay close attention.
    O house of the king, you must listen too;
    For there’s a judgment that is coming against you!

    ‘Despite your important positions,
    You have become your own snares.
    So I’m stretching a net on [Mount] Tabor
    2 (The type that they use to catch game),
    And I’ll be the One that corrects you.

    3 ‘I remember Ephraim and IsraEl
    Before they had strayed far from Me.
    But, Ephraim has since been immoral,
    And IsraEl is also defiled…
    4 Neither has remembered to turn to their God.

    ‘Now the spirit of whoring is in them,
    And they’ve [forgotten] Jehovah.
    5 So because of her insolent ways,
    IsraEl’s face will be humbled.
    And for Ephraim’s unrighteous ways,
    I will bring weakness upon him…
    And I’ll also bring weakness on Judah.

    6 ‘Though they bring before Him their sheep and their calves,
    There’s no way that they’ll follow Jehovah.
    So now, they can no longer find Him,
    Because they have all turned away.

    7 ‘Yes, they have abandoned Jehovah,
    And to children of strangers, they’re now giving birth.
    So, they and all that they’d hope to inherit
    Will soon be eaten by blight.

    8So, blow the trumpets on the hill tops…
    Sound it from all the high places!
    In the house of On, you should proclaim it,
    So that BenJamin will also be shaken.
    9 For, Ephraim will soon be destroyed
    In the day of correction!

    ‘Though IsraEl’s tribes once put faith in Me,
    10 The rulers of Judah then joined with the rest
    That moved the property markers…
    So I’ll pour My rage upon them like water!

    11 ‘Yes, Ephraim [will be oppressed]
    Because he has trampled on justice,
    And because he has chased worthless things.
    12 So to Ephraim, I’m sending disturbance,
    And to the house of Judah, I’ll now be a spur.

    13 ‘Though Ephraim saw his disease,
    And though Judah understood his reasons for grief;
    Ephraim looked to Assyria
    And asked their king for his aid…
    But [that king] won’t be able to save them,
    And he won’t bring an end to their grief.

    14 ‘So to Ephraim, I’ll now be a panther,
    And to the house of Judah, a lion…
    For I’ll snatch them away and I’ll go…
    I’ll grab them and no one will save them.
    15 Then I will go back to My place,
    And I won’t be seen again ‘til the time
    That they turn and search for My face.

    Chapter 6

    1 ‘But, when they’re oppressed, they’ll rise early;
    And then, about Jehovah, they’ll say:
    We should return to our God;
    For He’ll snatch us away and then heal us.
    He’ll attack them and then dress our wounds…
    2 Yes, after two days, He’ll restore us;
    Then, by the third day, we’ll be alive
    And we’ll be standing before Him!

    3 ‘Knowledge of Him, we’ll know and pursue…
    We’ll find Him at the first crack of dawn.
    Then like morning rain, He will arrive…
    Yes, like evening rain on the ground.

    4 ‘[Then God said:
    O Ephraim, what must I do?
    And Judah, what must I do?
    For your mercy is like morning fog,
    Which like the dew, fades away.

    5 ‘So, by the Prophets, I’ve mowed you down,
    And I’ve killed you with words from My mouth…
    My judgments upon you have gone forth like light.

    6 ‘What I want is mercy, not sacrifice…
    Higher knowledge instead of burnt-offerings!
    7 But you’ve broken your Sacred Agreement with Me,
    And you have shown Me your hatred.

    8 ‘GileAd is a city of wasted deeds…
    One that muddies the water.
    9 For her strength now comes from her thieves,
    And her priests also murder from ambush.

    ‘So, SheChem has committed unrighteous acts
    Against the house of IsraEl,
    10 And causes for shuddering, I’ve seen there;
    So because of Ephraim’s whoring,
    Both IsraEl and Judah have now been defiled.
    11 Thus they’ll reap [from the vine] of rebellion
    Until I bring back My people.

    Chapter 7

    1 ‘When I brought healing to IsraEl,
    It exposed the injustice of Ephraim,
    As well as Samaria’s evils.
    For at first, they all just told lies;
    Then, from among them, came thieves,
    And robbers led them out to the highways.

    2 ‘They sang together of the evil in their hearts,
    Remembering all the [bad things] they’d done.
    And now, they are covered by the things that they chose…
    What they did in front of My face!

    3 ‘And all the bad things that they’ve done
    Have gladdened [the hearts] of their kings…
    Their lying ways delighted their rulers!

