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    Bias we removed

    Esther pointing towards Haman, with the King in the background. Haman looks scared.
    Esther Denouncing Haman by Ernest Normand, 1888

    It’s impossible to remove all bias from the way a Bible is translated, but some bias by past translators is easily to spot and remove. Here’s some examples of bias we have not allowed in our translation.

    This page is unfinished and is still being prepared. Last updated June 2021.

    Bias against women

    No, women are not meant to keep silent in the congregation.

    No, women are not saved through child-bearing.

    Yes, women were servants (or deacons) in the churches.

    Yes, there was a female missionary called Junia. Some denominations refuse to accept that there was a female missionary, or apostle, named Junia. So some Bibles put a man’s name, Junias (that did not exist at the time) at Romans 16:7 instead of Junia. However, the Aramaic text records the name as Junia, and history strongly suggests that Junia was female.

    Bias in favor of fasting


    Bias in favor of Easter


    Bias against Jesus being the Messiah


    Bias in support of Church creeds and doctrines

    We have corrected many things that other Bibles deliberately mistranslate (or translate in a certain way) to support a specific doctrine or Church dogma.

    For example, two texts were fraudulently inserted into the Bible to support the trinity doctrine. We crossed them out. They are at Matthew 28:19 (probably inserted in the 4th century CE) and 1 John 5:7-8 (inserted in the 14th or 15th century CE). Most Bibles have removed the first one, but the spurious words in Matthew are still in most translations.

    Further, John 1:1 is deliberately mistranslated by nearly all Bibles to deceptively hide the fact that both references to ‘God’ are, in fact, presented differently in the Greek source. So most translations say something like the Word was with God and the Word was God, falsely making it look like the two uses of God are identical, when they are not.

    Bias towards certain interpretations of Jesus’ second coming


    Bias towards God’s Kingdom being the Church


    Bias involving Greek philosophy


    Bias in support of hellfire


    Bias against the Divine Name


    Bias against the Greek Septuagint


    Bias against the Aramaic texts (and bias towards the Greek)


    Bias against modern speech