    4 ‘Now, all those that are committing adultery
    Are in an oven that’s heated for baking by flames…
    They’ve been kneaded and allowed to grow fat
    And the [whole ball] has fermented.

    5 ‘For, in the days of their kings,
    Their rulers became enraged by their wine,
    And they held out their [arms] toward vile men…
    6 Those whose hearts were burning like kilns.

    ‘Then, Ephraim’s sleep became filled
    With [thoughts of destroying] all night…
    And in the morning, they burst into flames.
    7 They all became heated like ovens,
    And then they devoured their judges.
    So, though all their kings have now fallen,
    No one has called out to Me.

    8 ‘Now, Ephraim’s people are all intermixed…
    They’re like a cake that’s been baked in hot ashes,
    Which [no one has bothered] to turn.

    9 ‘So, strangers have eaten his strength
    While he wasn’t paying attention…
    And after that, his hair all turned grey;
    Yet, he was still unaware.

    10 ‘Now, IsraEl’s insolent ways
    Will bring humility to their faces;
    For, they haven’t turned toward Jehovah their God
    No, after these things have all happened,
    They haven’t gone looking for Him.

    11 ‘So Ephraim has become like a dove
    That has no mind and no heart.
    First, he called out to Egypt,
    And then, to Assyria, he [turned].

    12But, when they go there, I’ll throw out My net
    And I will catch them like birds…
    I’ll drag them down and correct them,
    And listen as they are tormented.

    13 ‘Yes, woe to them, for they’ve leaped away…
    O how wretched their lives have become
    In their irreverence toward Me.

    ‘Though I’m the One that once paid their ransom,
    They spoke against Me and lied…
    14 In their hearts, they failed to call out…
    They just laid there and shrieked in their beds,
    As they sold themselves for wine and for bread.

    15 ‘When they were corrected by Me,
    I also strengthened their arms!
    But then, against Me, they hatched wicked plots.

    16 ‘So when they return, they’ll have nothing…
    They’ll be like a bow that’s stretched tight,
    And their rulers will fall by the sword,
    Because they’ve said stupid things;
    Then in the land of Egypt, they’ll all be defiled.

    Chapter 8

    1 ‘Yes their land is in [Egypt’s hands],
    And against them, an eagle now flies,
    Because they’ve broken [God’s] Sacred Agreement,
    And they’ve disregarded His Laws.

    2 ‘However, before Him, they cry out, O God;
    Aren’t we the same ones that have known You?

    3 But they threw away the good things He sent
    And turned to His enemies for aid.

    4By themselves, they chose their own rulers
    (No, they didn’t ask Me),
    And when these men started to rule,
    They saw no reason to tell Me.
    Then with silver and gold they made idols…
    So now, they must be wiped away!

    5 ‘O Samaria; get rid of your calves,
    Because they provoke Me to rage…
    How much longer will IsraEl stay dirty?
    6 For [your calves] are just things that you’ve made [with your hands]…
    No, they aren’t really gods!
    And Samaria; you have strayed because of your calves!

    7 ‘Yes, the seeds of destruction, you’ve sown to the wind,
    And now your end is searching for you.
    You’re a stalk of grain too weak to give flour,
    And if you could give just a little,
    It would be eaten by strangers.

    8 ‘So IsraEl will be swallowed down,
    And they won’t be a power among other nations.
    9 For, up to Assyria she traveled,
    And as Ephraim so loves to do,
    She offered them bribes [for their aid].

    10 ‘So among the nations, they will be scattered
    And there, they will just be too weak
    To again anoint rulers and kings for themselves.

    11 ‘Ephraim has built many altars,
    And these alters that she loves are the [roots] of her sins.
    12 So for them, I will write extra laws,
    Because she loves those strange altars.

    13 ‘But if they place their sacrifices on them,
    And if they thereafter eat all the meat;
    [God] still won’t receive them in favor.

    ‘For, their unrighteous ways are what He’ll recall…
    And for their sins, He’ll send vengeance upon them.
    Yes, they have turned back to Egypt,
    14 And forgotten the One by whom they were made.

    ‘Sacred precincts have also been established
    Within the walls of the cities of Judah.
    So, I will send fire to their cities
    And burn them to their foundations.

    Chapter 9

    1 ‘Therefore, IsraEl; do not rejoice,
    For your people don’t have any reasons for joy.
    Since against Jehovah, you’ve been a whore.

    ‘You’ve loved the gifts of the grain
    From the threshing floors where they laid you.
    2 But your threshing-floor grain [will not feed you],
    And the wine in your vats will [soon fail].

    3 ‘For you chose not to dwell in the land of Jehovah…
    Yes, life in Egypt is what you preferred,
    And with the Assyrians, you ate what’s unclean.

    4 ‘You offered Jehovah no wine,
    And set nothing delicious before Him.
    So your sacrifices became like the bread
    That is offered in mourning…
    It defiles all those who would eat it.

    ‘So, since you can’t bring your bread to [His Temple]
    For [the purpose of saving] your lives;
    5 What will you do on your feasts to Jehovah
    And on His festival days?
    6 {Look!} For, because you’ve done all of these wicked things,
    To the misery of Egypt, I’ll send you!

    ‘Then, Memphis will watch over you,
    And in Machmas, you will be buried.
    So then ruin will inherit your silver,
    And thorns will grow in your tents.
    7 For the days of His vengeance will have arrived…
    The time when you’ll receive what you’re due.

    ‘As a prophet without inspiration,
    Is how IsraEl will view her affliction…
    Like a man blown away by the wind.
    And because you’ve been so unrighteous,
    The pressures [in your lives] will increase.

    8 ‘Though Ephraim’s watchmen once [walked] with God;
    Their prophets have become crooked snares,
    And madness [now reigns] in their temples.

    9 ‘Yes, they’ve been corrupt since the days of the hills;
    So He won’t forget their unrighteous ways,
    And He’ll punish them for all their sins.

    10O IsraEl;
    Back when I had first found you,
    It was like finding grapes in the desert
    Or early figs on a tree.
    But thereafter, as I was still watching,
    Your fathers [chose to bow to] BaAl Peor…
    And that’s when you left [Me] in shame
    To become something disgusting…
    Something that’s no longer loved.

    11 ‘Now, Ephraim’s like a bird that flew [from its nest],
    For they’ve lost the glory of [the place of] their birth
    As well as their pangs of conception.
    12 So, though they still nourish their children,
    They’ll soon be childless along with the rest.

    ‘O woe, when I tear away all their flesh;
    13 For Ephraim’s young will be treated like game…
    Their children will be led out and stabbed!’

    14 Yes, give it to them, O Jehovah…
    Yes, please give it to them!
    Give them a womb that is childless,
    As well as breasts that are dry!

    15 ‘In GilGal their evil deeds are now done,
    And that’s where [they’ve gained] all My hatred.
    Because of the evils they’ve done there,
    I’ll throw them away and love them no more,
    For none of their rulers [will listen].

    16 ‘Though Ephraim was something I tended and hoed,
    His roots have still become dry,
    And this is why he no longer bears fruit.
    Thus, when they give birth, I will destroy
    Those that they love from their bellies.

    17 ‘Yes, I will push them away,
    Because they’re refusing to listen to Me…
    Then, among the gentiles, they’ll wander.

    Chapter 10

    1IsraEl was a vine with many good branches,
    And her fruit was [once] straight and true.
    But the more of her fruit [I provided],
    The more they built altars to others.
    And the more prosperity [I brought to] the land,
    The more they built [shrines to other gods].

    2 ‘Yes they gave their hearts to such things,
    So now, they’ll be wiped away.
    For I’ll cut their altars down to the ground
    And empty out all of their shrines.

    3 ‘They say, We don’t have a king anymore…
    Someone we feared [more than God];
    For, what was Jehovah able to do?

    4 ‘So they give excuses and lie;
    But because I had an agreement with them,
    My judgments will soon rise against them
    Like weeds in an untended field.

    5 ‘To the calf in the [temple] at BethEl
    The people of Samaria now go.
    And there, My people have wailed…
    Which has embittered My soul.
    For when they should have rejoiced in My glory,
    They chose to move far away.

    6 ‘So Assyrians will chain them and lead them away
    As gifts and tributes to their king.
    And then it will be by His decree
    That Ephraim and IsraEl will be shamed.

    7 ‘Samaria threw away her [true] King,
    As though throwing a stick across water.
    8 So the shrines at BethEl (IsraEl’s sin)
    Will soon be lifted away.

    ‘Then upon all of their altars
    Thorns and thistles will grow.
    So, they will say to the mountains,
    Come and cover us over,
    And they’ll say to the hills, Fall upon us!

    9 ‘But for as long as the hills have existed,
    IsraEl has stood in her sins.
    So no way will her hills [then come to her aid]
    When war arrives on her unrighteous young
    10 To correct them and bind them together…
    For, it will take [war] to straighten their ways.

    11 ‘Ephraim’s a heifer that has learned to love fights;
    But, I will [grab hold] of her neck
    And lead Ephraim off as [a captive].
    I [will also force] Judah [to plow],
    And Jacob [to break the hard ground].

    12 ‘So, you should sow what is righteous,
    And gather the vintage of life!
    On yourselves, you should shine light of knowledge,
    And keep on seeking Jehovah
    Until your [hearts] become righteous!

    13 ‘Why prefer to overlook the bad things you do
    And gather the vintage of the unrighteous?
    For you’re eating fruit that is false,
    And in chariots, you’re putting your faith…
    You’re trusting in your own power.
    14 But destruction will come to your people,
    And all your walled [cities] will fall.

    O house of IsraEl;
    As ShalMan once treated the house of JeroBoam
    In the day of their war,
    And dashed the mothers on top of their young…
    15 That’s how I’ll treat you for your wicked ways

    Chapter 11

    1It was early on when they were disowned,
    And IsraEl’s kings were also disowned.
    But as an infant, IsraEl was so deeply loved,
    So I called his children from Egypt.
    2 But, as I was calling them back,
    They started turning from Me…
    To BaAl Im they brought sacrifices,
    And burned incense before the idols they carved.

    3 ‘I once held Ephraim [tight]in my arms…
    And when he didn’t know Me, I healed him.
    4 While he was in the corrupt state of men,
    I wrapped him in the bonds of My love.

    ‘To him, I became like a [father]…
    One that disciplines him…
    So I’ll watch over him and I’ll win!

    5 ‘But to the land of Egypt, he will not return,
    For Assyria’s king will now rule him
    Because he refused to turn from [bad ways].

    6 ‘So, swords will rage in their cities
    And they will consume the bars on their gates…
    For their bad decisions, they will be destroyed!

    7 ‘Their people have clung to the things in their homes,
    And I am enraged by the things they hold dear.
    So as the result, I won’t bless them.

    8 ‘How should I treat you, O Ephraim…
    How can I shield you, O IsraEl?
    Should I treat you the same as I’ve treated Adama?
    Will I appoint you as I did to Zeboim?

    ‘Will My heart be changed in such matters…
    Shouldn’t such things upset Me…
    Yes, shouldn’t such deeds make Me sad?

    9 ‘But no way will I send all My rage upon you…
    No way will I wipe Ephraim away.
    For, I am your God (not a man)…
    I’m the Holy One in your midst,
    So I will not enter your cities!

    10 ‘But now, you must [return to] Jehovah;
    Or He will roar like a lion
    And startle your young by the sea in the west.

    11They’ll be startled like a bird out of Egypt,
    And like Assyrian doves;
    Then I’ll bring them back to their homes,
    says Jehovah.

    12 ‘By Ephraim, I was circled with lies…
    By the irreverence of the houses of IsraEl and Judah.
    But Jehovah will know them once more
    And call them The Holy People of God.’

    Chapter 12

    1 ‘Like an evil wind, Ephraim’s become…
    One that pursues burning winds all day long
    And does many things that are empty and vain.
    With Assyria, he has made treaties of peace,
    And he’s traded olive oil down in Egypt.

    2 ‘And Jehovah has a case against Judah,
    So He’ll punish Jacob according to his ways,
    Then pay him back for the bad things he’s done.

    3 ‘For, while he was still in the womb,
    He caught the heel of his brother
    And grew in strength with his God.
    4 With an angel, he wrestled and won;
    Then he wept and begged [for a blessing].

    So, there in [BethEl], he found Me.
    5 And it was also there that I said:
    From now on, I must be remembered
    As Jehovah, the Almighty [God].

    6 ‘So, you should return to your God…
    Show mercy and learn to be fair…
    Yes, always [stay close] to Jehovah!

    7 ‘Yet, in [your land], you have unrighteous scales,
    And you love to tyrannize others.
    8 So, Ephraim is saying, I’ve become rich,
    And I’ve found many ways to relax
    But he’ll never see the fruits of his work,
    Because of the evil he’s doing.

    9I am Jehovah, your God…
    I’m the One that led you from Egypt.
    And I’ll settle you in your tents once again
    As I did in the days of My holiday feasts.

    10 ‘Once more, I will speak by My Prophets,
    And many visions, I’ll send them;
    For it’s through the hands of the Prophets
    That I am being described.

    11 ‘GilGal no longer exists
    Because their kings offered things that were false.
    So their altars are heaps of turtle manure…
    The type that is found in unplanted fields.

    12 ‘To the plains of Syria, Jacob had gone,
    As IsraEl’s servant searched for a wife;
    Then, for a woman, he watched over sheep.

    13 ‘And it was by [JoSeph], a Prophet of God,
    That IsraEl was led down to Egypt.
    Then, by that very same Prophet,
    IsraEl’s people were saved.

    14 ‘But now that Ephraim’s provoked [God] to rage;
    His blood will be poured out upon him…
    For Jehovah will pay him back for his scorn.’

    Chapter 13

    1 ‘According to what Ephraim said;
    IsraEl’s righteous laws came from Him…
    Then he turned to BaAl and he died.

    2 ‘Yet, they’ve continued to sin,
    And cast images of idols with their silver,
    Which are thereafter finished by craftsmen
    Who say, Now we must sacrifice men,
    Because there aren’t enough calves anymore!

    3 ‘So, they are like morning fog,
    Which like the dew, fades away…
    As chaff on the floors, they’ll just blow away,
    And like tears, they will dry.

    4 ‘[God says],
    I am Jehovah your God
    I’m the One that led you from Egypt,
    And no other God, should you know,
    For there are no saviors other than Me!

    5 ‘I shepherded you in the desert,
    And in barren lands, made pastures for you.
    6 But then, your hearts became haughty,
    And because of this, you forgot Me.

    7 So I’ll be like a panther or a leopard to you…
    Like the ways of the Assyrian people.
    8 Then like an angry bear, I’ll attack you!
    Yes, I will rip you to pieces,
    Then feed you to my cubs in the woods…
    Wild beasts of the fields will rip you apart!

    9 ‘ O IsraEl;
    Because you’re now so corrupt,
    Who will come to your aid?
    10 And what has happened to your king…
    Why isn’t he saving your cities…
    Why doesn’t he come and serve as your judge?

    ‘A long time ago you had asked Me
    To give you a king as your ruler!
    11 So I gave you a king in My anger,
    And My rage was then satisfied.

    12 ‘But from Ephraim, then came much injustice,
    And he tried to cover his sins.
    13 So the pangs of birth are now coming to him.
    And even his smartest of sons
    Won’t stop the destruction of his young.

    14 ‘Will I save them from the hands of the grave?
    Will I [pay] their ransom from death?
    Where is your punishment, O death,
    And where is your sting, O place of the dead?
    For, consoling them is far from My eyes!

    15 ‘This is why I will separate brothers
    And send burning winds from the desert to them,
    Which will dry up their veins
    And wipe away all their springs…
    Their land and good things will wither and dry.

    16 ‘Samaria will be wiped away
    Because she resisted her God.
    So her people will fall by the sword…
    Then those by her breasts will be dashed [to the ground]
    And those in the womb will be shredded!’

    Chapter 14

    1 ‘O IsraEl;
    Return to Jehovah, your God!
    For because of your sins, you’ve become weak.
    2 Follow your own [good advice]
    And then turn back to Jehovah!

    ‘Just ask Him to please overlook
    All of your unrighteous ways
    So that you can receive what is good
    And be repaid for the fruit of your lips.

    3Assyria will not be your savior,
    And upon their war horses, you’ll never ride.
    So stop calling those hand-made things gods,
    And start showing mercy to orphans!
    4 Then I will repair all your homes;
    I will turn back my rage;
    And I will confess that I love you!

    5 ‘To IsraEl, once more, I will become
    Like dew that arrives in the morning;
    Then, like a lily, he’ll blossom again
    And grow roots like Lebanon’s [trees].

    6 ‘Yes his branches will grow very full;
    And like olive trees, he’ll bear so much fruit
    That to Lebanon, its scent will be carried.

    7 ‘Then, they will all be returned,
    And in His protection, they’ll sit.
    They’ll live amidst plenty of grain,
    And like grapevines, they’ll blossom…
    They’ll be remembered like Lebanon’s wines.

    8O Ephraim;
    What good are all of your idols?
    Am I not the One that is humbling you
    And the One that can make you strong once again?
    For I’m a dense juniper tree,
    And it’s only by Me that you can bear fruit!

    9 ‘So, who among you is wise,
    And who understands all these things…
    Who among you can recognize them?
    For the ways of Jehovah are straight,
    And the righteous will live by these ways
    While the irreverent will stumble and fall.’

    Note that this is the legacy version of the translation last updated in December 2020. You can also see the latest version.